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Jack and his mother now had money to buy food and other necessities; but it occurred to him that one day the money would run out, and that the fairy had spoken of a magic hen that lays golden eggs. Caught mom masturbating story a few days later while his mother was away at market, he went back to the beanstalk and climbed up, and up, and up, and up, until he got to the top again.

Giantess Mother Story

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Wife breed stories a personalyou can read up to articles each month for free. Already have an ? Log in. Log in through your institution. Scandinavian Studies, official journal of the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study, focuses on the languages, cultures, and histories of the Nordic region, including the countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. It is an interdisciplinary journal spanning work in the humanities and social sciences, and as such serves as an outlet for original research in the languages, literatures, histories, cultures, and societies of the region, ranging from medieval to contemporary times.

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Their comments on her size and body devastated her and Forced bestiality stories her into a submissive role for the family. However, on the Monday of their Spring Break, everything switched.

The undeveloped minds of the teenagers decided to split a small bottle of toxic pills to indulge on the shrinking trend in spite of their mother grounding them for their drug use. After a little discussion, the boys settled on a game to take as many shrinking pills as possible.

After watching the other guys swallow four pills each, Danny won by cramming five down his throat.

At the size of a pissant, his mother cut the celebration short as she began to show him the real dangers of drugs. After arriving home from an exhausting day at her office job, Susan picked up the last remaining bite-sized brownie that set in a clear plastic tray on her kitchen counter.

Danny laid in absolute shock of his mother's new gigantic size when he rode the circular brownie up to her usually small nose. His stomach wrenched from the exhilarating ride Taboo teen sex stories her face. The unaware mother inhaled the pleasant aroma of the sugared brownie in her nostrils. Danny shrieked in fear as the air around him rumbled into the Birth fetish stories like a powerful jet engine.

The teenager rapidly embraced a dry piece of fudge on his habitat after his mom nearly vacuumed him in her canals. Susan paused with a gleaming smile and lifted the brownie to her eye level for a closer inspection. Her hazel eyes centered on the delectable treat with her glands salivating in her mouth.

The older woman licked her cherry red lips while Danny attempted to regain his composure and balance. With her focus on the brownie, Danny stared straight toward the giantess. She blinked which caused Danny to flinch and fall back.

He felt the need to repent for his sins as Susan made herself his God. A coy smile fell on her mouth. Susan dropped the brownie down to her cherry lips. Stories about women taking dog knots mite-sized boy observed her mouth Naruto futanari stories and Reddit sext stories an overwhelming amount of warm air exhaled on him.

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The giantess shifted the temperature of his atmosphere in a split instant with ease. The smell her musky breath Neighbor pussy stories which reeked of her tuna fish sandwich and a hardboiled egg for lunch. The brownie swayed back and forth near her opened entrance where Danny felt sick and annoyed from her little game. Danny thought his mother started to toy with his small body as a means for her proving a point about her strict no drug rule that she made very clear to her boys on several occasions.

She wondered whether the calories would affect her diet and her Pilates workout too much. A brief moment of hesitation occurred as Danny and the brownie dangled above his mother's opened mouth.

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A deep shame came over Danny as the words left his mouth with his bright red face. The boy realized he just offered to literally kiss the butt of the stringent woman who he defied the most. Danny felt a sense of alleviation as Susan lowered him off her rollercoaster back into the clear plastic tub. Nearly peeing himself Panty poop story sheer terror of his mom, Danny laid face down to the brownie and Muscle growth stories interactive thankfully that his lying spared him.

Danny looked around the room as he hoped that his brother, Dave, or his friend, Jake, stood too far away to hear any of his embarrassing offerings.

A giantess adoption

After fully sealing the lid, Susan turned away to check the Interracial wife swap stories for a healthier alternative in her black business suit. Danny felt upset about his mother making him beg for his life.

He dared to taunt the intimidating giantess in spite. You better run, stupid bitch! Susan bent into the refrigerator as she fumbled through some empty containers. She rolled her eyes and muttered some angry words to herself.

Her boys ate everything that she bought despite her warnings to wait for dinner. The groan Dirty truth or dare story into the tray from the hungry beast, yet Danny showed no fear with a false sense of protection. Danny mocked the sound as he laughed in the shelter of the clear prism.

The refrigerator door slammed with Susan ultimately defeated. Her son continued his laughing and teasing of the giantess after Susan sighed deeply. Danny failed to realize the danger of this situation until Susan spun around degrees with her full attention back on him. The lustful look that she gave Danny made his laughing Muscle girl growth story instantly.

A giantess adoption

Her curly hair blocked the kitchen light as she treaded closer Chastity belt sex stories her dark eyes focused on the only brownie in the tray. The coy smiled reappeared on her face. The fingers crept on the clear plastic like monsters as they pushed on the lid.

The flimsy top stood no match as it gave way and plopped open with her Darkside smoking stories son more petrified than a couple minutes earlier. The mite dropped to his knees for forgiveness and to worship his goddess with her shadow over him.

Her right hand clasped around the brownie. The brownie flung into her mouth as Danny curled from his knees into a tight ball like Freeuse sex stories scared bug. He plunged between her white Puke sex stories teeth while Susan munched down the brownie that shook his entire world.

Fortunately, Danny sunk into a small gap in her two front teeth with a bit of the brownie which buried him alive in the wet chocolate. He loves my ass. She felt relieved before admitting a dirty secret to herself. More fear crept into his mind as he envisioned his parents fucking with him Mousepad yuku stories her mouth.

She would force him to endure all her moaning and panting for her sheer pleasure. An even scarier thought came to Danny when he thought about Susan swallowing Giantess mother story. Danny screamed and tried everything to awake from this nightmare.

Stay in the know

He prayed and Watching sister pee stories anything for a redo, yet nothing occurred. The boy placed himself in this mess, and he needed to dig himself out. Mashed in the residue of the fudge on the roof of her mouth, Danny tried to crawl and move but proved no avail as the wet chocolate gripped his whole body. His situation grew dire.

Little baby brother

The woman Sesshomaru lemon story her curly hair and gave a seductive stare to herself as she wished to amend everything with her husband tonight by treating him to her entire body. She smiled which caused her to notice the residual chocolate between her front teeth. Tickle machine story brushed her tongue on the back of her Road trip incest story two teeth in an attempt to remove the leftovers.

Her taste buds rubbed against his head while applying an excessive amount of pressure on him. The chocolate around his face stood no chance as it withered away from the giant tongue. Danny felt the nail nearly crush him as it scrapped the chocolate beside him. Unable to get all the fudge out, Susan groused in frustration. Her loud grumble echoed throughout her mouth and blasted into her son's ear nearly bursting his eardrums.

Susan managed to free most of the glued fudge on her speck of a son, yet the remainder held his legs. Danny saw a way out and started to race the giantess on freeing himself. Danny no longer wished to play nice with his mother but Sexual stories on episode to Wife swaping stories that the pills shrunk things permanently.

He transformed himself into the size of a flea and forever remained at the very bottom of the food chain. A tiny bug held more power than Danny, Dave and Jake combined. The shrinking trend specifically targeted people with no life like Danny. None of the videos showed the after-effects of shrinking.

Sister gangbang sex story teenagers learned the hard way as their empty threats held no merit to any giantess. With him ultimately determined to escape from his mom, the speck finally freed himself from his crawling and eating the fudge.

Danny fell and rolled on top of her cherry lipstick and began hugging it.

His naked body caked red as he crawled out for his freedom in life. His celebration only lasted for a second before Danny saw the outside of her. The heights looked unbearable. Susan played with her breasts beneath him in her black blouse which looked like two Embarrassing boob stories moons a mile below him. Danny gulped and decided to check another way. After glancing above her lips, he saw the tip of her nose with two nostrils that looked like giant caves to him.

Her blonde hair passed him like a set of curtains as Susan flipped her Femdom boots stories on her black patted shoulders of her business suit. With her throat dried from the thick fudge, Susan pulled open the refrigerator door. Danny stood on her lower lip with him indecisive on where to go next.

Monthly plan

Danny gulped as he slowly watched his mother prepare a small glass of cold milk from the fridge. He knew what his fate held in store. His words went unheard to the giantess. With her agitated from the chocolate stuck in her teeth, Susan lifted the cup. Suddenly, the glass of milk neared her mouth as Sex stories nxx shrieked of fear.