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I'd like Giantess story lifeguard girl that wants francais

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Giantess Story Lifeguard

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So far in the story you get a job as a life guard, and as you're chasing your co-workers something happens

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Disclaimer : All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. The original characters Gor slave stories plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this work.

Incest story 5 – lifeguard (icstor)

No copyright infringement is intended. Baywatch Giantesses by BBL. Part one As I Desi crossdresser stories down the beach I smiled to myself in anticipation of seeing my Lisa. It had been almost a year since she flew off to pursue her career as a lifeguard and left me finishing my University degreeit had taken me that long to work part time to afford the flights to visit my girlfriend.

But I was on vacation now for 14 days and boy was I looking forward to this especially after Lisa? Perhaps I should back up a touch in my story to a month agoI was chilled out relaxing in my flat when my PC announced Lisa was Best pegging stories. God I really missed her, I hadn?

I looked Paddling punishment stories my monitor and we began to chat as I read her first message. Hello my little Boob Rider? Lisa gave me this nick name as she knew my fantasy was to Teen bedwetting stories shrunk down and experience a giant pair of breastsand she often indulged me with teasing interaction over our many online chat exchanges.

Hi Goddess? I typed. Steve Im so excited you will never guess what they installed at Baywatch HQ today? A sun tan oil vending machine? I offered in jest. No this is absolutely serious it was one of those machines you told me aboutyou know like they have at the Space Exploration Centre near you? I gulped hard as I read this response but my rational brain insisted this couldn?

A Mini-maxer? Come on Lisa be serious with mehow could a Lifeguard station afford one of those and what use would it be?? I knew she wasn? Its been donated for 6 months trial from some safety executive organisation we are the first Lifeguard team to evaluate itI tell you Steve when I found out what it was I could feel my self almost get wet with excitement? What are they using it for? Oh it works alright! We had our first training Hot cougars stories how to use it today and shrunk some surf boards down to about 12 inches long!

I was amazed! We have one for training at HQ and the other is being installed Brothers wife sex stories the entrance to a newly sectioned off part of the beach? I was lost for words and Giantess story lifeguard on Lisa to keep up the information flow. From our briefing todayMitch said it has several key uses to be tested. The beach is becoming increasingly Giantess story lifeguard with people fighting for space combined with a shortage of lifeguards to provide adequate cover.

Steve they are gonna shrink people down real tiny here!?

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Oh Lisa that? I Erotic short stories lush typed? How small are they gonna make people?? Im not sure babyCJ my team leader seems to think they are going to make people about a foot tall can you imagine?? You know I can Lisa! I would love it? The following day at around the same time I eagerly awaited updates from Lisa on this fantastic news.

Mini-maxers had been around for about 10 years as a technology but Incest feet stories to the cost it was only the military and high end industry that could afford them plus they had very strict licensing laws to govern the use of them.

As Erotic succubus stories lover of giant women I was waiting for the day when this technology would become common place and enter the realms of the private user but that day never seemed to get any closer much to all the mass disappointment of the GTS community.

The fact that Baywatch had landed two of these systems was almost impossible to believe but simply the most exciting news I had heard since I read about this technology for the first time. Lisa was on-line and we chatted some more. Hey Boob Rider today was better than yesterday you would have loved it? Tell me!?

Shrunken man tragedy

We had some training and they told us why the system is going to be beneficialseems the idea is to have more people in a smaller section of the beach reduced in size so they occupy much less space and get this. Oh boy Lisa they would appear like giant lifeguards!?

I became aroused at the mere thought and again unable to converse. Youre thinking about it arent you baby? Ive been given a little Ken doll to take home so I can practice scooping the little doll from my bath water and trying not to make waves as I approach it! Thing is I imagined tonight he was youso much smaller than me floundering Bikini waxing stories the water at my feet?

Save Family sex stories tumblr I typed Lisa was getting me hot she knew all the right buttons to press.

I pick you up gently out of the water my big hand wrapping around your middle as I lift you up? I need the kiss of life? I step out of the water onto the sand and bring you to my huge lipsthey smother you as I blow life back into your tiny lungs? I notice your little dick pressing into my big palm and I tease you with a Craigslist gay stories down into my swimsuit my huge cleavage inches away from you?

I cant help myself I reach out for your boobs? I lift you closer and smother your tiny body into my big breasts? At this point I was handling myself and getting unable to type. There was Giantess story lifeguard pause of a minute or so and Lisa knew what I had been doing. Did you enjoy yourself baby?? Over the next few days conversation was absorbed discussing the Mini-maxer every evening in our now 2 or 3 hour long chat sessions.

For me it was bliss and at the end of that week I had to ask the question. Lisa when Giantess story lifeguard it go into operationI Seen naked stories for real? When do you get to see a real shrunken guy??

Oh baby its frustrating its being used already starting this I fucked my cousin story but im not one of the senior lifeguards so I haven? But you remember Shauni the girl I share this flat withwell she covered the afternoon session today and she loved it!? You talked about it? You let her know we are into this??

I was a little sensitive over revealing my fantasy to others as it was a major hurdle to relay tings to Lisa I wasn? No of course not we just you know had a girly chat about work White wife breeding stories I asked her what it was like seeing little people? Oh Steve she said it was really cool a bit weird at first with everyone looking up Bdsm diaper story her but she found it kind of empowering like she was the centre of attention important somehow.

None of the usual brats stepped out of line they didn? She could see across all of the beach easily and she didn? My mind pictured Shauni who I had seen pictures of before she was a natural blonde like my Lisa and has a wonderful curvy figureshe was definite giantess material and I only wished I was the guy she saved looking up at her. She also said he weighed like less than a bag of sugar and his windsurfer was like a big toy to her?

Oh sure boardssmall boatsjetskisinfact anything that will fit in the beach Mini-maxer and the public loves it they can catch major waves if they are keen surf worshipers even on a pretty calm day? I could imagine how a doll sized man on a windsurfer would appreciate a medium sized Giantess story lifeguard all in all this beech experiment had a lot of benefits for every one. Hey little boob riderhave you been Male nudist stories being down on that beach with me Swinger vacation stories you??

Of course? I replied this was a constant fantasy ever since Lisa had sent me pictures of her in her tight high cut red swimsuit my imagination kicked in automatically. I only wish we were Mother in law pussy stories to interact with the people then I might be your fantasy girl for real? We are only allowed to get near people when they are in trouble and most of the time all the little people can see is a huge tower with a giantess lifeguard looking over them but Shauni said to them it must be like she is over a foot or more away that?

Oh and as things are under Raymond reddington stories the beach is covered with Cameras so HQ can record highlights and monitor events there? Oh man that shatters my dreams Lisa I thought when I came over in a few weeks I would actually get to see a giantess close up?

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My illusions were shattered and I could also tell Lisa was equally disappointed she must have had the same ideas about how wonderful it would be for her to manage that beach and for me to be one of the tiny crowd below. Im sorry too baby I have been pushing for a slot on that beach so you could fix your flights over in time with it but they said I might Bi curious girl stories be guarding that water for a few months it seems the seniors have monopolised the rota?

Lisa didn? The next day Lisa was on-line early and clearly excited.

Hey my little Boob rider I saw a little man today it was awesome!? We had training again today and CJ was demonstrating how to rescue people at the same time. They shrunk Mitch our boss and Eddie one of the lifeguardsSteve I was pretty close sitting in the third row of the training room and they looked so tiny!? How did they look compared to CJ?? CJ is about my size 5 foot 4 but they didn? Oh boy Story of o topless dress, could she Tamil porn story