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Extrovert woman Giantess toilet stories boy for flirtbook

A story where one Women fucking dogs stories man grows up, finding out that he has a condition that makes him gradually shrink while excited and though he may find means to help regulate it, so do women who may stay around him too long.

Giantess Toilet Stories

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It's been months since I was reduced to this size, roughly two inches in height.

Name: Indira
Years old: 39
Where am I from: I was born in Indonesia
Color of my eyes: Cold dark
What is my hair: Long coarse red hair

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Giantess toilet stories open your eyes and take a look around. True stories of first time gay sex are in your room; it was all a bad dream. You were tucked in your warm bed with the lights out. Sitting in bed you recall the past horrors of your nightmare.

You let out a laugh to Femdom mother in law stories how crazy it all sounds. Well I better give Britney a call. You start to get up and move when you are stuck. What the… Your sheets start to tighten and move over your body. It starts to get uncomfortably tight and warm.

Something wet hits you in the face and brings you out of your dream; it smelled like shit. Rachel dashed to the bathroom and let out a wet fart. She could tell some got out of her ass before she closed her ass hole with a clench. She reached the bathroom and closed the door with a click and turned the lock.

She quickly pulled her pants and underwear down. She placed her butt on the toilet and got ready to go. Turning to her right she turns on the Incest breastfeeding stories in the bathroom to block out all noise preventing anyone from hearing her go.

No, this was a dream!!! You hear the undeniable click of the bathroom door closing… and the lock turning. You close your eyes waiting to hit water; you fall, feeling the air rush by your Pulling a train stories and wait for the cold wet water waiting below you.

It never came; instead you hit a rough, hard, warm surface. Rachel quickly pulled her hand out from under her and squeezed you in-between her index and thumb. You are brought up to see her grinning face staring at you. You just hang Couple masturbation stories waiting for her to torturer you some more. Her face brightens as she found out how to deal with her predicament.

Now time to see what it can do. You pale at her words.

What did you think I was stupid or something? Anyone would have known it was you. She laughed out loud for few seconds. Ever since we first meet I knew you were a bug. You Hucow porn stories like a bug you acted like a bug and well… now you look like one too. If you act like a bug, look like a bug, then you must be a bug. You hang there gaping at her. Rachel pushed you into her stomach and held you there for a few seconds.

Then it vibrated; it felt like an earthquake. An inhuman noise came from her belly. You surface with a gasp and Jack me off stories up at Rachel peering down at you and waved at you.

Let me help you with that. You were never scarred of water in your life.

You loved to swim. In fact you were a great swimmer in school and won a couple of medals. This was completely different. Being in a toilet scarred you out of your mind. Sure you could swim fine but there was no way out and that scared you out of your mind. As Rachel sat down on the toilet everything slowed down for you. You heard it before you saw the piss. There was a Interactive shrinking story sigh heard from Rachel and then a hiss.

Doing your best Gay story gone wild to breath it in you swim in the opposite direction against the current made.

The water started to turn yellow and the air started to smell like… well piss. You were a great swimmer but this was like swimming from a water fall. You eventually got closer and closer until you got pushed under. Rachel just Husband shares wife stories her piss go for about a minute and loved every second of it.

She laughed every time Tim fell under and came back up. He was in his rightful place, under her ass. With that last though her stomach groaned with anticipation of the next fun she was about to bestow upon her little friend. You tread water as you heard the groan coming from Rachel. You felt it blow you around in the water. The gas lasted about three seconds; by far the worst three seconds of your life.

You try to stay Tagalog kantutan storya when the smell hit you hard.

Rachel closed her legs and blocked out all the light and air from the toilet and let the smell disperse throughout the toilet. After about a minute the smell left and you let out a sigh of relief. Light was let back in the toilet and you look up at Rachel who smiled down at you. It could have been because of the special sauce I made.

Hmmm, what were the ingredients again, it was taco sauce, salsa, fried been juice, and Dog rape sex stories was the last one?

Then you remember its Rachel. Rachel let out a hysterical laugh and closed her legs again. She starts to hum to a song on the radio. She let out a grunt and forced out the horrible surprise that Tim was in for. Swimming as fast as Cuckold training stories could to the back of the toilet, you heard Rachel grunt loudly.

Again time slowed down as you saw her asshole blossom. A large brown pillar slowly Custom erotic story down into the water, and then it broke off and splashed into the water creating waves of piss water. You were about half way there when you heard the most disgusting sound in the world. It was the wettest fart ever and along with it were bits of waste spraying down. The sound got wetter and more liquid was falling.

It was like a volcano erupted but instead of lava Topless daughter stories was shit. The volcano just exploded and spewed a water fall of shit into the water causing bigger waves. Like the piss, the water started to change to a mucky brown. The stench was noise burning, and the water started to get thicker. You were slowly being dragged back to the epicenter of the eruption.

Unable to swim, because the water was more like sand, you could do nothing but look up and float to your doom. Rachel started to push with Giantess toilet stories her might knowing she was about to smother Tim in her shit. Her face was red and covered in sweat This one time at band camp stories she pushed the fowl liquid out. After a while it slowed down to a trickle then stopped after a couple of loud farts.

She spread her legs to see the damage she caused and gagged. Tears formed due to the smell that was caused by her. She quickly pinched her noise and looked for Tim. No of him; what Interracial wife swap stories that… How? There in the middle of the toilet you float. You Nudist family porn stories inches from the waterfall of horror when it started to slow down to a trickle. You look up and see Rachel looking mad at you between her legs.

She then shrugs and wipes her ass. Dropping the toilet paper on you and got up to pull the lever to lead you to your doom. Opening the door she let her sister in. Rachel step outside as the door closed and locked behind her.