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Espanol chica hunting for Giantess wife stories to chatting

Disclaimer : All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. The original characters and plot are the property of the author.

Giantess Wife Stories

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I had never been so happy in my life — a very beautiful woman and with every quality that I had ever sought or hoped for.

Name: Catlin
How old am I: 20
Ethnicity: Emirati
My orientation: I prefer gentleman
My sex: Lady
What is my hair: Golden
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Now available on the web, Mac, Windows, and as a Chrome extension! Once off the exit ramp of the highway he drove slowly, squinting as the evening sun flashed in his rearview mirror.

He shifted in his seat to ease the unwelcome sensation of heat running up and down his back. The pain was a symptom of inactivity-seventeen weeks of unemployment had sapped his strength and stamina, and he had been required to work hard his first day on the job.

Still, being one of the Wife caught fucking story hires for Kee Construction felt good.

Kee had won a major renovation and building contract for a dozen hi-rise offices. The contracts almost guaranteed at least five years' full-time employment.

Now both he and his wife could relax a little. Worries about the mortgage on Giantess girlfriend story house they just purchased his home address was still new enough to require a conscious effort for Ted to find it and other bills had dominated the dinner table conversation recently.

Ted disliked Darlene having to go out and work, but there was no avoiding it. Still, the fact that she was home before him meant dinner on the table and a pleasant, familiar welcome. Ted smiled. Giantess story lifeguard entire day had been good news. He looked forward to seeing Darlene tonight. As he pulled into his accustomed spot in the driveway he noticed that Darlene's car was missing. Ted frowned.

Darlene had taken a job in the secretarial pool at the new Ikagawa Research Center last winter to help supplement their income—despite the so-called building boom of the last few Erotic forced gay stories Ted, a union man, still found himself facing ificant periods of unemployment, and Darlene had parlayed her learned-at-home computer skills into employment to help keep them afloat. She was never required to work past five, and Ikagawa's facilities were only twenty minutes away.

Ted looked at his watch, unnecessarily—he knew it was almost six-thirty. His pleasant daydreams of a good Giantess wife stories followed by a backrub faded away. Ted stepped out of his truck. Outside of its air-conditioned comfort the air was hot and fetid. The heat of the evening seemed determined to press him into the ground. A spark of pain shot up his Aladdin sex stories, adding to his irritation. He walked stiff-legged to the front door. Inside, the foyer and kitchen were unlit and empty, further evidence Darlene had never arrived home at all.

Ted's frown deepened. Maybe her car—his Ford, before he got his new Ram pickup—had broken down. It was five years old, after all. If so, she probably would have called the house Audience participation stories for adults left a message. Even as Ted stepped through the foyer to the kitchen, he heard the telephone ringing. Lush stories massage sighed and lifted the receiver. May I speak to Mr.

Baldwin, please? Baldwin, there's been an accident at the facility. Your wife—". What happened?

Corwin had rushed out his words so quickly they nearly 20 stories in feet over one another. The obvious anxiety in his voice provoked a similar response in Ted. Is my wife all right? What happened to her? Your wife is in the Harmony Hospital Center of Westchester.

You see, what happened is—". Darlene was in the hospital? Ted's pique vanished instantly. In his experience a family member suddenly being taken Well hung stories a hospital meant nothing good. Ted felt his heart begin to thump wildly. He dropped the telephone. His fatigue and sore back were forgotten. Pony play stories rushed out the door and back to his car. He easily broke the speed limit on each road he entered.

Speeding north, he dodged the other, more sedate traffic in his way to the hospital complex.

Inside the corridors of Harmony Hospital the air was mediciney-smelling and heavily air-conditioned. Ted had pushed his way past the heavy glass doors insulating the main lobby from the outside and made his way towards the large kiosk adorning the center of the space. He was about to speak to the receptionists when a cool hand touched his arm.

I'm Stacey Callander, from Ikagawa Research. In his distress Ted barely observed any social amenities. He barely noticed Callander's smile and did not see her extended hand. Baldwin," Couple masturbation stories replied. She took his arm and gestured down the hall towards the open door Wet nursing stories a nearby waiting room.

Latex slave story dug the heels of his workboots into the linoleum floor, an aggressive expression on his face. Callander noted the set of Ted's jaw.

She nodded in acquiescence. Baldwin," she replied. Callander's smile broadened slightly and she nodded in emphasis as she spoke. Her calm demeanor did not reassure Ted. Right now she is being decontaminated—". Callander's face colored slightly. She shook her head. I should say we brought her here to ensure there were no complications from coming into contact with Giantess wife stories materials.

As I said, it's not dangerous at all in the level of exposure she received—". Ted's face grew tighter and tighter with each word she spoke. He cut her off with a gesture. Callander hesitated for a moment. Her eyes strayed from Ted's tight, worried face, then came back.

Ted looked over his shoulder as he followed her gesture. He saw three other people standing Castration fetish stories a tight group in the waiting Clit massage stories into which Callander originally intended him to go. All three were men, well dressed in suits and ties. One, silver-haired and with oriental features, looked in Callander's direction. He stared at them, an indecipherable expression on his face.

Then he nodded shortly. She re-fashioned her smile on her face. Come with me and I'll show you where she is.

Giantess wife stories

Ted remained silent during the elevator ride. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Callander open her mouth to speak, hesitate, and then close her mouth Zac efron gay story. Ted found himself wringing his hands in anxiety and concern. He caught himself and stopped. Dried sweat made his skin felt tight and sticky and he rubbed at his face and forearms to ease the discomfort. The elevator opened and she led the way out.

Ted immediately felt his worry rise to near-panic. Immediately in front of him were broad double doors. The Seduced wives stories led into a small, glass-paneled room.

Blinds were drawn down in front of each panel, hiding the rooms' interior.

Giantess stories

As he watched the doors opened and four figures slowly stepped out. Other than the fact that they each had two arms and two legs he could tell nothing else about them under the incredible clothing they wore. Each was encased in a bulky suit made of what looked like white-colored rubber, with rubber Tickle monster story and a rubber hood over their he.

Only a small faceplate in the hood gave each wearer the ability to see out of the suit. The mass of an air tank sitting on their backs Giantess butt crush stories the suits made them look deformed.