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I look up woman who Girl diaper punishment stories chocolate

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Girl Diaper Punishment Stories

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Jun 14, 1 T We've updated our Privacy Policy and by continuing you're agreeing to the updated terms. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our Privacy Policy. Or Learn more Continue. Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 1 post. All characters are over the age of I was sleeping quite nice and peacefully, with my teddy bear and blanky wrapped quite securely in my arms, and although my paci had Scrotum spanking stories out of my mouth I still looked quite cute.

As was normal Femdom abduction stories me, I had no clothes on, its to hot in the summertime to sleep with clothes on. I was sleeping so soundly I did not notice when my daddy got up next to me and left the room, or when he returned, or when he went into the closet, or when he shut the door.

I rolled over onto my back, still holding my teddy and blanky, and whined softly. Moving my arm to see what it was, I found I could lift my hands no more than an inch, two at Erotic drowning stories most above the bed. Daddy had tied my arms to the bed!!! I tried to talk, but my paci was in my mouth.

But daddy just put my paci back in my mouth. I felt my face get red, and felt a little lump in my throat, a little unsure of what was going to happen.

I know Breastfeeding my partner stories had talked to my daddy about some of the things I fantasized about, but they were just fantasies, I never expected him to actually do them. Now I racked my brains for all I may have told him, or written him, wondering what he had in mind. Daddy saw my face, and put his hand on my cheek softly.

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There was a fan across the room and I could feel it blowing on me, daddy must have turned it up to high because I was covered in goose pimples and could feel my nipples getting hard. Daddy ran his hand gently up my leg, from Nylon panty stories ankle, to my knee, up my thigh, so softly it tickled. I giggled and squirmed around, but was held down very securely. He kept running his hand so lightly up one thigh then down the other as I squirmed and giggled so much my paci fell out.

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Daddy noticed the paci had falled out and went over to the dresser, coming back with a big piece of pink ribbon. Looking down at me daddy smiled and ran his hand down my face, then my neck, and circled one of my nipples. He was leaving me here!!! Tied to the bednaked, with a paci in my mouth!!! It Strip poker wife stories like ages, but I know it was less than an hour when I heard daddy coming back up the stairs, and the door opened.

He peaked in, and Curse broken cave story me awake, smiled as he came into the room.

He was carrying a tray with a bowl on it and a bottle. Sitting down next to me on the bed he placed the tray on a chair, and untied the paci behind my head but kept it in my mouth. He used the spoon to scoop some out and I noticed it was a baby spoon, and the food looked like apple sauce. This is your lunch. Baby food for a big baby.

Now eat it all up or daddy will have to get some prunes for you as well. Each time he said this, I blushed Incest family camping sexstory and more, quite embarrassed at being spoon fed, and at having such a messy face.

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Finally, after what Body swap fiction stories like ages, I finished all that was in the bowl. I assumed daddy was going to wipe my face off, but instead he put the bowl down and proceeded to put the bottle in my mouth. The whole time I was drinking daddy was reminding me of what a big baby I was, drinking from a bottle, and getting my lunch all Sex stories with illustrations me, just like a messy baby would.

Eventually I got to the end of the bottle and daddy pulled it out of my mouth, putting the paci back in, while he went to Butch lesbian sex stories some wet wipes. When he came back he pulled the paci out just long enough to not so gently wipe off my face and chin. I should have gotten a bib for you! It made my nipples stand up they were so cold. Daddy smiled then put the paci back in my mouth and retied it.

Now are you ready to be a good baby for daddy?

I could hear the slap echo off the ceiling! I cried out around my paci and tried to move my hands but they were still securely tied. Daddy laughed at my crying out and just slapped my bum again, it felt even harder this time. He kept spanking me, over and over, until I had tears streaming down my face and was pleading with Nude boy story through the paci to stop.

You are caught doing something you aren't supposed to and are punished by being diapered

My nose was running and I could feel it down my chin mixing with my tears. Daddy slowly stopped spanking me, letting them come fewer and farther between, and lighter each time. I Elf x reader lemon my eyes closed as I cried in pain, and I could feel daddy undoing my arms from above my head.

And how you are going to be a good girl from now on. This just made me even more humiliated and the tears kept flowing. I felt him walk up behind me, and without warning he slapped my bum again, hard! I cried out in shock and pain and instinctively moved to cover my bottom, but he slapped my hands away and spanked me again and again until I was Abduction rape stories all over.

I shook my head vigorously. I know you want to be a good girl for daddy. Come kneel on the bed for daddy.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

But the spanking never came, instead I felt daddy rubbing my bum, his hand felt slippery and wet. He slowly rubbed up and down my bum, telling me what a good girl I Male chastity stories tumblr being, kneeling so still for daddy. I could feel his fingers slide between my bum and soon I felt one pressing into it! I tried to tense up but daddy slapped my bottom hard and fast.

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I tensed up again and again daddy slapped my bottom. I cried out from the pain, but got no sympathy. I shook my head yes, but I was afraid what this meant. Do you know what this is baby? I had never had an enema before. Daddy had talked about it, but had never actually done it before! Taken in hand story knelt there, completely still as I felt all the liquid run up inside me, I could feel my Slit wife stories filling up.

Finally, it finished and I could feel daddy pulling it back out.

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Do you understand me? He took an extra long time putting the lotion on me, making sure his fingers touched me everywhere that got me excited, knowing I was trying Free erotic babysitter stories as I could not to have an accident. When he finished and taped up the diaper, daddy helped me to my knees and told me I was a bad baby, and this is what happened to bad babies.

Daddy knew this and helped me make up my mind by pressing hard on my stomach with one arm. I groaned and felt myself opening up, my diaper getting warm and mushy. I cried and bent over a little as I Caught wife masturbating story my diaper up.


Daddy helped me bend over Diaper cuckold stories and pressed himself up against my bum as the diaper filled up. I could feel how excited he was, as he pushed against me. His hands pressing on my tummy, and the other on my diaper, helping to spread the mess around.