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I'm seek friend that Girl enema stories whisperyacht

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Girl Enema Stories

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I hesitated, but then slowly, little by little, I explained what was going on. She asked some pointed questions about my bowel movements over the past few days and what I had eaten. When she was through inquiring, she told me to just relax Interactive crossdressing stories left the living room. I thought that was the end of the story. I should have known better. Bloated belly stories stomach started to knot and a million thoughts went through my head—I guess I really knew at that point what she had in mind.

Name: Adore
Age: 28
Nationality: I'm serbian
Tone of my iris: Clear dark eyes
Body type: I'm quite plump
My hobbies: Driving a car

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Sir Gregory and his wife Chrissy had many clients who came to them for various types of discipline, and Wedgie stories fiction girl was just one of several middle age women who had lost their husband through death or divorce, and now seemed to have lost the direction in life that their male partners had given them!!!

Though she and her husband had had a loving marriage, when the need arose, he Car cranking stories not hesitate to severely punish her for her supposed indiscretions! Just the feeling of the fingers moving along her bung hole made her clitoris throb wantonly, as it had been a week since her last orgasm!!!

After another minute or so, he pulled the nozzle from her ass and shoved the plug back into her butt, which acted like a cork, keeping all of the water safely inside of her overextended bowel!!! Chrissy helped her turn over onto her back, as her Cheerleader bondage stories full belly made her look almost as if she were in the latter stages of pregnancy!!!

Now gripping the edge of the table with both hands, Melanie groaned loudly as the inevitable climax inched closer and closer to fruition!!! This climax, was like a tsunami racing for the shore, obliterating everything in its path, until it crashed on the rocks, and returning gently out to sea!!!

Melanie was whimpering Beastiality rape stories a baby, her cunt still pulsating wildly from the two brutal orgasms that had ripped it to shreds only moments before, while her ass hole still felt like the plug was in, even though it had been removed a good fifteen minutes Wife dominatrix stories

After she had taken a shower and dressed, Melanie stood before her master and waited patiently for him to speak!!! This was soooo hot!

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Just reading made me want an enema jack off at the same time…hot.