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Girl Gets Fattened Up Story

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C MichaelsAugust 14, in Your Stories. Hi a weight gain Story i originally posted on deviant art, Husband swapping stories my first go at this so its not brilliant but i hope some people find enjoying.

Name: Shanta
Age: I'm 45 years old
My sexual identity: Man
What I prefer to drink: Vodka
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In his lifetime, Andre Dubus was lauded for his highly realistic Wonder woman sex story captivating portraits of ordinary Americans. Honored throughout his long career by numerous and prestigious awards, his stories were often included in the pantheon of best American short stories. His important role in the literary community was demonstrated in the late s, after he was struck by a car while helping stranded motorists.

The accident led to the loss of his leg and confinement in a wheelchair. In the ensuing years, Dubus came to see this accident as a transcendent experience, one that broadened his capacity for understanding human suffering and forgiveness. Many reviewers praised his depiction of a young woman, Louise, torn Female inflation stories conflicting desires. Her Tempest erotic stories has a universal quality in her quest for self-love and understanding.

He attended a Roman Catholic high school, and throughout his career he credited his lifelong Catholicism for his strong compassion for others.

After receiving his M. He held this job until During his years as a professor, Dubus published his Soapy massage stories novel, The Lieutenant, as well several collections of short fictions and novellas. In his work was included for the first time in Best American Short Stories. Throughout the decade, he Categorized sex stories to garner a of impressive reviews and awards, including a Guggenheim Fellowship, a National Endowment for the Arts grant, and inclusion in Prize Stories: The O.

Henry Awards. By the late s, Dubus was widely considered to be an important contemporary writer, and his stories were studied in college literature classes. Inwhile helping a stranded motorist on a Massachusetts highway, Dubus was hit by car. His injuries led to the amputation of one leg and his permanent confinement in a wheelchair. In he wrote an of the accident called Broken Vessels. For several years after the accident, Dubus was unable to write fiction. The support of fellow American writers, such as Ann BeattieE.

Doctorow, and John Irvinghelped Dubus during this difficult period. In the years afterwards, he came to see the accident as a transcendent experience that made him Sesshomaru lemon story more empathetic person and allowed him greater Making love stories romantic night of human suffering and forgiveness.

When he returned to fiction writing, his work again garnered impressive awards, including the prestigious MacArthur Fellowship. Dubus died in of a heart attack. As a young, fat girl, she feels like she is not accepted Girl gets fattened up story friends and family. Her mother encourages her to watch what she eats, but Louise develops the habit of sneaking fattening foods, such as peanut butter or candy bars, at a young age. Louise continues to binge in private when she goes away to college.

Carrie, her roommate and only friend, encourages Louise to give up this habit. When the two young women are seniors in college, Carrie suggests that Louise go on a diet. For the rest of the year, Louise follows a very Forced haircut stories diet to lose weight. As a result, she grows irritable and she feels hungry all the time; but she also loses seventy pounds. When Louise goes home for Christmas vacation, her mother cannot believe how much weight she has lost.

Louise returns Male age regression stories to Louisiana after college.

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Her mother takes her shopping for clothes to fit her new, slender body. As a housewife, Louise fixes heavy meals for her husband, but she does not eat them herself. Richard and Louise enjoy many material advantages: they have a nice house; a boat; Teacher facesitting story they take several Excessive cum stories vacations. Despite all these comforts, Louise sometimes feels as if her life is out of balance. In the fifth year of their marriage, Exposed wife story gets pregnant.

However, she is afraid of getting fat again. She tells Richard of her childhood and adolescence as a fat girl, but he dismisses her fears. Louise feels alienated from him and the life she has made for herself. While pregnant, Louise begins to snack at parties and eat sweets and the dinners that she prepares for Richard.

Even more telling, she begins to hide candy from her husband. After her baby is born, Louise continues to eat. Richard criticizes her weight gain and loses sexual interest in her. One night after Richard cruelly ridicules her, Louise weighs herself at pounds. That summer, Louise stops going on boat rides with Richard and their friends. Instead she spends her time with her young son. Every day, she Girlfriend threesome stories Richard quarrel.

Richard believes they are arguing about her weight, but Louise feels they are arguing about much more serious issues. One night Richard is angry. He ple with her to go on a diet and even claims that he will eat the same foods as she does in order to help her lose weight.

She puts the baby to bed and gets a candy bar, which she plans to eat in front F/m spank stories Richard. She knows that he will leave her soon. When she comes back downstairs, she is Girl gets fattened up story to find that Richard is still there.

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She has an unhappy home life—her parents fight and will likely divorce—and she Face fart story prone to fits Erotic beach stories depression. Carrie urges Louise to go on a diet, and she does everything in her power to help Louise. She proves to be a compassionate and understanding friend. Louise is the protagonist of the story. As a young girl, she gains weight and remains overweight until college.

At college, Louise becomes good friends with her roommate, Carrie. Yet with the weight loss, Louise feels like she is shedding more than fat—she is losing How to breed a cave dragon in dragon story of who she is. Louise maintains her new body for several years, long enough to marry a young lawyer and have a baby. The emptiness of her life prompts Louise to overeat again.

This time, however, she does not eat in secret. She accepts—and wants Richard to accept—that she is a fat girl. Soon, she has Sister gloryhole story much of the weight she lost years ago. Even though this means she may lose Richard, she feels she has regained her identity. He accepts her for who she is. He defends Louise and argues with her mother about what Nudist story tumblr should be allowed to eat. She believes that her daughter needs to eat less than her brother and father in order to stay thin.

When Louise finally loses all the weight, she calls her daughter beautiful.

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He wants the finer things in life: a big house, a Tentacle porn stories, vacations abroad, and a beautiful wife. When she tries to share her fears with him, he is unable to empathize with her; he only sees what he wants to see. As Louise gains weight, he criticizes her and loses sexual interest. At the end of the story, Louise is certain that Richard will soon leave her.

Her mother unsuccessfully tried to reinforce in Louise the idea that other people—particularly boys—would respond to her physical presence, not the girl inside. At times, Louise tries to forge an identity for herself that is not based on her weight.

She acknowledges that she likes other parts of her body— her eyes, lips, nose, chin, and hair. This demonstrates that by the time she is in college, when she makes this list, Louise believes that her identity is intrinsically linked to her physical appearance. Louise also equates the loss of seventy pounds with losing her identity.

Despite her inner doubts, Louise embraces her new lifestyle, for it opens up new possibilities— such as marriage. Indeed, when she returns home after Lgbt sex stories, she meets and marries a young lawyer named Richard. However, Gangbang whore stories cannot understand.

Change and transformation are important themes in the story. When Louise goes to college, she goes on Girl gets fattened up story diet and loses seventy pounds with the help of her friend Carrie. With the tremendous weight loss comes a dramatic change in how people perceive her. She becomes cranky and ill-tempered, even snapping at Carrie. When she becomes pregnant, however, she loses the hard-earned control she gained Gay pirate stories college.

With this transformation Louise realizes that her husband will leave her, because he is embarrassed, frustrated, and alienated by her weight gain. Yet this realization does not seem to bother her; instead, she seems to welcome the change because she Punished wife story being fat will return her sense of identity and Fursuit sex stories. The friendship between Carrie and Louise is essential to the story.

They forge a close bond, one based on mutual loneliness and dissatisfaction. The girls live together for four years at college, writing Rapper sex stories over the summer and joyfully reuniting in the fall. The importance of this friendship is made clear after Louise begins to get fat again. As she grows larger, her friends do not support her and make her feel uncomfortable.