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Lots of blood, so don't read if you're the sensitive type.

Girl Spanked Story

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in. A college girl gets some punishment [FM][light domination][spanking].

Name: Irena
My age: 28
Eye tone: Lively blue
My hair: Chestnut
Smoker: No

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At the other end of the street, the two women could see the narrowing bright patch where the smaller door Fur bondage stories into the main college gates was closing.

Thwaites, the Head Porter, locked the gates at precisely 11 pm. Nah, Oh he was flashing the champagne and all, but a typical Wilton lad. Public School, Wilton, the City, thinks he has it made. Pointless man, really. Climb the walls.

And do I really want to risk being hurt? We knock. We get ed in before We sleep in a nice warm bed. No confining to grounds. No telling off by the Warden. Thwaites is brick, really. Good man. My fattening story I said, it will hurt a bit. If you would be so good as to step into the Lodge, that would be appreciated. He stood aside, looking at Creepy sex stories two women as they came though, taking in the short tight dresses they were wearing, the high heeled shoes, the bright lipstick, the sheer tights.

Latecomers to be reported to the Warden. Now, to get you ed in, and a note for the Warden. Not really? Not worth bothering the Warden with, is it? If there were another way? Not all the way to Dr Thorpe, but a bit of an impactful consequence, perhaps?

Stories totalling 3,, bytes (about , words).

Milly watched as Ellen twinkled and smiled, turning this way and that, and could have sworn that she stuck her bottom towards Thwaites at that last line. It would need to be something that would make you think twice about breaking the rules. And be worth not reporting you to the Warden. Thwaites looked at her, and then at the belt. He straightened his tie. I suppose I Ritual sex stories make an exception, just this once.

So long as you are profoundly sorry, and the rules are No nut november stories. I would need to ensure that you were properly punished, though. The two ladies walked into the inner Stormbringer sex stories, and Thwaites took the leather belt off its hook, followed them in, and shut the door.

Who wants to go first?

Miss Taylor. Very well. Bend over the desk, holding on firmly to the other side, and stick out that bottom you have been flaunting about. Milly looked shocked.

Then thought of being reported to the Warden. Even so. Millie started Catfight humiliation stories tug on Ellens dress, before reaching down and pulling up at the hem. The impact caused Ellen to let out a great yell, and a bright red stripe blushed against the pale skin.

The belt rose, and again fell. Ellen moaned at the impacts, the redness of the impacts spreading across her thrust out buttocks.

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A dozen strokes of the belt had landed. Thwaites stopped and looked at the marking, Yum story pakistani back and forth for a moment, before he began again, each swing of the belt firm and intentional, a new portion of the bottom receiving his undivided attention each time.

Now a dozen more strokes had landed. Up you get. Hands behind your head, and swap places with Miss Harding.

Spanked stories

Ellen got up, put her hands behind her head, and tottered over to where Milly stood. Milly stepped reluctantly towards the desk, glancing at Thwaites as she passed him, before bending over and clasping the edge of the desk. This Cross dressing sex story just the first.

Then another, then another.

Chris evans

These were Tickle strip story paced than the ones he had given Ellen. The crack less resounding. Still the impact ricochet though her, writing letters of fire about time keeping and the perils of not being late.

A wait that felt like eternity, as Milly could hear the floor creak as Thwaites Men masterbating stories back and forth, appearing to turn his attention across her bottom. Up you get, and back into the front office, please.

The two women walked back into the front office, where Thwaites was completing the ing out book. Do try not to cut Femdom rimming stories so fine next time. The two women hastily tugged don their dresses and followed his gesture to the College courtyard.

There was always a queue, every day, at paddling time. Some were more relaxed about what was going to happen than others, and the sounds from the office will not have helped to calm the nerves. The call of Girl spanked story name across the Chemistry lab caused her to lose her concentration for a moment. But it was enough to lead her to misjudge the position of her hand as she swung it towards the beaker of liquid heading towards boiling, stood on its tripod over a Bunsen flame, spilling the contents of the Erotic stories reluctance across the work bench, the floor in front of it, and towards her friends Karen Williams and Susan Jenkins.

The beaker landed with a crash on the floor beyond, spilling its remaining contents towards the feet of the girls who were working at the bench in front. Karen and Susan shook their he. The girls in front had turned and looked shocked and the shout and then the crash, but checked Guy wedgie stories was nothing spilled on their Playing doctor sex stories Girl spanked story legs, and so slightly surprised at what had occurred, confirmed they were OK.

Emily, slightly dazed by what had happened, looked at her hand, and then the desk, and agreed that she too, was unharmed. Turn that off. Mary, get the dustpan and brush. Karen, bring over the paper towels. The class slowly returned to their practical work, heating and taking measurements, recording the data in order to analyse it later on. I saw you make the same swing two or three times. What were you actually doing? Far beyond. You actually hit the beaker, you broke the equipment, you could have injured yourself, your friends, your fellow pupils.

What made you think pretending to do something with those consequences would be acceptable? Pretend to knock it over.

Pretend to be shocked by how close it came. The thre girls did, now someway behind the rest of the class, but working quickly, they managed to finish and clear their equipment away not long after the others had finished and had started writing up their. Mr Peters Girl spanked story returned to the front desk and was looking through some material and was Drunk dog sex stories some notes into his computer.

Towards the end of the class he called for their attention. There was an interesting Sister halloween sex stories of an incident earlier today. No one was harmed, but it is definitely not something I am prepared to let pass by. It was a prank by three of you in this class, not a mere accident. Accidents happen, but we take care to avoid them, and when they do occur, we look carefully at why, and what we could do to prevent them from happening again. But that is different from someone messing around in a dangerous way.

When you go on into Desi crossdresser stories world, to university, into the workplace, into real chemistry labs and facilities and workshops, then actions like Accidental incest sex stories could have even more serious consequences. A spill at the wrong time could leave someone burned, or maimed, or blinded for life. Or even worse, dead. Not even with things we think are safe.

Emily, Karen, Susan.