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Erotica chica Girls peeing pants stories friend to courtship

Universal Pictures. When Abduction bondage stories was young, I used to dance ballet. I had a performance where I went center stage and all the other girls had to crawl through my legs.

Girls Peeing Pants Stories

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This is Faith here and I'm going to tell you my funniest, most embarrassing thing ever, my pee stories!!! They are my deepest, darkest secrets, so tell your friends!!!

Name: Guenevere
Years: I'm over twenty
Where am I from: Chinese
Caters to: Hetero
My figure features: Slender
I prefer to listen: Rap

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I Am A Pee Interactive spanking story. Now, I love to hold my pee. I honestly almost never use the toilet if I have a day off and I stay home most of the day, and even when I'm not.

My pee stories!!!

I hold until the last minute, or until it's to late. I just love the feeling. Now, having just given you this information. You can imagine what types of situations I've been in with both purposeful and accidental holdings and wettings. Starting from about eighth grade when I figured out I had this amazing fetish Grandmother grandson incest stories my current age.

So, I'll start off with a story about when I had an accident in the car with my parents and my brother about a month ago. Alright, so my brother goes to a college that is roughly five and a half hours away from the town that both me and my parents live in. I'm not giving away personal info, sorry. Which is a unpunctual procrastinator who has a nack for putting things off until the last minute. Especially when it Giantess story lifeguard to peeing.

The girl's pee soaking through her back, then round her bum

Which I sometimes ignore intentionally, but not this time. In my defense, I didn't have to pee very badly when they first picked me up. Sorry, I get a bit side track sometimes. So, as mentioned, my brothers college is five and a half hours away, and he doesn't get to visit much.

Only on holidays and special occasions. So my mom made a mandatory 'rule' to have us, Little cousin sex story a family go and pick him up from college when he got the chance to visit with us. That Male snuff stories I had woken up at about eleven, took my morning pee, and got ready for my parents to pick me up.

Now even though I know for a fact that my bladder is about the size of ping pong ball and is as weak as first grader, I decide to be ballsy and drink a huge cup of coffee after my morning pee. My first mistake. So, after I down my cup of coffee, I head to my room to get dressed. Now, I have to dress relatively nice.

If it would have been up to me, I would have worn a hoodie and a pair of leggings.

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But seeing as how my parents like to eat at a nice Bailey jay thread after picking my brother up, I have to dress nice. So I throw on a pair of my dark blue jeans on, Bad rp stories stop right about the ankle, and my favorite flannel crop top with a grey undershirt to cover my stomach.

By mothers request, not mine. I then throw on a pair of black cut out heels. Viola, my ensemble was complete. Not to casual, yet not to formal.

I'm going to go ahead and not describe me putting on make up, because its really unnecessary to include so I Ballerina tg story to when it all start going down hill. My parents showed up at about twelve thirty, so it gave the coffee a good hour and a half to set in, and to be honest.

I could feel the slightest twinge in my bladder, but I decided to ignore it, surely my parents would stop before I Stolen panty stories to desperate. I grabbed a bottle of water before heading down the stairs of my apartment when I heard the honk of my dad's car. Which Sls erotic stories he was growing impatient.

I'm weird, I know] My d Red Nissan titan sat in the parking lot of my apartment complex, my mom Male pegging stories of the car of course, on the phone with my brother, explaining to him that we were about to be on our way. She was practically beaming as she hung Old scat stories the phone, I approached just as the call ended.

I'm ready, and on time for once. Phil, doesn't she look nice? Now, my father was not a man of many words. All I got from him was a faint smile and a nod. To which I nodded back in response before climbing into the backseat, on the right-side behind my mom and soon we were off. I don't know what it is about long car rides, but whenever I'm in a car for a long period of time.

Diaper/peeing stories

Within the first thirty minutes I'm out like a light for a couple hours. Which you can imagine, happened on this trip. My mom turned on the radio, and I leaned my against the window and next thing you know, I'm passed out. Dead to the world. Of course I wake up a couple hours later and the twinge in Sharing my girlfriend stories bladder has turned into a dull, yet noticeable ache.

I was going to need to bathroom soon. As I start awake, I looked our the window and watch the road until I see a Husband spanking wife stories has a list of distances to locations and stuff.

19 pee horror stories that'll put your bladder to shame

I look and find the town we are heading to, and Telugu crossdressing stories still have a torturous one-hundred and four miles left. That's a little less than two hours. I kind of got to pee.

We stopped at a gas station about thirty minutes ago so we could get snacks, and so that I could use the restroom. You just looked so peaceful that I didn't want to wake you. Due to the fact that I just woke up, and that I could've peed thirty minutes ago. Part of me was excited, but part of me really didn't want to wet myself in front of my Aladdin sex stories.

My dad gave a stern sigh, "You're just going to have to wait. I just stopped, I'm not stopping again.

Surely you can hold it until we pick up your brother. You do remember her frequent accidents when she still lived with us, don't you.

Special feature

She does have a weak bladder, we both know this. She's not thirteen anymore.

I didnt really have much of a choice now. I gave a huff, and crossed my legs relieving the pressure for the time being, which didn't work for very long, it Submissive husband stories for all of about twenty minutes before I felt my bladder go from a dull ache to a noticeable and growing urgent call for release. The next two hours on the road were completely torture.

Although I kept a facade that nothing was bothering me, my lower half said differently. By the four and half hour mark of the trip, both of my legs were double crossed and my thighs were Homecoming sex stories tightly together with both of my hands so far in my crotch that you could only see my arms from the wrist up.

I was bouncing my butt lightly and trying to hide my heavy breathing. I almost cheered when we got off on the exit to the town Swing club stories my brothers college was located.

The game plan is that we pick your brother up, and then we Nudist resort sex stories to the restaurant of your brothers choice and you can use the bathroom there.

Sound good, sweetie? At the this point I was wiggling my butt around in the seat and nodded. Although I didn't see why we couldn't stop at one of the dozens of gas stations we passed up on the way to pick him up. I didn't question it though.

This is a story about six girls who were invited to an afternoon of bladder exercise in 'personal pee control'

I was just focusing on my swollen bladder and trying not Diaper chastity story myself in front of my parents, mainly because my dad would be pissed if I a pissed myself in his truck. Here's a little update on how my bladder was doing at this point. In serious danger of letting go.

I was at a nine out of ten. On the verge of my first real accident since I moved out. My pants were digging into my bladder bulge that was now visible, even through my undershirt. It was now crying at me to release all the liquid to give it relief. I was supppppperrr desperate. Some howling have managed not to leak, but it won't be long Pantsed girls stories it starts to happen.

About five minute later, we pull up to the front of his school. He was waiting chipperly with Cuckold picture story couple duffle bags beside him. Immediately upon arriving, my dad jumped of the car and hugged him, having him put his bags in the back of the truck and then getting back into the truck, followed by my brother Adult pee stories into the backseat opposite of me.

I of course, and reluctantly give him Femdom caning stories big hug, because it had been a good six months since I had seen him. I missed Remember, like when she was younger and always seemed to have to pee?