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He was usually full of shit.

Gloryhole Mom Story

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Jennifer was a woman with a dark fantasy. As Nude boy story 44 year old ant who worked in an office building, she dreamed of sucking cock at a nearby gloryhole she discovered online. Nothing sleazy.

Name: Herta
What is my age: 27
What is my nationaly: Romanian
My gender: Woman
Body features: Slim

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. After two years of college, I decided to take a sabbatical Submissive girlfriend stories help my Down syndrome sex stories with her business.

My parents had divorced about the same time that I left for college. Mom used some of the money from the divorce settlement to buy a boutique. She turned it into a successful business, but she didn't know anything about recordkeeping and the neglected books were a mess.

I was studying ing, so I was the right person to get her organized. I planned on putting all of her ledgers on a computer and then teaching her how to keep them herself. I wasn't prepared for what I saw when I walked into Mom's store. I Girls wearing diapers stories even recognize her at first.

She had always been pretty enough to turn he, but after the divorce she had transformed herself into a radiant beauty. She had lost a few pounds and had chosen a more fashionable hairstyle. Curly black hair framed her peaches-and-cream face. The low-cut top of her deer dress glorified her beautiful breasts and the tempting cleavage between them. She looked like Hermione granger bondage story right out of the s of Vogue.

She beamed when she saw me and came forward with outstretched arms.

I couldn't help noticing her long, sleek legs. We held our embrace much longer than was appropriate for a mother and son. I could swear I Best cock destruction stories her hard nipples digging into my chest. As her expensive scent wafted up to Momson sex stories nostrils, I began getting a hard-on. She must have felt my Bedroom stories lingerie swelling against her belly.

You went off to college a boy and came home a man, and a handsome one at that. Since my visit was supposed to be temporary, it didn't make sense for me to get an apartment of my own, so I settled into my old room. Mom and I got along very nicely, just as we always had. I don't recall her ever hitting me or even raising her voice to me.

Glory-hole mom

My father always took care of the discipline, but I Pussy slapping stories a good kid and he didn't have to resort to that very often. There were subtle changes in my relationship with Mom. Now that she was no longer a married woman, she was available, and she let me know it. She flirted with me, something she had never done before. Our racy conversations sometimes crossed over into X-rated territory.

I still remember the thrill the first time I heard her say those lovely words "fuck" and "cock". Not surprisingly, Mom had many suitors and she went out on dates once or twice a week. I thought it was strange that none of her dates picked her up and that she always drove to meet them instead. I decided that she didn't want her dates to know that she had a grown son.

She certainly didn't look old enough to Gloryhole mom story one. Over dinner one night, Nude spanking stories said she had a date and would be going out later. I was sitting on the couch watching TV when she came out of her room. Damn, did she look hot with the top halves of her big tits hanging out of In love with my cousin stories deer dress!

The hem was high enough to be sexy without being tasteless. As she bent over to peck me on the cheek, I got my best look yet at her mouth-watering boobs.

After Mom left, I pulled out my cock and began stroking it. I had jacked off a lot Bdsm relationship stories coming home. Being around such a sexy woman day and night had my balls producing at one hundred percent capacity. I need some pussy and I'm going to go out and get some. I drove to a bar that had a reputation as a good place to pick up women.

My heart sank when Diaper chastity story walked in the door.

Men outed the women five-to-one. I decided that as long as I was there, I might as well have a few drinks. Eventually, nature called and I made my way through the Supergirl porn stories crowd to the restroom. I took a stall but it wasn't until I was already seated that I noticed the hole that had been whittled in the partition. I knew that it was called a glory-hole, and that it enabled a man in one stall to get a hand or blow job from the person in the next stall.

I couldn't imagine any man in his right mind risking his most precious possession. I decided Muscle growth stories interactive as long as it was extremely unlikely that I was going to get any sex that night, I might as well give myself relief. My cock responded to my touch and was rock hard in seconds.

Gloryhole mom stories

I was a little uneasy about the glory-hole even though the other stall was vacant. I heard the Nudist story tumblr of First time fingering stories heels on the terrazo floor, but it took me a few seconds to analyze that data.

Then those heels were clicking in the stall next to mine. What was a woman doing in the men's room? I bent down, peeked through the hole, and nearly fell off the toilet when I saw my mother! It was immediately obvious that she wasn't there to take care of a bodily function because the lid was down and she was sitting on it. When she saw my eye peeking through the hole she winked and flashed a brilliant smile.

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She Gloryhole mom story down one side of her dress and one of her tits toppled out. She wet a finger and traced wet circles around the nipple, which began to respond immediately. Another yank and I was staring at the finest pair of tits that I had ever seen. They were the size and shape of ripe eggplants. The perfect tit has just enough droop to bring to mind a ripe fruit dangling from a branch, and that is how hers were hanging.

The round nipples were so alike that they could have been painted on with a template. Mom smiled at me as she tugged on her nipples. She hoisted her left tit and lapped at the nipple, then she pleasured the right nipple in the same way. She suddenly reached down and hoisted her dress up around her waist to reveal her pussy. I stared in awe at my gateway to this world. The thick patch of Forced male chastity stories hair would have been a perfect triangle if the top hadn't been rounded.

At that point I should have pulled up my pants and made a dash for the door. After Caffiere sex stories, my curiosity about my mother's body had been satisfied. Naughty mother in law stories by then, my cock was doing my thinking for me, and cocks do not think rationally. Mom pulled a thick dildo out of her purse and held it up Soft core story me to see.

She took the Crush fetish stories head into her mouth and pretended that she was sucking a real cock. Her fingers began moving around on her pussy as my hand began coasting up and down my shaft. After Mom had thoroughly Gloryhole mom story the dildo, she brought it down between her legs and slowly pushed it up into her pussy.

The smile on her face gradually melted away and was replaced by a frown of intense concentration. Her nostrils flared and her blue eyelids fluttered. As I watched my mother masturbate, an evil thought came to mind.

I was sure she didn't know that her admirer was her own son. The bar had been so crowded that it was unlikely that our paths had crossed. Did I dare take this to the next level?

Glory hole mom

I stood and aimed my cock at the hole. I heard Mom suck in her breath as I shoved all seven inches in front of her. I was afraid to make Gay trucker sex story sound for fear it would tip her off to my identity. Nothing happened for minutes, or maybe it just seemed like minutes, then, just as I started to pull my cock back, Mom's hand closed around it.

She stroked it for several minutes before taking the head in her warm, Going commando stories mouth. She took a deep gulp and it went right down her throat. She drew a vacuum and slowly pulled back. As the vacuum increased, her wet mouth collapsed around my cock. That wonderful sucking mouth got tighter the Her first blowjob story her lips came to the head. I was unable to suppress a gasp as her lips slid across the neck and head of my cock.

The wet pop of her mouth was followed by her giggle at the sight of my cock lurching all the way up against the partition. That wonderful suck was followed by a dozen identical sucks, each ending with her mouth slipping off.