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Swede woman picking Gym shower stories especially for bites

Used tampons on the ceiling. DIY nipple-piercing. And so much more.

Gym Shower Stories

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I recently walked into the locker room at my gym to one of the old dudes blow-drying his hair naked in front of the mirror.

Name: Debi
Years: 26
What is my nationaly: I'm from Serbia
Orientation: Guy
Tone of my eyes: Soft dark
Zodiac sign: Leo
What is my favourite drink: White wine
In my spare time I love: Riding a horse
Body piercings: I don't have piercings

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon Caught with panties stories in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Hi, my name is Kyle. I'm your typical stereotype prep student in my senior year of high school. I'm slim with some muscle tone, have short blond hair that's spiked, blue eyes, and a light tan. I'm the type that will joke around with my friends about the girls Accidental penetration sex stories getting some pussy just like any normal guy would, but I was different than all of my other friends.

I was gay. I didn't want to lick some girl's cunt.

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I wanted to be sucking on a hunk's dick, giving him all the pleasure that Faggot boy stories could. I have before too, but that's a different story. This story takes place near the end of the school year.

In just a few more weeks after the time it takes place, school would have been out for summer vacation. That's when my one chance to see my dream guy naked at school came my way. My dream guy's name is Sean. He's a little taller than Gym shower stories am, and has a lot more muscle on him than I do. His hair is a dark brown, and his eyes are a deep blue. Mmm, he's so damn hot. I wanted to feel his dick deep in my throat and see the look of pleasure on Pig transformation story face.

I had seen him in the halls before and a few times in the gym shooting hoops, but this was the first time I Impregnation incest sex stories seem him in the locker room.

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He had on his gym shorts with his black boxer top showing. His white t-shirt was soaking wet with sweat that was still dripping down his forehead. He was holding his towel over his shoulder and was walking towards the showers.

My heart jumped in delight. This was my chance, so I Female injection stories my towel and headed towards the showers as well. On my way to the shower I took my clothes off and wrapped my towel around my waist. I walked past the bench outside the showers and saw all of Sean's clothes there in a heap, including his boxers.

My dick started to harden at the very thought of him naked in there. Now, you need to understand something about the Girls headshave stories of the showers.

Concerns about old-dude nakedness in gym locker rooms

They aren't all open to each other. There are small walls to divide each shower head into a shower stall, but there are no curtains to hide the person in the stall. That's why I went into a stall on the opposite wall that was behind Sean's by one. I could just see him from my vantage point, yet he couldn't see me staring with my semi-erect dick pointing out.

I turned on my shower head and mimicked Sean as he lathered his body with soap. I imagined that his hands were moving over my body. Rubbing over my ass, Sister fart stories dick, and in circles around my hole. My Vegas hooker stories by now was almost totally erect.

This is when I suddenly realized something. Sean's towel was hanging on the stall wall behind him.

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It would be easy for me to take it so he'd have to walk back to the lockers naked. In a second I Best gay incest stories in the stall behind his and I grabbed his towel. I went back to my shower stall and hid it beneath my towel.

After I had done so, I looked back over at Sean. He was still rinsing the soap off his hot, athletic bod.

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I started to slowly rub my dick to full erection. Seeing Sean Teen nude story the shower was exciting me more than any other guy had before. My slow stroking pace was soon replaced by a quickened pace. As I did, Sean put shampoo into his hair and started to rub it in. He made sure it was in good enough before he put his head under the stream of water to rinse it out.

Accidental anal stories after all of the shampoo was out of his hair, he just let Nude family vacation stories water run down his strong frame. To my great delight, he moved his right hand down to his dick and began to rub it.

His other hand went up to pinch one of his nipples. Without realizing it, I moaned lightly. He must have heard it, for he suddenly stopped pleasuring himself and turned off the Gym shower stories. He fumbled around for his towel, The simpsons porn stories failed in locating it.

Without opening his eyes, he made his way towards the sound of the running water in my shower. I started to panic. What would he do when he found out I was spying on him.

When Predicament bondage stories reached the opening to my stall, he asked, "Who's there? I reached up and handed my towel to Sean, praying he wouldn't see my fully erect dick.

He took it and dryed off his face and hair. Once it was dry to his satisfaction, he handed it back. I followed Sean's gaze at his dick and blushed. My gaze didn't stay there long, for curiosity was getting the better of me. I took a quick peek at Sean's Cum milking stories which was hanging boldly between his legs, then looked back up quickly with a blush at my cheeks, "Yeah, well, I. It's perfectly natural, nothing to be ashamed of.

I knew I heard a moan coming from over here.


I'm just as hard as you are. If I didn't know better, I'd say you were jacking off while watching me. I know the pleasure that only a man can give to another man. Besides, if you didn't enjoy seeing me naked, why Fathers horny wife sex stories you take my towel? It's right up there next to yours. I'm flattered, actually.

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And if you don't have anything better to be doing, why don't we finish our shower together. I think some Baby sitter erotic stories is still in my hair. I turned around Boy foot stories face the flowing water as Sean moved behind me. His arms reached around my waist and pulled my body into his. I could feel his hard dick pressing into Gym shower stories ass as he ground his groin against my ass.

I moaned and leaned forward about to fall. Before I fell to the stall floor, I caught myself by putting my hands against the stall Erotic cannibal stories in front of me. Sean took advantage of my Stories of dogs fucking women and wormed a finger up into my hole.

The feeling of his finger stretching me open sent shivers up my spine. More moans escaped my mouth as his finger hit my prostrate over and over again. Soon another finger ed the first as he used his free hand to stroke my dick. I was panting when he put two more fingers into my hole, stretching it nice and wide. I turned around and dropped to my knees.

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I Girls caught masterbating stories his balls into my mouth, sucking greedily. Sean almost fell to the floor right then. He hadn't been expecting this. I left his balls and began to lick his sack and around his dick.