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Hagrid Sex Stories

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Hagrid sex stories

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Net Adult-FanFiction. Password Reset. Update. A Matter of Proportions. Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, nor any of the Lgbt sex stories from the books or movies. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. Hagrid's cock was absolutely enormous.

The wrinkled foreskin made it look disturbingly like a thick, brownish snake attempting to wriggle into a turtleneck sweater. The students of Hogwarts would be shocked at this new, dominant Hagrid.

It would seem that the gentle Gryffindor had gotten in touch with the non-human half of his heritage. He felt like some primitive tribesman worshipping before his fearsome fertility god. A sigh escaped his lips as he glanced around at the full blood giants watching from all sides in the dancing firelight.

His pitiful hope of making it through the day without being raped Soiled panties story been quickly dashed as the sun began to set.

The Gurg had been quite happy with the sunscreen and lust potions he had made, but just as he started to try and slip back to the hut and hide for the night, the giant had demanded that the 'Pretty Poson Mass get fucked. Severus let his tongue swipe the head, lapping it like an ice lolly. It was an interesting taste, this essence of half-giant. A grunt of satisfaction accompanied his ministrations. Finally he was given the command, "Suck me! If Hagrid had been a normal Sex stories in bus man, Severus would have had his cock down his throat easily, and still been able Nipple stimulation stories lick his balls.

His tongue was legendary in the house of the Snakebut the thing was just too damn big. He managed the head, and several inches of the shaft besides, but then it rammed the back of his throat. Even a relaxing spell would not let it go back any further without completely cutting off his air.

Snape had to admit that, in his way, Rubeus Hagrid was a very considerate rapist. Severus Cum milking stories his hands to stroke the length, doing his best to stimulate the rock hard organ.

Hagrid studies for the owls

He had always enjoyed fellatio before. It Granny gangbang stories a weird sort of turn on for him to be on his knees, a position of true submission, yet he to be in complete control.

It made him feel powerful as he teased his panting, whimpering lovers. He would pull back Unaware shrinking stories as climax was imminent so that he could make his lover beg, before bringing him to a shattering climax.

It was the perfect combination of submission and power, usually. His hands managed to get far enough back to stroke Hagrid's Hotwife stories reddit, billiard ball sized testes.

They were still a little wet from his saliva so that his fingers slid across them smoothly. But it did not take long for his mouth to hurt; it felt over-stretched, and unfortunately, by the feel Dragon story breeding time those furry balls, Hagrid did not seem to be any closer to climax.

Hagrid and the three little witches.

Snape sighed, was he losing his touch? Snape's shoulders slumped in defeat as he released the mammoth erection and obeyed.

Without being told he lowered his head, lay it on his crossed arms and raised his backside high in the air. The giants were whooping it up as Snape gasped at the feel of the spell on his anus that relaxed him as a slick, Tumblr incest story finger pushed into him. Snape cringed as to his mortification; his own organ came to full hardness. Just Enf picture stories same as it had the last two times. Those huge, callused hands were much more gentle and skilled then he would have expected.

Hagrid and the three little witches.

If this were in a private place and had the encounter been consensual, the Slytherin would have enjoyed it. Hagrid smiled Incest femdom stories at those lovely pale cheeks as he slowly pushed into Snape's arse, and aimed for the prostate. Not that he could miss it.

With a cock that size, for Hagrid to strike the sweet spot in any man was like shooting fish in a barrel. The half-giant had fucked normal sized men and women before. They had all begged for more. And for some reason, even under the Self torture stories, he really wanted Severus to climax. Wanted him to like it. Snape stiffened as that place deep Marjories bedtime stories was hit over and over again. He hated the thought that he was going to have an orgasm at Hagrid's touch.

That he had before, and probably would the next time.


The bitter taste of defeat filled his mouth along with the after taste of the other man's cock. Unable to resist Sugar momma story command Severus cried out as his seed spilled out onto the grass. He whimpered as Hagrid pulled out, turned him over and so very gently laid Snape on his back. Not on the wet place, Severus Prostitute wife stories with a little relief.

Hagrid's body covered his as the massive cock pushed back in and forced the Slytherin to spread his legs so wide to accommodate the other man's girth that he felt as if his hips were going to crack. Worse yet, the thick carpet of soft fur that Hagrid called a belly was reviving his erection again.

His back arched as hot seed filled him.

His own climax pulsed at the same time, spraying his semen between them. The big bastard forced him to enjoy it, to writhe at his touch. When he pulled out, Hagrid noted Real interracial cuckold stories GurgNathingbane had already exploded in his pants.

Hagrid studies for the owls

He was glad. Now that he was having sex with Severus, he did not want to share. The Slytherin lay limply on the grass, as if the relaxation spell were once again cast on his entire body. Yes, Rubeus Hagrid knew that Severus might not feel that way about him yet, but to Hagrid, having sex like this made that person your lover. Severus would figure it out soon. He would see that Hagrid only wanted what was best for him. An' pleasure George lopez sex stories real good. Yeh'll see. You need to be logged in to leave a review for this story.

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