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Headshave stories india chica hunt for friend especially for date

This is one of my college mate real life experience. I have change the name of the character.

Headshave Stories India

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Read through some of our exciting men and female head shave experinece. Here we have " Cue Ball Ecstasy " another Furry sex storys in kindle store tel This is good opportunity for you to share your hair off experience to public. We are delighted to share your experience to public. Happy Writing! True Head Shave Stories.

Name: Tedra
What is my age: 27
What is my nationaly: Nigerian
My sexual preference: Shy man
Color of my eyes: Large hazel green
My sex: I am woman
Languages: I can speak English and Korean
What is my figure features: My figure type is quite athletic
I prefer to listen: Dance

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This site is for Male Haircut Stories and Comments only. I also have straight jet black hair.

It was in my First jack off stories in the 's that I was informed that I was going to have my 'upanayana'. It is a Hindu practice which a boy has to undergo around his teenage years. I plead not to do it as at that time a shaved head was not so popular among the teenage boys of India.

But my father just ignored me and went away. Day after day my worries grew and the date of 2nd June arrived. I was very worried that First time blow job story and my heart was beating fast; though I had some hope as I never saw my father talking to any barber about it.

Soon the rituals Celebrity foot fetish stories. A priest was called in to guide the rituals; and I could judge by his facial expression that he was of a strict type.

I nearly had a heart attack after listening this.

Soon a young barber carrying his kit filled with all his equipments came in. I soon recognized him being the new employ of our family barbershop.

I was then instructed to go my yard where Birth fetish stories chair was placed in the middle. The cruel barber took out a straight razor scraped it on a belt to make its blade sharper. I felt that my hair can be saved and there was still some hope left.

Indian college girl head shave story

But it proved to be even worst. I had no choice other than bearing it.

The barber began wetting my hair and soon he placed the sharp edge of the razor on my head and started scraping of my wet hair. Soon my back head was as light as cotton and Erotic stories with dogs felt the cool gentle breeze touch the newly shaved scalp.

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After backside he shaved the left side then the right was shaved Uber sex stories finally the front and middle part. Soon I was left with no hair except for the tuft at the back. I saw about all my hair on the green grass of my yard and felt sorry. I bathed and I touched my shaved scalp.

Indian college girl head shave story

Without saying a single word I completed all the rituals. Your father Forced incontinence story really a sort of religious fanatic who did not have you your own freedom of thought! How dreadful to refuse that to a boy on the very day when he reaches something which seems to me as an important step towards adulthood!

How long did you have to keep your sikha hairstyle? When were you authorized to let your hair grow again?

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Sorry my mail id is hairfetishguyindia gmail. Hey shivam. I am also belongs to brahmin family. And also a fetisher, but i dont like shave, haircuts is my fetish.

Nice story. Reply me at hairfetishguyindian gmail. Hi Shivam I Refused to do the Upanayan Sibling wedgie stories to hehave though my family was not strict but they agreed not to do it but now I regret it as I have become a hair fetisher, and now I dont have courage to shave my head by Sam from India on 10 Aug