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I would like looking up woman Her first orgasm story loves grabbing

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Her First Orgasm Story

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The first orgasm I had with a man

Name: Karole
Years old: 26
Where am I from: I'm mexican
Available to: I prefer guy
Iris color: I’ve got dark hazel eyes but I use colored contact lenses
My sex: My sex is lady
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Sagittarius
Body type: I'm quite slender
Music: Hip hop
I like: Riding a horse

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9 women share what it was like to orgasm for the first time

I was Xmen sex stories years old and had done it with a few boyfriends, but they were too young and inexpeienced so nothing very good happened. I kept waiting for the earth to move. I was working at a law firm in Albany as a receptionist and secretary.

Clients were always stopping by and I was hired because I was such a pretty young thing. I dressed the part too. I always wore minis, tight blouses or clinging suits with bras that did the most for my clevage. Some of our clients took me on some very nice expense meals too. Anyway, I was picked to work late one noght with a new lawyer, a recent graduate named Ken. I had an eye on Ken since he ed the firm. He was 28, 6 foot tall and not an ounce Daughters pissing for their dads stories fat.

He told me he worked out hard because the gymprovidded his only social life as a new single guy in town. I had no idea how to come on Tickle torture stories archive him because I thought he was way too mature for me. As you will see, I made out OK. Ken adn I were the only two people left in the office on a friday trying to get material together for Monday.

I was wearing my standard…. He began by rubbing my neck and shoulders. Let your hair down. The lace tops of my Leg brace fiction stories peeked from under my skirt for Ken to see. I felt his breath quicken as he ran his delightful gentle hands down my back then up over my shoulders and across the top of my breasts.

My nipples tightened to hardness. Ken leaned over me as he ran his hands down my arms. I felt his hot breath on my neck.

11 women on the first time they got off

My panties were very Cum in my ass stories now and I squirmed to rub the material against my clit. Excite it did; Kens cock sprang up against my leg and I pressed bank with my stocking clad thigh.

This time Ken kisses pack and we dissolved into a long tender kiss. Our tounges twillered together. This was the hottest I had ever been…but Ken was a slow and patient lover. He teased my thighs and the lips of my pussy as he slowly kissed down my chest.

‘first orgasm’ stories

He popped open my blose and teased a nipple out of my bra with his tounge as I moaned in delight and begged for more. I kissed his chest and ran my stocking thigh up against Hucow breeding stories rock hard cock.

Ken kissed me deeply as he picked me up annd placed me on the table. First lhe licked my 4 inch heels…then my ankle…. I was dripping and my clit was rock hard. Ken needed nothing further.

His tounge began to gently tease my clit and I felt a wave like I had never felt before…. Finally Ken lifted my legs over his shoulders and slowly slid his hardness into me.

The story of my first orgasm

I groaned. It had never felt so good. Ken pulled in and out slowly then faster and faster as I felt yet another wave. My contracting pussy was more than Ken Could handle and he shot his load deep inside. Needless to say, no more work got Tiny penis humiliation stories that night.

Each time better than the first. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. post Next post. I should tell the story of my first orgasim. At Husband sucking cock stories I stretched.

I could use a massage. I guess I should call this my first two orgasims.