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I date Hot panty stories that loves playmates

Live sex. Masturbation Diaries: Panty Raid! I'm just past 50 now and don't think I've lost the good shape I've always been in, even at this age, if I do say so myself.

Hot Panty Stories

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Sharon B Sept Sharonb yahoo. This is something I had never planned to do or thought of before but I'm glad that it happened.

Name: Ricki
Years: 26
Hair: Red
I know: English, Arabic
I like tattoo: I don't have tattoos

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Marie's Pantie Tease. Octavius April 06, Views. Marie leaves me her panties to play with, then her husband s us for fun! With spring here but while there was still snow on the ground I decided to take a long weekend climbing in the hills. The door was opened by an attractive woman of about 40 with neat dark hair and a good figure. Her tight blue jeans Telemachus gay stories like a second skin to curvy legs and a well rounded backside, and her check shirt showed every curve of big breasts.

There was something in Fucking my aunt sex stories eyes that hinted there could be more on offer than Pregnant belly expansion story a room for the night. I felt my erection start to rise, but she was ed immediately by her husband, a fit muscular guy.

They introduced themselves as Clive and Marie.

Marie showed me the guest room upstairs. It had everything I could need: a bed, an en suite shower, a chair and a TV so I took the room. Custom porn stories switched on the light in my bedroom and stopped, stunned. They were very brief and very feminine, white see-through lace with a pattern of little embroidered hearts and edged with white lace. On top of the Donna reading nude was a paper note.

I always ask my girl friends to give me their panties to play with and masturbate over while they're away.

I picked Marie's panties up Halloween crossdresser stories ran them through my fingers. I felt as if my penis was trying to explode out through my jeans! I stripped naked and lay on the bed. Next morning I took a shower.

Soon I was nicely loosened up, all except a part of me that was getting stiffer and stiffer the more I thought about Marie. I stepped out of the shower, tossed a towel over my shoulders, opened the door into the bedroom and stepped through, pointing a stiffly swaying eight incher at the ceiling. And there on the bed was Marie! She was kneeling spread legged on the bed, wearing only a tiny black satin bra and matching panties barely big enough to sling her big Humiliating cuckold stories breasts and to cover her pussy mound.

Behind her the Swing lifestyle story wall mirror Forced feminized stories showed me the triangle of black satin tight over the well rounded curves of her bottom. I stopped in my tracks and let the towel drop off my shoulders. My hard-on strained up a notch, but I glanced at the bedroom door, which was ajar. We can play all day. I tickled her belly button, then slid my hand slowly down her front and inside the triangle of Hot panty stories over her mound.

Marie's pantie tease

She gasped as I eased my fingers between her love lips. Then I grunted as an electric shock of pleasure ran through me as she fingered my balls, and ran her fingertips through my Boys wearing girls clothes stories bush of pubic hair and along my straining shaft till she was Pregnet sex stories with my soft sensitive knob.

I tickled her through the thin smooth satin all the way down the valley between her bum cheeks and reached right under her from behind to stroke her rhythmically along the strip of satin between her legs and along the line of her vagina lips, kissing her bare back and reaching round her to play with her breasts at the same time.

She got onto all fours for me to take her panties off, but before I did I stroked and massaged her mound through the taut smooth satin and let my hand brush the inside tops of her thighs till she was quivering hot and her panties were wet with sex juice.

Then I slipped her panties down and off. Then she spread her thighs wide Submissive women story me to massage her mound and finger stroke the lips of her slit till her pussy lips were sopping with juice and she was panting Lesbien short stories trembling with arousal!

Writer of the year

Then with Marie nude, Gts growth stories got kinky. Will you put my knickers on? I love seeing men wearing my panties with their cocks up, oh please! This woman had panty fetishes too! The back gripped my bum like a lustful hand, and Hot panty stories rock hard shaft forced the tiny triangle of satin at Scrotum spanking stories front out far from my pubes like a tent over a tent pole.

The black satin was so thin it showed every detail of my shaft and rounded knob. I stood facing her with my legs spread and ramming my hips and boner forward. She got me to do kinky poses for her wearing her panties, sticking my dick out, bending over with my legs spread while her fingers slowly followed the hem of her panties crossing my buttocks, then tickled me down between my bum cheeks then deliciously softly fondling my balls and slowly sliding along my shaft till she was tickling my knob.

Masturbation diaries: panty raid!

She was hot too, and now the action Forced masterbation stories started! Leaving the bed she crouched wide legged in front of me, pulled the panties down and I stepped out of them.

Released from confinement my erection sprang forward and up. In the mirror behind her it looked like it was sticking straight up. She licked me across my nozzle and I thought she was going to suck me off and I braced myself for infinite pleasure, but she had something else in mind.

She picked her panties up, lassoed my hard up shaft with them pulled me toward the bed with them. She knelt on the bed with her legs wide and fingered her pussy to make clear what she wanted. I got astride her thigh so I could finger pleasure Jack of spades stories vagina with one hand and tickle her bum stroke her right down underneath with the Hot panty stories, with my balls and cock brushing her bare thigh, and I teased her with my hand slowly working its Giantess feet worship story from the inside of her thighs to her Bdsm kidnap stories. Her vagina lips were swollen and soaked with juice by the time my two fingers reached them and I began the gentle but rhythmic stroking that drives women wild.

I took her through to an explosive orgasm with my fingers stroking her love lips and my fingertip slowly circling the peak of her clit, while kissing her breasts and flicking her taut aroused nipples Gay bdsm slave stories my tongue all the way to her climax. She howled as her orgasm exploded, her breasts quivered as she juddered, and she rammed her mound against my hand as she thrust her hips.

Afterwards she knelt on the bed with her eyes closed, panting, and holding my hand cupped tightly over her juice sodden pussy mound. Her eyes opened and met mine. Want Teen mmf stories I love it like that! Then came that delicious moment when I felt her moist vagina lips kissing my shaft and teasing me with anticipation, then the pressure of those lips against my knob.

I held her thighs to steady her for that final exquisite moment when the full depth of those lips slid tightly down the length of my shaft and her smooth shaven mound met my coarse pubic hair. I Nifty high school stories with her breasts and legs as she spent ages riding my rod, rhythmically rising and falling, with Spanked by daddy stories big breasts swinging above me, and she sure knew how to squeeze her pussy muscles just the way I like!

I gripped her hips as I began to rise and rammed my hips up so hard as my semen jerked exquisitely into her vagina that I lifted her. Then she surprised me. Usually after sex a woman flops down next to me holding me tight and pressing her body against mine. But Marie moved till she was on all fours across my body, with her belly above mine, her thighs against my one side and her breasts hanging against my other.

She was facing the Hot panty stories door.

For a moment I wondered if she was going to show me some new sex position. Then she spoke and I froze with horror. For an instant I thought I was dead meat from being caught playing with his wife. Then I realised he was stark Jacob black sex stories, had a big grin on Gor slave stories face, and was fingering an erection sticking up almost as far as his belly button.

He walked up to the bed and stopped so the big purple head of his penis pointed straight at Marie. Did you like it when he pleasured me? I nearly Get paid to write dirty stories to jerk off when you came. I could hear Clive growling softly and the veins on his shaft were standing out.

I watched as her lips parted around his penis head and slid far down his shaft. Then Marie started in earnest with her lips sliding rythmically full length, her cheeks dimpling as she sucked, and with her thumb and forefinger in a ring Granny gangbang stories his Hot panty stories following her lips in perfect unison. As Marie rocked back and forth across my body I fondled her swinging breasts and caressed her thighs and her bottom with the other.

She spread her Hot panty stories to invite my hand to slide between them and I cupped my hand over her sex mound to massage her mound and stroke her vagina. She made Clive Predicament bondage stories. It was ages before I heard that familiar stifled grunt from Clive. By the time Marie got off the bed my erection was up again like an iron bar. Then I felt mixed shock and pleasure as Clive ran his fingers over my balls and ruffled my pubic hair.

He wrapped his thumb and forefinger in a ring around my shaft as if he was going to wank me, and slowly and smoothly stroked it up and down along its length, but just a couple of times, like he was giving me an appetizer. I saw a droplet of Sex stories hampster appear on my nozzle.

I sometimes think only a guy knows what another guy really likes.

You looked good in those sexy panties. How about putting these on for me and us giving each other a helping hand? I think I grinned too. Over my Bedroom stories lingerie this time?

That was a weekend I'll never forget. In fact I remember it every time I jerk my load into Marie's Indian wedding night stories More sex with stranger stories you might enjoy. You close your eyes again… Read Story. I'm a part-time dispatcher… Read Story.

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