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Home » Incest » Me, my wife and my son. Hi, all.

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I had to try to slam it into my wife's sister 21 min. Silent fucking. My best friend's boyfriend sneaks in my dorm room.

Name: Elle
Age: 27
Ethnicity: New Zealand
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What is my figure features: My figure features is quite fat
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Home » Incest » With wife and son. Hi everybody. I am around 52 years of age, my wife around 45 and son around Only three of us stay Nude family vacation stories, with no one else. I am going to relate the story which might shock one and all, since it involves sharing my wife with my son. Extreme pussy stretching stories son usually likes to spend time with friends during nights and comes home quite late at around 12 midnight.

Even though I am middle aged, I still enjoy sex, at least twice in a week. One week end, when my son was already out with friends, at around 10 PM, a made a pass at my wife and she immediately understood. She normally ensures that the door is properly locked, before we go to bed. But that day, somehow, the door was open and we did not notice. In dim light, I started kissing my wife and caressing her, slowly warming her up. But my wife does not like this. I do give in many times, ending up with normal sex, with different positions, to extend enjoyment.

That day, after No bra stories her to her waist, I started sucking her tits and messaging her cult, which had already started to get wet. She also kept of fondling with my member and caressing my balls. She resisted, but I showed that I was annoyed.

She could clearly see my annoyance on my face. By the time I got her to agree, without notice, my son arrived silently, as usual so as not disturb anyone. He entered the room and was what was going on. He was Erotic stories forced wife and let out a gasp.

I and my wife were shaken to the core to find out that our son was watching us. His eyes were wide open and me and my wife hurried to cover us up. But is late. We could clearly see a bulge Fiberglass cast stories his pants. We have been very free with our son and after tease him as to whether he has any girlfriends and does he date.

I think my son may be fucking my wife

He is our son. How dare you think that I would share myself with leave aside my son, but with anyone else for this matter? But I told her; let Submissive stories tumblr have some practical experience.

My wife seemed to be disgusted, and she was. But my son, who loves her more than me, begged her and assured that he would be only watching us and nothing more. He has a masculine body of an athlete and very smart.

So, I continued stroking my wise all over, trying to once again warm her up. Slowly she caught up and Tumblr femdom stories towards my son. He was already erect, trying to shoot. I felt pity and asked him to come closer. Surprisingly, my wife did not protest. As he came closer, I asked him whether he had any experience in the past, to which he replied negative.

I asked my wife to let him mount her, since she liked straight sex neither anal nor fellatio. Pantie sniffing stories agreed. My wife lay on her back, fully naked now, with legs widely spread. She warned my son not be rough, as his dad many times was.

She told her the she would help him glide inside her. Now I told my wife to suck me, while my son banged her. To Jamaica cuckold stories surprise, she immediately agreed. I immediately stood on my knees, at back of her head and slowly pushed my dick into her mouth. Holding my balls in her hand, playing with them, she slowly started Femdom snuff stories me, top to bottom like an expert.

On the other side, my son was fully inside her and had started giving great strokes. Being young, despite his first experience, he was taking long to come.

My wife instructed him, not to shoot inside, but spread it outside. I, being already middle aged, cam very fast and my wife swallowed every bit of my cum. Exhausted; I sat on a chair besides and watched Role play storys son banging my wife.

When he was about to come, he declared so, and wife pulled him on her body and asked him to spread the cum on her breasts and her nipples. He did so with greatest pleasure and fell down, exhausted.

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Looking at all this, I felt erect again and declared that the fun would continue. But was too early for my son, which he told. My wife said, do not bother. Please exchange your positions — son towards her head and me towards her cunt. She sucked me till I was fully erect and I entered Young exhibitionist stories moist vulva.

By that Panties men stories, wife took my son in her mouth, caressing his member, which slowly getting erect. By the time he was fully on, I downloaded everything I Wife goes black stories into my wife. Then I told my son to enter her once again, which he refused. Later on, for many more months, we enjoyed this adventure, in town and out town, to secluded places, where we could enjoy this kind of adventure even during daytime.

I know this is shocking, but absolutely true. Home » Incest » With wife and son Hi everybody.

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