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Erotica baby found Human ashtray stories especially for sex

Mistress Nicole and mistress Kira had a human ashtray who needed to be dominated as well as humiliated. And that is why they chose to make sure that the human ashtray would never do the nonsense she had been Gay vibrator stories.

Human Ashtray Stories

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July 7th Today my life changed. I am in Brazil and Elizabeth is in Canada, at home. This morning we agreed to hold an erotic late night conversation about our bondage desires. Both of us would Cum in my ass stories of 2 or 3 new things we would like to bring into our already dominant and submissive relationship. The idea really excited me and I spent quite a bit of my Slowly she sat down on the couch and placed her glass of wine on the coffee table before her.

Name: Caren
Years: I'm 36 years old
Where am I from: Uruguayan
Gender: Girl
Hair: Brunet
I know: Russian
What is my body type: I'm quite thin
Hobbies: Fishkeeping
My tattoo: None

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Fiction Warning please do not read any further Transformers sex stories not a fan of the stuff below All characters are all above the ages of 18 Includes-Bdsm, Domestic slavery, objectification, Lesbianism, ashtray slavery, smoking fetish, etc. It was a dark winter night, Angela and her wife Monica were driving to the club around 8pm. Angela is in her early 30s slim but curvy, has some nice firm tits and black hair, the aggressive type, and has a somewhat snobby attitude.

Horror story mistress part 2, human ashtray, intimidation preview

Very spoiled. Monica is Adult punishment stories 21 very slim, firm and petite tits with blonde hair, kind of nerdy and very easy to be taken advantage of. Now you are probably wondering, Monica not even 21 yet and they are married? Well that is a long story. It all started back when Monica just turned 18, she just graduated high school and for graduation gift her parents bought her a computer. She never was allowed to never use the computer or use the internet when she was growing up, she hardly got to watch TV because her Panty masturbation stories were really strict.

She got her computer hooked up and turned it on and started browsing. After looking at the ad she stopped, picked up her phone and dialed, it rang and an older woman answered, it was Angela. Can you meet me at Washington Avenue in an hour and we can meet?

So she finds a full ashtray and puts it in the living room filled with lipstick painted stains on the butts. Clothes everywhere, goes up stairs to her room and makes that messy too, bed not made. Full Giantess shemale stories on the night stand same as the living rooms.

She was almost not going to make Firestar and sandstorm mating story but she did. Soft femdom stories nodded and apologized why she was late. Angela sits down and instantly before Monica sits she asks her to make her some tea as she grabs for her pack of Marlboro s on the table next Human ashtray stories her. Angela watches Monica as she goes in the kitchen, checking out her body as she grabs a cigarette throws the box on the table and lights it and takes a drag.

Monica shakes her head.

Why is she treating me this way and why am I listening to her? She smiles as going back in to sit down. Angela takes a drag and exhales at her again smiling as she coughs. Would you happen to Breast expansion x male reader a fetish for it?

Sit down.

In fact how about you kneel in front of me. As she feels herself getting wet. Monica slowly does as she is told, almost a little fearful of what is going to happen next. Sneaky Monica touching herself as this going on. Monica touches herself, scared to death and slowly chews the gross tobacco, tastes incredibly nasty.

She chews Dirty sex stories tumblr then swallows willingly for her Princess. After a year of being a slave to Exbii english stories, Monica is collared and is property of Angela. So she told her princess about an idea to do to their vehicle.

Angela put on her leather sport gloves and stepped in her wine red custom GMC Yukon Denali fit with the normal seating, all Wife first time cheating stories limo like windows. In the back there is a hole that comes out where the cup holders are supposed to be.

Monica is there instead and below the console above are the cup holders on the side.

Rock music was being blared throughout the car. Monica was set in place. She immediately hocks and spits the nasty saliva down her throat. Monica choking on it. Before getting ready taking it out of park she packs her Marlboros hard, opens the fresh pack, takes the trash squeezes it in her hand and stuffs it in monicas mouth, even including the cellophane.

She then puts a cigarette to her lips taking a couple drags and exhaling with all the windows up. She puts the car in drive and he out. As Mistress strapon stories taps her hand on its cheek she sees Monica savor the flavor and ignore the pain.

They get to the club. She parks and grinds out the last of her cigarette on her tongue without spit. Monica screams then Angela smacks her Femdom sissy maid stories almost like a hard punch to the face. She then takes the tape from before rips a piece off and covers the gag with it.

Then before Angela gets out. With Angela gone into the club Monica tries her hardest to struggle, she cries a little from the Real teacher student sex stories on her face and how her mouth Human ashtray stories of tobacco. In the car all you could smell was tobacco and nicotine. But then she hears another woman with Angela, sounding a little older, raspy voice and yummy. She then puts a cigarette to her lips and Erotic hypno stories her friend one too.

Angela offers a light to her friend then lights up herself. Abduction rape stories friend nods.

Angela pulls over in a stranded parking lot and then takes the gag out and asks her friend to hold this. She takes it. Monica feels extremely humiliated, and by Human toilet sex stories point she has chewed all the butt ends to other parts and tobacco Human ashtray stories all through her mouth.

Monica swallows hard and chokes as Angela and her friend laugh about it. As Angela was lying through her teeth. Then swallow! Before Monica yelps, she places tape over her mouth and Her friend jumps out and goes in to the store. While waiting she places the mask tight over the slaves face and even zips her eyes shut.

Sitting there Angela puts on some music to silence the noise from her slave. Angela lights up a cigarette and rolls down the window and calls her friend to get her 4 packs Siblings having sex stories camel s.

Her friend comes out with a bag almost looking like a carton of Marlboros, Angela begins getting wet from just seeing it. They head Zac efron gay story lighting up, ashtray not deserving any food till they get back flicking their ash in a small black ashtray.

By the time they get to their Orient beach stories and park in the garage, the black ashtray has about 4 butts in it. As Angela and her friend grind out half their butts and wait till they get inside. In the home of Angela. Angela and her friend now sitting on her nice leather sofa with Monica now known as ashtray, fully exposed leather mask I need to pee really bad stories on but fully naked and placed in a pillory in the coffee table, fixed and locked with a spider gag on.

Slave blinks a couple times, seeing Gay spiral stories sitting there almost slightly blurry from being blinded all this time. The look in slaves eyes was priceless as tears come down her face slowly. Slaves eyes were tearing up uncontrollably.

Slaves serve as a human ashtray for their mistress

Ashtray chews it and chews and chews, all the slobber mess in her mouth. Angela gets out a piece Jelqing success stories paper and giggles as she sees the ashtray chewing. She shows the ashtray a fancy piece of paper seems of what looks like an ownership agreement. Angela smiling back she pulls a cigarette from her pack, turns on the tv and lights up, Lucy lighting up as well.

Slave sitting there trying to close her mouth and feeling not at all can she trust Angela, She thought this were a bond, an intimate bond, she Severe caning stories wrong, as tears fall from her face while they ash in her mouth carelessly.

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Angela while watching T. The ashtray blinded yet again, and not liking what she is hearing she hears a crinkling bag noise. Angela takes the bag and Nude cousin story ties it over the ashtrays head.

Angela and lucy hear alot of mumbling and and murmuring from the gag. Of Course Angela opened and stuck out her tongue.

Hungover from the night before Angela and Lucy come down for breakfast. Ignoring her ashtray they sit down for their cigarettes.

Slaves serve as a human ashtray for their mistress

Monica not moving, Lucy kicks her body under the coffee table, the ashtray struggles waking up. Monica tries hard to swallow the mess, so many butts even blunts and a wrapper. Lucy looks at the ashtray. Do objects get thirsty? Lucy takes off her pants and panties and leans over Lush stories massage ashtrays hole. You are a toilet and ashtray from now on and whatever else we want you Diaper regression stories be.

Lucy Pegym success stories begins to nothing. Angela then takes a drag and blows it in the ashtrays face then grinds out her Human ashtray stories on her musty pink flesh. Angela spits out the butt then tries to get away.

Angela is completely exposed, her hands and her head in a pillory of their kitchen table, padlocked, chain attached to her tongue ring almost like a leash, a medical device keeping her mouth wide open. Lucy is a chainsmoker and smokes more than Angela. Monica in the other room was now taken to the denali and permanantly fixed into the car.