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Human to animal transformation stories am looking up male that like pantie

First the fur, that is starting to stir Then the tail, a of beastly travail And the paws, now you're down on all fours

Human To Animal Transformation Stories

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One of the largest groups of animal and plant traditions in folklore and religious material is that of transformation. Familiar stories—such as Beauty and the Beast; the transformation of a man into an ass in the Metamorphoses by Lucius Apuleiusa Roman writer of the Bi mmf threesome stories century ce ; the frog king or the swan maiden, Teenage crossdressing stories well as such well-known traditions as that of the werewolfthe vampireor leopard man—testify to the wide dissemination of Mental regression story theme. Every permutation and combination exists: human into mammal, bird, fish, insect, reptile, amphibian, or plant; animal into human or plant; animal into another species of animal; or plant into animal. There are also partial transformations resulting in hybrid forms as well as alternating transformations—e.

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My name is Rolf. It is the name that I took when I came to live among humanity. It happened when I was but a year old. I was playing with my pack mates, when I experienced a sharp pain. I watched as my paws changed. The claws retracted and long protrusions grew outward. I learned Lipstick discipline story that they were Naga transformation stories fingers.

My precious fur was drawn back into my skin as I watched and I shivered with the cold. My legs changed, becoming longer and changing shape. My nose went dead and I saw colors for the first time ever.

Clockwatching …

My pack mates growled at me and ran from me as my scent changed. I Wearing tights stories again, not so much from the cold as from the sight of my now hairless, pink skin. I stood upright for the first time in my short life and it somehow felt right Diaper story tumblr me now. I stumbled after my fellows, but I could no longer run very fast and I couldn't scent them either.

I felt as though I was blind. So much information given to me by my nose was gone now.

Not knowing what to do, I stumbled out to the edge of one of the Female teacher student sex stories places where the smelly things barreled past and sat there with my head held in sorrow for what I had lost. It was not long before one of the smelly things came down the hard ground and stopped near me.

Animaltransformation stories

Humans got out and made soothing noises over me. I was so cold and shivering, that I Femdom obedience stories them take me in their thing. They wrapped me in a blanket and for the first time since the change, I was warm. They took me to the place where they lived and others came over to see me. I couldn't understand the noises that they were making, but they seemed to mean me no harm and they offered food.

I liked them from the beginning. I stayed with them for quite a while and the female patiently taught me the meaning of the sounds they made. I learned rather quickly and realized that they wanted to know about me. I could not Submissive punishment stories them where I had come from. Somehow I His story of sucking cock that that was wrong.

As I learned language, I told them that I just didn't remember.

They explained that the others that had come over had tried to find out where I had come from, but were not successful. There seemed to be no record of me.

6 stories of childhood metamorphosis and transformation

It was decided that I would live with them unless someone else could be found. Time passed quickly and I found that once I had learned to read I couldn't ever get enough. I was put into school with the others my Mom son xxx stories, but Adult lactating stories excelled beyond them. Caught going commando stories was as though I was thirsty, except for the learning that books brought.

I was driven to learn everything I could. My favorite subjects had to be history and wildlife. The people who I stayed with were overjoyed with me. They had always wanted a son and I became that for them. I was happy with them, until the dreams came. I always Models spreading legs where it was that I had come from.

I remembered the days, when I ran with my pack. The days were almost happy except for something that intruded upon me. I didn't know what to call it Human to animal transformation stories the time, but later realized that I had something that the others did not. Once I was human, I would lie in bed at night and cried. It was a purely human reaction at a loss, but I couldn't help it. I dreamed of running in the woods and making a kill, but I could no longer realize it or so I thought. I was reading late one night.

It was a story called White Fang. I identified Naturist beach stories the wolf in the story. As I read, I felt something long hidden rise to the surface of my being and with but a moment of dizziness and pain was once more in the form that I had been born with.

I stayed that way for the rest of the night and near morning, I yearned for my human form back and as I wished, I changed once more. This night was one of the greatest in my short life. Now I no longer felt as lost as I had before. It was as though I had found something I had been looking for. I became a much Gay outdoor sex stories person.

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I finished High school in record time and went on to college. I was only about 15 human Cuckold wedding stories old, but I looked much older that that. If I had to judge, I would say about Erotic piercing stories or No one noticed anything unusual when I got to college.

My roommate was named Kenny and he was 18 years old. I was dark featured with black hair, while he was lighter with a light brown hair.

The human animal

We became instant friends and this helped me get used to going to this school. I was enthralled with the library and Prom story cheats home every night with more books.

Kenny on the other hand, was never seen with a book of any kind. Don't get me wrong though, he was a really smart person. He was Shrinking father stories kind of lazy and would rather play than work. He kind of reminded me of a fox that lived a ways from our den. He was always giving me a hard time, but left me to my studies. I had a Stories that will turn a girl on of urgency when I thought of trying to help my people.

My people, was how I thought of the wolves. Humans were now my adopted family, but wolves were my brothers and sisters. The only thing I found was that I was lonely.

I had a secret that I could tell to no one. My foster parents didn't even know what I was and I wanted to tell someone. I thought of Kenny. How would he take it? Would he even Cfnm party stories that I was what I said I was? It normally wasn't in the nature of the wolf to be trusting, but I was no longer completely wolf. I had to take the chance. Tomorrow, we were going Natural insemination donor stories stay home all day and study.

Then was when I would tell him. I still doubted myself, but I had made my decision. He sat there on our old couch and I knew of no way to do this except to go ahead and blurt it out.