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My shameful story. The one about my desire to act as human toilet paper. She had never dared shared them with her vanilla husband.

Human Toilet Sex Stories

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The girl named Sabine d'Aucourt is no more. This is the story of how I came to be the ultimate human toilet for my Bdsm dog stories, Seven of Nine All characters depicted in this story are over the age of Chapter 8 I have only been a toilet for a few hours, but time moves slower when you have shit in your mouth. Stone's diarrhea Shoe smelling stories brutal. I felt shell-shocked, and was convinced the shit inside me was eating away at my brain.

Name: Liv
What is my age: 22
Meeting with: Man
My gender: Lady
I understand: Italian
What is my favourite drink: Brandy
My favourite music: I like hip hop
What is my hobbies: Mountain climbing
I like piercing: None
Smoker: Yes

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Jason Fraser chewed his pencil nervously at the front of his school class, trying to concentrate. As usual, he was getting distracted by Mrs. He could hardly hear any of the Math theories she was talking about. Giantess feet worship story eyes were completely and totally focused on her legs. They were long, slinky and almost always exposed. She had long blonde hair that she was always toying with, deep blue eyes and full lips that she had a habit of leaving open.

Human toilet paper

He shrugged. His grades had slipped recently.

He had initially been one of the best students in the class, but in recent times, he had been distracted. Not solely by his Math teacher, but mainly by her. Or it Tall strong girl stories her most recent and most disturbing tendency to wear extremely short, tight skirts and cross her legs in class.

With his Raven black hair, tall, hard frame and cocky demeanor, Jason had never had problems with getting girls, but in a sense he had never quite found what he was looking for in a girl. And with Mrs. He shook his head, embarrassed.

Well, no matter what he felt inside, he would continue to act cocky around her and everyone else. All it meant was Ritual sex stories he would have to fuck Shannon and Amy, his two latest girls, harder and more frequently!! He would live with that.

The problem was that he only got to fuck them after school, and he could still do nothing about the raging hard-on beneath his tight jeans. He had now taken to wearing three different briefs under his pants to try Stories by renpet restrain the huge erections he always got in Mrs. Norman looked back from the black board, shaking her head. All the eyes in the class focused on her tight gray skirt, and the lush contours of her hips and behind, as she slowly walked towards Jason, wagging Rape fantasy short stories finger her finger in the air.

The class burst into laughter, and Mrs. Report to my office after the class.

Suddenly, she stood up from her desk, walked up to him and slapped him hard in the face. Jason stared at Black bull sex stories, shock in his face, at the slap he had just received. Beneath the shock, though, he was growing afraid. He was Girls tribbing stories enough trouble at home, and he REALLY wanted a recommendation from at least one of his teachers, for his college application in two years.

Another suspension would certainly prevent him from getting any such recommendation. He had been warned as much by the School Principal. Give me a last chance. He looked up at his teacher, scared, wondering if she would let the contact slide. Norman had a strange look on her face. She looked somewhat amused, somewhat intrigued.

The suddenly, she raised her left leg and pushed him back to the ground, sending him flat on his back. He looked up, shocked, and was about to rise, when Free beastilty stories used her leg to hold him down, tapping her pen against her cheek pensively, she stared at him, and he knew instinctively that this was going to be an unusual day for him.

Suddenly, she moved her red heels to his jeans, and placed the tip of the shoe against his suddenly rock hard erection. She walked right over him and went to her door, locked it Amateur bondage stories came back.

Then she turned on her radio, ostensibly to conceal their words to any outside listener. Norman suddenly walked Real male masturbation stories front of him, her legs astride his body, completely exposing her garters and panties to his eyes. His penis continued to grow beneath his jeans, as he stared into her most private parts, oblivious to her mocking smile.

She suddenly raised her tight skirt over the contours of her hips, until it was up to her waist. Then as Jason gasped, she turned away from Thevalkyrie new stories, so she was facing his legs and he was facing her ass. Her ass was round and fleshy without being fat, better than anything he could have imagined. The white panties she wore Sister in law pussy stories tiny, and stuck deep into the creases of her anus, leaving almost the entire gorgeous expanse of ass-flesh exposed.

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Norman slowly removed her white garters and then peeled off her panties, completely exposing the supreme orbs of flesh to his eyes. His Hippie hollow stories tailed off, as she then slowly descended on him, the expanse of ass-flesh covering his face.

He gasped as she reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart, until the pink, rosy aperture of her asshole was completely exposed to his eyes. Or would you rather I carry out my earlier threat? Feeling shocked, repulsed, but more aroused than ever before in his life, Jason stuck his tongue out gingerly, touching the center Female teacher student sex stories the rosy orifice.

The taste and smell intrigued and spurred him, and suddenly he began to lick all Bra fetish stories the anal opening before thrusting his tongue deep into the anal cavern. Then he gasped, as a foul odor suddenly came from her asshole.

She was farting! He tried to move his head away from the awful smell, but she shouted at him to stay there. Obediently, he d his licking, though he gagged from the foul odor that he was beginning to get used to. He had started using his tongue again, when he stiffened.

He had felt something inside. Something that was moving! Jason Teen girls pantsing stories his penis being released from his jeans, and he instinctively Fm spanking story his mouth wide to accept the brown turd that had began creeping out of Mrs. The smell and taste were indescribably nasty, but at the same time, the fact that he was being degraded in this manner by such an incredibly sexy woman, turned him on. He could hear Mrs.

His penis was harder than it had ever been, and he felt as if he had been transported to another plane, where humiliation, lust and bliss, reigned together.

The combination of his thoughts and Mrs. His stomach now beginning to turn, Jason licked around her asshole, absorbing all the traces of shit that remained there, then suddenly he Bedroom stories lingerie startled as Mrs. Norman shifted position slightly and a hard jet of piss flooded his mouth. The feel and taste of the piss after the shit, was a relief and he swallowed it gratefully, again hearing Mrs.

Now lick off your filthy sperm from my carpet before someone notices it. Norman nodded in satisfaction. No questions or protests.

Minutes later, he shook his head as he drove home. And it was the best thing that had happened to him in his life. Now, finally, he knew his role. Farm girl sex stories had found the woman he needed.

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