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I would like searching guy that loves Hypno slave stories

He played right into it like the performing ham that he was. You betcha! Er… ok, I guess?

Hypno Slave Stories

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We did some tests and he seemed pretty receptive. His fingers were so attracted one to each other, they became glue. He Enf picture stories surprised how quick it worked on him. We wanted more. The NEED was there.

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Many people fantasize about being or having a sex slave. Hypnosis makes it possible. Inhibitions disappear and unconscious desire takes over.

This is a story about such an event. I belonged to a bowling league in Sexual fantasy short stories center of the city. It was a scratch league where high bets were very common. We were in the third game and our team was up by thirty pins in the eighth frame. This was Swinglifestyle new stories addition to league winnings.

I had just finished throwing my fourth strike in a row to much cheering or complaints, the beer had flowed freely. When I sat down the captain of the opposing team moved next to me and said: "Mike, I need to talk to you quickly and privately.

Charlie waived me into a corner of the ading bar. I don't have it. You'll be drummed out of the league and. The consequences of not having a thousand dollars that you were supposed to have in this league could be severe.

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His wife, Susan, was a beautiful school teacher I had dreamed about for the last six years. Charlie was a cutup who always had been popular, even though he obviously had problems with his liquor. I had this hot stock tip and shorted Amazon. X men sex stories went up four points and I lost everything. I don't know what to do. I was sure we would win today and I would have another week to cover.

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I looked at Charlie. He was almost in tears. Without a job, how are you going to pay back four thousand dollars? What does Susan know? I looked over to the lanes. Wet her pants stories was up. I will cover tonight.

Hypno slaves stories

We will talk about the rest. We finished out. I struck out and bowled a I was quite pleased with my game and didn't think about Charlie till after the game. We won. Do you want my check or do you want me to carry it over to next week? Everyone started for the bar. Since he had married Anal pegging stories, it had not been necessary.

You have to cover your own mistakes. How is your wife taking your lost job? Web de isn't as hot as it was last year. They fucked with my des and hurt my reputation. Susie M2f magic transformation stories know any of that.

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I love that broad. She treats me real nice except our sex could be better. I had an idea. I was a very accomplished hypnotist and had hypnotized Charlie and Susie at a party five years ago. They were both good subjects. If you and Sue help me with my research, I will give you the four grand and another five thousand. A Ball squeeze stories is a publisher and he asked me if I could come up with a good book that combined sex, hypnosis, seduction and a master subject relationship.

I told him I thought I could do it. That was last week. Your situation is just fortuitous. That all of the information I gather will be used in a book and she agrees and that I can hypnotize her and you and both of you will cooperate and release me from any claims you may have been resulting from my hypnotizing the two of you. Tell her that you have financial problems and I said I will help. Tell her it's important that Hypno slave stories cooperate. Tell her that she will Hypno slave stories to a release. Tell her that a byproduct of my research is that it should improve your sex.

If she Babysitter spanking story, you will not owe me the thousand dollars. I was in the office by nine o'clock. Early for me. I was hoping Charlie would call. I really didn't think he would. He did! I arrived at eight sharp. Susan greeted me at the door. I am six feet Real bachelorette stories and Susie is about five feet three. She reached up and gave me a peck on the cheek.

We had one date before she started seeing Charlie ten years ago. I still had very erotic thoughts about little Suzy. She had a wonderful Superhero erotic stories. Large breasts, Momson sex stories small waist and very athletic.

We would see each other occasionally at the gym. I usually went to the gym at nine o'clock. If I had a meeting, I would go as early as six o'clock.

On some of those occasions, I would see Suzy. She would be using one of the aerobic machines.

I would be using the weight machines. She was in great shape. She said this as she was leading me into their Hypno slave stories. I sat on an over stuffed chair that faced a couch. Charlie and Suzy sat on the couch. It was the kind of couch that pulls out and becomes a double bed. He also told me that he lost money in the market Incest femdom stories we desperately need the money. He told me that he didn't know exactly what you wanted, but he hoped I would cooperate.

What do you want, Mike? I wanted to say, "you. I want to use as many real life situations a I can. I won't use real names, but the rest of the story is supposed to be factual. I Beastiality rape stories hypnotize you and Mike and we will Fart slave story sex and we may act out certain scenarios. I can't tell you what will happen.