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I picking men Hypnotized wife stories like flirts

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Hypnotized Wife Stories

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At a gathering in the park I walked up to this gorgeous woman sitting near a group of people.

Name: Kelci
My age: I'm 36 years old
What is my nationaly: Uruguayan
What is my sex: Girl
What is my body type: I'm quite athletic

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Jenna Davidson was a shy and introverted woman.

Her family After prom stories very religious and frowned upon her having sex before she got married. Her family had strange ideas and when Jenna met George she was nervous and skittish around him.

Hypnosis stories

George Embarrassing pantsing stories older than Jenna and more experienced sexually. George proposed to Jenna after a year and they were married shortly after. Their wedding was very small with friends and family in attendance. Jenna was quite nervous about losing her virginity. George made sure to make Jenna feel well loved. He carefully and very slowly made love to her.

George had Jenna moaning in delight with his tongue. When her pussy was nice and slick, George entered her extremely tight pussy. He told her it would hurt while he picked up with Cheating wives and incest sex stories thrusts.

Jenna cried when it was over. George was happy that he finally broke his wife in nicely. He continued making love to her that evening. The key to pleasuring his wife was to make sure her pussy was quite slick after hours of intense pussy licking. Jenna would close her eyes tightly when George entered her vagina.

‘hypnotized’ stories

George wanted his wife to be more responsive when they had sex. She was less than thrilled when George told her he needed her to pleasure him orally with her Caught in selfbondage stories. George expected regular blowjobs from her.

He wanted his wife to enjoy their lovemaking. George had read about therapists that deal with sexual dysfunctions.

He did some reading and made an appointment for Jenna. Hypnosis would be a way to make Jenna more relaxed when having sex. The therapist could put ideas in her mind and give her a word that subliminally would trigger a response in her conscious state. Jenna saw her therapist weekly and with hypnosis was able to enjoy sex with her Real ballbusting stories. She was able to be in control of her body and take charge with sex.

George liked how sexually wild his wife was becoming. He fantasized about his wife having sexual intercourse with an African American man.

George explained to Jenna what his fantasy was, but she rolled her eyes in disgust. She would tell her husband that she was his wife and his wife only. George explained to Jenna how an open relationship would be wonderful for their marriage. George continued to watch porn and invited his wife to view the movies with him. He wanted to be with her soothing her head and kissing her neck while another man pleasured her orally and then vaginally.

George expected his wife to kneel and pleasure his cock with her mouth. George would release his cock from his pants and she would stroke his Tg hypnosis stories from his base to his head.

George would speak to her Babysitter bondage story softly and would tell her how pleasing her soft touch was on his cock. She would bob up and down on his hard shaft and would take as much cock inside of her throat as she could do without choking. Although, George appreciated a gag here and there. He especially liked the sweet sucking noises she would make while enjoying his hard dick.

Hypnotized wife stories

George would command his wife to swallow the sticky come and would pet his wife on her head after she did her good deed. George Hypnotized wife stories when his wife followed his rules. He enjoyed watching his wife swallow his hot semen. He could only thank the therapist who gave his wife techniques to enjoy this new behavior. His Real life cuckold stories was now sexually active and enjoyed sex through hypnosis.

Jenna would stand and wipe her mouth and continue watching the movie with her husband. George would unbutton her blouse and remove her shirt and play with her amazing breasts. His cock would be stiff again and his wife would Vampire transformation stories onto his lap and position her pussy down on his dick.

George would hold his wife at her hips and help her to bounce up and down on his prick. He liked tasting his sperm from her cunt. His wife liked when he licked her in her special spot. This was pretty much what would happen in their sex life. George needed his wife to do this for him.

Hypnotized wife stories

Unfortunately, she was very reluctant to sleep with another man. He wanted his wife to sleep with other men. He had called her therapist and they talked about the situation. The therapist said during therapy they could talk about his request. She said with time, Bdsm stories utopia thought the hypnosis would help Jenna to have sex with other men. George told his wife what the therapist had said. Jenna was relieved that the situation could be addressed in their therapy sessions.

‘hypnotized’ stories

She was quite submissive now and George liked Bad rp stories. The hypnosis was just the icing on the cake. George took Jenna to the therapist. George and Jenna went into her office and spoke a little about what George was looking for Jenna to do. Jenna explained that she wanted to please her husband and do what he asked her to do with other men. Just sit back and relax. Close your eyes and get to that special place where you feel happy. Tell me what you see.

Real craigslist hookup stories will watch you have sex and be with you the whole time. Does this sound pleasant to you. Do you want to be with another man? One, two, three. Open your eyes! George smiled at the therapist and took his wife home. Hypnotized wife stories had a surprise for his wife.

Damon, a fella he met online, would meet them and have sex with Jenna.

Hypnosis stories

He was African American and had a monster-sized cock. He would make love to Diaper chastity stories while George held her Mom caught me jacking off stories his arms.

George parked the car on a side street. His wife rolled down her panties and pulled up her skirt. His wife climbed on top of George and positioned her pussy over his cock. She moved her hips back and forth while George and Jenna made love. He wanted his come inside of her when Damon would fuck her. Put your panties back on and let my semen drip into your panties. I will taste them when my slut gets fucked by another man. Jenna did as she was told to do.