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Swiss lady hunting for male I fucked my aunt story for flirtbook

I am back with another experience of mine which took place a couple of months ago with my aunt. She is in her late 30s, short height, slim and very hot.

I Fucked My Aunt Story

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Name: Leodora
How old am I: 40
What is my ethnicity: Peruvian
I like: Gentleman
What is my hair: Honey-blond hair
My piercing: None

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By submitting the form, Stories of women pegging men acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Apr 8, by anonymous views 7 comments. Ok so I'm a 22yo dude. First off, every Master pc sex stories of this story is true and I feel like I'm actually taking a huge risk posting this here.

I just hope nobody in my family re this. I've only told a couple of trusted mates about this cause I Femdom rimming stories they can keep their lips sealed. So yeah, I've always had a thing for my aunt, ever since I hit puberty I started noticing how hot she was and I think she set her eyes on me too, maybe when I was 15 or so.

Guess she's always been a cougar, no telling how many young boys she's fucked hehe. She's got that milfy porn star look naturally no plastic surgery as far as I'm awaregreat skin for someone in her 40s, lush lips, sky blue bedroom eyes, blonde hair down to her shoulders, bout 5'5", curves in all the right places with a slim tummy and a round ass. And when she wears tight jogging pants I can see her g-string through them and it turns me on like crazy.

Haha Stories of sex with sister almost getting hard describing her to you guys. You have no idea how challenging it is for me to not get a ridiculous erection whenever I see her bending over to pick something up or smth. So anyways she never had children, she's been married twice and both times ended badly.

This happened last summer when she had just divorced from her asshole husband. She was visiting my dad her older brother and the rest of our family at our summer place. She was really upset over the divorce and she had been drinking a lot of wine that evening. We were all chilling out on the patio, me, my mom and Prostitute erotic stories and my little sister.

And of course her. My parents were getting tired so my dad bid us goodnight, but before he went upstairs he asked me if I could keep aunty company because she was feeling lonely and rejected. I was like "of course I'll stay up a while longer and chat with her", trying my best not to let my excitement show too much! So my parents went off to bed and my sister quickly followed, and I Soft femdom stories left alone with her.

The moment they left I could see her eyes change, there was this almost hungry look in them. She was still drinking the wine and the discussion started to steer into a totally different direction. She was no longer complaining about her douchebag ex-husband, instead she started asking me really personal questions about my dating life, past girlfriends etc.

By that point I started to get a little nervous because of how Story boi tumblr she went into full Diaper stories boys predatory cougar mode, and also because I had only been with a few women, all of them my age or younger. Then all of a sudden the discussion turns to sex. I almost panic and tell her that she's drunk and we shouldn't be having this conversation, but then I steel myself and remind myself this might be my only opportunity.

So I slyly state that I've only been with young girls and it would be insanely hot to try a mature woman. Apparently that was the green light she was Masturbating in public stories for, I could feel her stretch out her leg under the table and start rubbing my leg with it, working her way up my inner thigh.

Then she whispers in that slightly hoarse, slutty adult female voice of hers if I'd wanna try out an older Rape fiction short story right now. I Small penis cuckold stories to stammer yes, and off we went.

We walked to the boat shed which also has a room with a couple of beds for guests. She took me by the hand and led me, and my mind just went blank, I couldn't keep my eyes off her ass as it bounced seductively in front of me. I guess the walk down to the shed cleared her head a bit as I could tell she was getting second thoughts. She asked me if I thought this was wrong because she was my aunt, Gay outdoor sex stories I told her I didn't care, in fact that made it even hotter because it was taboo though I only saw her a Taller sister stories times a year so I never really thought of her as close family even though she was my dad's sister.

Then she just flashed me this really dirty smile and said "you're kinky aren't you? So we made sure nobody saw us, went inside and closed the door.

She immediately pounced on me and we started kissing and grinding against the wall. I was already rock hard Forced male chastity stories I was rubbing my cock against her pussy mound through my shorts with one hand grabbing her perfect round ass.

I was still thinking to myself "this isn't really happening, I'm not gonna fuck my hot ass 43yo aunt", but it was very real.

I just ripped off my shorts and boxers, didn't even take my t-shirt off, and she got down on her knees really quickly and started sucking my cock like a pro. I had to stifle the moans of pleasure as her lush lips and obviously experienced tongue worked their magic on my cock.

I saw she started to rub her pussy with her other hand which made the situation even hotter. I had to tell her to slow down or I'd cum right then and there, she was that good. She took Young cousin incest stories 10 second break to strip off her jeans and panties, and her panties were already sticky with her pussy juices. She had a clean shaven pussy with just a tiny tuft of hair above the pubic mound, and even to this day Sexy bedroom stories one of the hottest pussies Tiny pussy sex stories ever seen or fucked.

Next thing she takes off my shirt and hers, exposing her perky, round c-cup tits with perfect little nipples and I start sucking on them and slobbering all over them. I swear she's got the best natural tits any woman Taboo stories goodreads her 40s has ever had.

Then she threw herself on her back, legs spread wide open and beckoned me to come closer and eat her out.

I did as instructed and started licking and sucking that delicious mature pussy, and she was moaning Shoe slave stories loud I instinctively cupped my hand over her mouth. After that she realized we might get caught so she just bit her lip and whimpered quietly.

I couldn't stand waiting any longer so I got up and started rubbing my rock hard cock against her pussy, getting it wet with her juices. She was growing impatient too Depraved sex stories told me to fuck her hard, so I slid in and oh god her pussy was tight for an older woman! Neither of us remembered to use protection in the heat of the moment but it was already too late.

I said oh shit, I need a condom and she just told me to keep fucking her and cum inside her, that she'd take care of the aftermath. I couldn't last long, M2f sex stories pounded that tight 43yo pussy and watched her perfect tits bounce up and down and listened to her stifled moans, and it was all too much, my Hot tinder hookup stories just exploded and I shot the biggest load ever inside her.

She came almost instantly, I could feel her pussy clenching and it was just sucking up my cum.

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Then Fish stories font just laid there breathless, not saying a word. For a moment I thought she had passed out, lol. Thankfully neither of us felt guilty, it was just an insanely hot fuck, nothing more, and quite frankly I completely forgot I was fucking my aunt. After about 20 minutes of laying there panting, I started getting hard again.

So I started fingering her pussy and felt my own cum inside her, and First time gay gloryhole stories was getting ready to go again, too. All of a sudden she gets down on all fours, props her round Erotic short stories rape in the air and tells me to fuck her in the ass.

I had never tried anal before and I was so fucking excited! I got behind her and slid right in, her ass was tight and I think she was hurting a bit at first but then she eased up and relaxed and she was clearly enjoying it, rubbing her clit while I pounded that tight cougar ass, and my cum was dripping out of her pussy all over the bed.

The second round lasted longer, I fucked her like an animal, I felt fucking savage and invincible Tampon sex stories having gotten past that initial nervousness and shooting my first load, and I felt like I was in charge now.

She Janitor sex stories to submit to my authority more, too, no longer giving out orders. It was just a 15 minute fuckfest, we didn't change positions or anything, I hammered her tight asshole and she bit the pillow, whimpering and moaning and working her clit.

All of a sudden she gasps "I'm gonna cum again" and I can feel her body Angel sex stories. That was enough to send me over the edge, I could feel a second load coming even though my balls felt super drained after the first orgasm. Anal Black demon erotic stories was new to me so I honestly didn't know what to do, so I pulled out just in case in the nick of time and blew another huge load all over her ass and lower back.

She was still cumming and her legs were kicking and shaking like mad.

Again there was almost Fraternity paddling stories silence, we were both totally satisfied and exhausted. She started to doze off from the wine and multiple orgasms so I had to kinda shake her to keep her awake.

She took a towel from the rack on the wall, cleaned up the mess as best she could and bid me goodnight. I understood Husband sharing sex stories was my cue to leave, and I complied. I went up to the main house, snuck in as quiet as a mouse, took a quick shower and went to bed, and my parents and sister were none the wiser.

I was just about to fall asleep when I heard the door open Cross dressing sex story and my auntie came in and also tip toed into the shower. The following morning we exchanged some really flirtatious looks at breakfast but my aunt left later that day.

We never talked about what happened and as far as I know it's still our little dirty secret. I tried sending her a message on facebook to ask her how she felt about what happened, but she never replied. Maybe Jenny enf stories trying to pretend nothing ever did happen.

I dunno. Doesn't matter, I enjoyed it and she did too, even if it was a one-off thing. My dad would probably kick my ass and the rest of my family would disown me if they ever found out! Let's hope they never do. Hypnotic sex stories aunt lost her husband when she was 31 and I was She stayed at our house for two years, in my sisters old room across from mine.

She came to my room and cried many night. Soon she let me slide her house coat up and open her legs. OH I fucked Funny bra stories. We fucked all night long many nights. An easy way to spot BS. It starts with " First off, every word of this story is true".

Your aunt's tits sound great! I wish I could see them, feel them, suck on them too! My American aunt and I Depraved sex stories online. We discuss fetishes and ways to satisfy her husband. Based on my advise, she surprised him one night wearing blue lipstick, a ball gag, a swimsuit with the crotch cut out of it and high-heeled sandals.