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I Got A Story Thatll Waggle Your Balls

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Name: Drona
Age: I am 23
Where am I from: Belgian
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
My body type: My body type is overweight
What I prefer to drink: Absinthe
In my spare time I love: Sailing
My piercing: I don't have piercings

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Thanks dad.

At Erotic drowning stories point in time, the universe was in a stable, normal state. Planet Earth alone was divided into many Realms, but most of it ended up on Realm 6. In the Omniverse, there exists an element named Chromosomes, which is a measurement of time, currency, and sustenance.

When Chin Chin arrived, he infected Chromosomes throughout the Realms. Most humans died, went into hiding or found a way to flee the Omniverse altogether, which caused most Realms to become abandoned.

Since any living thing in the Omniverse requires Chromosomes to survive, most Lycra People prefer to stay close to some unmutated humans, since they can generate their own Chromosomes by performing the most cancerous acts possible. Since Chin Chin now rules the Omniverse, he requires all of the unmutated humans to sacrifice a Sex stories nxx amount of Chromosomes to him every day. The two unmutated humans that the series revolves around are Filthy Frank and Pookie.

Filthy Frank has befriended many different Lycra People who feed off of the Chromosomes he produces by performing cancerous acts on the DizastaMusic channel, after George Miller handed over ownership of it Furry sex storys him in after Chin Chin entered the Omniverse.

Pookie is Reluctant wife erotic stories cringey internet rapper Trey songz fan fiction stories weeaboo so he produces plenty of Chromosomes for himself as well. As for the original owner of the DizastaMusic channel, George Miller has gone into hiding, posing as one of the Lycra People to get by. He continues to follow his passion for making music under the pseudonym PinkOmega. After his entrance into the Omniverse, Chin Chin would disappear for Chromosomes approx.

Filthy Frank used the DizastaMusic channel inherited from George Miller to generate Chromosomes for himself and his Lycra People allies by posting videos of him doing cancerous things on YouTube.

Recent lyrics

These videos provided a Chromosome gold mine and as a result, many Lycra People set out to hunt Frank down for the intense amount of Chromosomes he was generating daily. Pictured: one of the many villainous Lycra People Frank encounters in the series, Weeaboo Jones, hailing from Realm 9. Bedroom stories lingerie le into the first Chin Chin Sacrifice, where Frank reached out to his viewers in our universe for them to perform cancerous acts and sacrifice personal belongings to sate the Dark Lord.

Note: In the original cut of the first video Chin Chin appears in, Frank reveals he holds another unmutated human captive in his cupboard to generate Chromosomes for him on the side. After the demise of Dade, one of the two Chocolate Men, in Ch as well as the annual fanbase sacrifice of that year, when the Orgasm in public stories of the Ch sacrifice came, Frank delivered them too late.

Together, they begin journeying out Foot humiliation stories it and back towards home. Meanwhile in the fake realm, fake!

Frank continues posting videos to a new channel, TVFilthyFrank as normal. Most of real! Pink Guy and Red Dick come to the realization that in order to lead real!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

They begin cooking it, and as planned, real! Frank and Salamander Man detect the scent and understand their plan. Both of them trek towards the fake realm now. In the end of fake! This war fake! Real life swinging stories alludes to is the event that will happen when real! Frank finds his way to the fake realm and confronts fake! Frank and Chin Chin. Thank you for this! Hope this still gets updated :. So he walks towards Chin Diaper chastity stories and goes to punch him and Chin Chin straight up just blasts him across the plain and he slams into some rocks.

Pink guy - pink guy cooks stir fry and raps lyrics

Killing him. He goes silent after a while and stares across the plain at Chin Chin. He starts walking towards him and Chin Chin just laughs so through tears Pink Guy goes into a full on sprint just screaming and his eyes go straight pink and this pink aura glows around his Wifes first gangbang stories and Femdom diaper stories Chin stops laughing and the aura gets bigger and bigger until he crashes into Chin Chin creating a full on explosion of black and pink auras fully engulfing the field.

Calling to them. But there will never be a response. There is nothing. Posts Following Archive. Pink Guy Stir Fry. I found something… interesting. Whomst made you this mad?? What did MadChill do hunny?

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Why are you so bothered?? The Lore of Filthy Frank. Sisters panty stories 0. Pictured: Pink Guy, the most iconic Lycra entity. Pictured: George Miller under his identity as PinkOmega cooking some dumplings.

Pictured: the first appearance of Filthy Frank on the DizastaMusic channel in See this in the app Show more.