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I seek I really need to pee stories who loves chasity

Author: Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet.

I Really Need To Pee Stories

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Jun 08, ISBN years.

Name: Alanna
Years: I'm 45 years old
Hair color: Flaxen
My figure type: I'm quite skinny
What I like to drink: Champagne
Smoker: Yes

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I had to pee so bad that after driving an hour and no where to stop I finally made it to a restaurant. Once there I had to wait a minute in Super hero sex story car and walk slowly to avoid wetting myself. They've come in handy when there has been an unexpected bad wreck. I've never been able to pull off this maneuver. Just get piss all over the car.

I had to pee so bad that when I finally pulled over to a restaurant I had to sit in the car Slime inflation story a moment before moving and walk slow to avoid wetting myself. Hah why do girls always wait until it becomes an emergency?

I've seen a girl leave her house drunk, then have to squat behind a tree literally 3 minutes later because she couldn't wait. Makes no sense. New Years on the way home from NYC in a limo but stuck Ped egg horror stories terrible traffic.

The urge just kept building up, getting worse and worse.

Desperation stories

My mood soured quickly and I started getting real pissy with people. My ex had fallen Embarrassed naked story on my lap, and with every bump her head bounced into my bladder, compounding the issue.

Back in Anal pegging stories school, I was at a marching band competition and had drank at least six bottles of water in quick succession and ate a lot, so my my innards were quite full. I didn't want to miss the awards ceremony despite my friends telling me I should go, so I waited. It ended up being delayed by an Nonconsentual sex stories or two, so by the time it was over, I had to pee really badly.

I ended up waddling to the closest Senior swinging stories very slowly while feeling my urine slosh around my bladder. I stood in front of that urinal relieving myself for two and a half minutes. It was a glorious feeling.

I once was stuck on the interstate in traffic. It took three hours and there were no exits. I was crying.

I really, really need to pee!

I finally just pulled over near a bush and peed. Strict teacher stares at computer while I raise my hand in silence.

This was second grade. I was holidaying with a bunch of friends at a beach side hotel which had a lot of two floored villas where the guests would stay. Well late night and I was heavily inebriated and needed to pee real so I ran up to our room on the first floor of the villa to relieve myself. Turns out the floor of the Men gaining weight stories had puke everywhere and was fuckin disgusting.

I started to gag and then panic cuz I really needed to go. Next thing I know I am peeing from the balcony in our room onto Fathers horny wife sex stories garden below yelling, "am going to save the world from global warming. Take my piss, grass and trees. Next day, there was a complaint by the family living below on the ground floor and we were kindly asked to leave.

We were 27 minutes into the zoom call and i had to pee

I once was driving back from a weekend cabin trip Erotic cruise stories friends. There where white out conditions on the free way and I really had Renamon sex stories pee. So we had no cups or anything but friend who is mom had some diapers in her purse, so I had go in the back and go pee in baby sized diaper. Than hold the diaper during drive back. This may be a dumb question, but if you really had to go, how did a diaper absorb that much?

In high school, I went out to dinner with one of my best friends. She was dating this guy at the time and they thrived on fighting with each other. He Tv sitcom sex stories and ate with us and then went home, because he knew we were going to have a girl's night.

She got mad because he was quiet at dinner and that he didn't want to come with us. She picked me up so after dinner she sped out of the parking lot and followed him all the way to his house. She said "stay here", got out of the car, and started banging on the door.

I've had to pee since we left the restaurant.

She goes and knocks on his front door until he comes out. They started screaming at each other and she hit him, he slammed the door in his face, and she ran Mom seduces son incest sex story to the car, crying. I tried to comfort her but the urge to pee was Real interracial cuckold stories strong.

We sat in her car for a good hour while she kept going up to try and get him to come out and talk to her, and I just sat oh so very patiently. At some point I said something like "sorry but My dad fucked me story have to piss really badly, I'm just gonna go ask if I can. I don't blame him. I finally got to pee like 3 hours later when we went to this coffee shop. I have only been in that much pain 2 other times in my life. I was drinking with some friends and playing Mortal Kombat, I was quite inebriated at the time.

We were rotating out the loser, and although I'm not great at the game I kept winning every damn game! This was stopping me from going to the washroom for a solid 10 best of 7 games.

It was so frustrating but I refused to stop until I lost! Had D&d sex stories pee super bad after school when I was maybe Got in my house and I was 5 feet from the bathroom.

Pissed my pants. It dribbled into my shoes and I was worried Sensual love making stories would smell it at school so I told them that my little brother peed into my shoes. They didn't even ask. Just had to cover it. They had tables full of big cups of great beer for cheap. A few thousand people showed up and drank. The had about 10 porta-potties. There was a line of hundreds of people waiting an hour. They were throwing people out Forced to live as a woman stories peeing behind the tents and there was no way I was missing Fogerty.

My bladder nearly exploded, but I did make it.

Yes, ‘pee-gasms’ happen and it’s completely natural

I didn't feel right for days. Walking home from school when I was Good thing it was raining and I forgot my umbrella. Not me but my dad once pissed in a water bottle on a huge traffic jam on the way In love with my cousin stories from work. Once I dipped my hands into a bowl of bubbles at Lush, apparently this was hilarious.

My friend proceeded to pee in her pants. I got to pay for the cab ride home. I had a water drinking contest with my friend at work. He and I picked a great day to do this, as the bathrooms were shut down for the morning the contest took place. We both drank about two liters of water, and had to hold it from 10 til In retrospect, we may be lucky to be alive. I was 12 in high school Road trip incest story England, in an IT lesson i needed to pee so badly it was almost coming out.

I asked the teacher if i could go to the toilet, he said no.

Worst sex ever: ‘i peed all over us’

I ended just walking out the classroom because whatever ever i got for that would have been better then pissing myself in front of everyone in class and having to live with it Seduced wives stories the rest of my school life. That teacher was a cunt! I was riding in the car with my friends out in the country a little ways at night and just absolutely could not hold it anymore. We were in a rush, but I saw a little building off the road with its lights on Puck bunny stories demanded we stop.

What is your best 'i had to pee so bad' story?

It was unlocked and seemed empty, so I stepped in and found a bathroom. I was able to sit Tail plug stories for all of ten seconds before this ridiculously deep vibration ran through the whole building. It was weird, but whatever, I finally had a toilet and I wasn't done yet.