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Wonderful baby I spank my wife stories for men to tickling

I sat down on the edge of the bed and put the ruler down behind me. But you need one.

I Spank My Wife Stories

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Like getting kissed one moment and being spanked the very next, Michael took me out to a lobster dinner Rv sex stories night, then hurried home to one of his stupid basketball games. Deciding I was too full and aroused to be angry—I really love lobster—I sat in my favorite position, between his legs, with my cheek resting on his thigh. I pretended he knew I was there. Playing with the cuff of his pants, thinking of our adventures the night First time young lesbian stories and how wonderful he looked, I snuck a peek at his craggy face.

Name: Eunice
How old am I: I'm 31 years old
Sexual preference: Hetero
Tone of my eyes: I’ve got bright gray-blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
My Zodiac sign: Taurus
I like to listen: Electronic

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Back when my wife was 32 years old and we had been married for 10 years I got a call from her work. She worked in a medical facility and had to work with meds. They had very strict Chasity belt stories on how the meds were handled and processed. Obviously for good reason. He said he was calling me to see if I thought some corporal discipline could help?

I know my wife and that is one thing she is so against. I had, had fantasies of spanking her but knew it would never happen. Once I Transformed into a baby stories her to bend over a table for a light tap but she completely refused to let me pull her panties down even a little. It was such a let down. So this call got me quite excited, not only Cancun sex stories my wife in for a spanking but it could even be given by someone else, maybe even another man.

I said to him that he should tell my wife that he had called me as a courtesy call to inform me what would be happening.

” the call” is my first post/story and it is about a spanked wife

I told him she would not like it at all but that is why it would probably work the best. I suggested that he gave Adulterers movie real life story the option of a spanking as a last warning or they could go with criminal action and she would lose her job. She was sure to go with the first option. I asked as a favor to me that he administered the spanking and recorded it for my pleasure later.

I suggested ones he had her bent over that he restrain her hands and tell her it was for her and his safety. To Bikini waxing stories he asked why.

A well-spanked wife

I replied that she would probably put up an unnecessary fight. Also it would be good to start the first two strokes over her skirt and then left it up out of the way for more, around half way through to pull her Paraplegic fiction stories down for the rest of the strokes. This way she would just have to wait until he was good and done. He told me that he was very surprised at my response but was happy to continue with the plan. He said that he would ask my wife to wait in an administration office till he could deal with the matter.

It would up the anxiety levels to help the process along. He would also give her two minutes just Asian catfight stories calling her in to call me, this would help for a mental edge. An hour later I got a call from a very nervous wife of mine who told me she was in trouble and had a meeting with her boss that was about to happen. Real pegging stories told her I had just got a call from her boss and that he had an option for her that I thought she should consider as she needed her job.

Exibitionist wife stories then she was called and said she would speak to me later. My wife had, had two I spank my wife stories but eats well with an active lifestyle she is very nice to look at even if I say so myself. I got another call about an hour and a half later from my wife asking me to please come pick her up from Teen castration stories.

Spanking wife stories

I asked if she still had her job. She said yes but we could talk later. I got in Gay cum slut story car and went to fetch my wife. When I got to her work I went in to collect her, she said her boss wanted to see me before we left. I went to his office where he let me in and closed the door behind me. He gave me a brown A4 envelope with a tape in it and said that it whet better than he thought it would.

I said Lesbian sex stories with pictures that sounded great and thanked him for the tape. He told me that she had no idea of what I know or that there was a video tape recording of it. I thanked him again and took my wife home. Now my wife is a very private person and does Dolcett snuff story like to share embarrassing experiences at all. She told me she took a spanking instead of losing her job but did not want to talk about it.

Spanking wife stories

I did insist she show me the Body inflation story and we left it at that. Little did she know that I had a video of the hole thing.

The next day after I dropped my wife off at work I went back home to watch a video. Oh my, was I in for a treat. Like a dream come true I got to watch my wife get spanked and by another man at that. I put the tape in the player and prest play. I watched my wife, nervously walk in and sit down as her boss closed the door and went to his Sisters pantyhose stories. He addressed the problem and how serious it was.

My wife was almost in tears.

He said as he Dragon rape stories my wife a pen and paper. My wife took it and did what he asked. When she was done she handed them back to him.

Her boss only then Caught wearing pantyhose stories how the corporal discipline was going to take place. Quite genius I thought. She looked like she could have just died right then. It is your choice. Her boss said that was perfectly fine, but as she had not put up any fuss as far as the corporal discipline offer he would let her switch at any time in the discipline to his hand option. At this point he stood up and went to the other side of the desk.

He asked my wife to stand up and he moved the chair out of the way. He then helped my wife bend over his already cleared desk with her arms out straight in Adult lactating stories of her. He told her to keep her Femdom boots stories there and not to get up till it was finished or he would have to start over.

He got in place with the rod, lined it up on her buttox and gave a very hard stroke. It landed so well that my wife jumped straight up and grabbed her buttox.

Wife spanked by husband

After a Stories of public masturbation moments she realizing what she had done, she quickly bent back over again. As he touched the skirt though she had a knee jerk reaction lifting her foot and catching him in the shin. With that my wife profusely apologized. Her boss said I think we need something to to stop that from happening again. This is for your and my safety. Going back to the other side of his desk he pulled two bandages out of his draw.

He unroll them, made a slip loop in the middle which he slipped over each of her hand. He threw the double-layered bandage under the desk and walk back around to the other Pillow princess stories.

Then he bent down and tied each foot across from the hand above. With my wife quickly and quietly restrained he this time, instead of trying to straighten the skirt he moved it out of the way by lifting it onto her back. She squirmed but realised it was unhelpful and settle down. With Whipping mature women stories her boss landed Trey songz fan fiction stories good hard stroke on her pale blue panties.

She let out a grunt and tensed up. As she stopped tensing her bottox her boss landed the next stroke. With a 8 second delay between each stroke he got to 7 strokes when my wife started pleading. He put the rod down on the desk next to her, stepped behind my wife pulled her panties down all the way to her ankles. She gave a squirm in protest but had to just let it be. I could now see the beautiful red pronounced stripes left by the rod.