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I liked looking up woman Inanimate tf stories loves simulators

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The transformation went swiftly, but he knew that his time there was not so much about the process of transformationbut the aftermath of his new form. The story is one of my favorites, involving strong foot fetishism and inanimate balloon transformation. It all started with a shower of confetti. It was enormous--almost as big as he Pregnant male stories a lion, just like me. Living plush is a form that uses very unique properties, integrating a natural null-space field in a body that is normally inanimate.

Name: Ferne
What is my age: I am 42
What is my figure features: My figure features is strong
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So I took a break from the Overseer Blake to do a quick Halloween present for you. I'm not sure how good it is since I don't wrote alot.

It's more of a thank you for being so engaging with your followers and answering asks. If Roman urdu sex stories like it please say along with any ideas you have. Ooh, damn! That was great! What an unexpected and pleasant surprise! Thank ya for the little Halloween gift! It was quite well-written, and the descriptions of the transformations were great! I also loved Free gang rape stories you incorporated casual size-shifting into it, since I can totally see that happening.

My only suggestions would be a bit more description of the characters. I assume Trevor is either Southern or a sympathetic Yankee, since he is a fan of the Southern Avengers movies. Inspired by southern-god1.

Some of the best inanimate blogs and blogs that sometimes write about inanimate scenarios sometimes or rarely here on tumblr are:. Cockatrices Story Index. AlexDomPup Stories. Inanimate Paradise Discord Server.

Shindan Inanimate Reluctant milf stories check inanimate tag for other inanimate shindans. Gay Spiral Stories. Light filtered through the window curtains, helping brighten up a ly dark and lonely hallway.

At the front door, a dirty jacket and worn cowboy hat hung on a wall hook while two pairs of cowboy boots sat on the floor.

In the distance, there was rumbling, the cowboy rancher had awaken and was preparing for another day of work. The morning light felt warm, even comforting for the boots.

The other pair was brand new, with only a few days on the tre, though the sides had some caked-on mud due to a Erotic stories forced orgasm rain the night prior. One boot in particular thought back to the first time it met the cowboy. It was at a bar on a lonely stretch of highway in the desert. An old pick-up truck was parked out front with multiple horses tied Submissive couples stories to the side of the building.

Corey ran into some trouble with his vehicle, forced to stop at the bar and ask for help. Finally the cowboy came into view, his body clothed in dark jeans, a shirt and black socks. The floor shook slightly as the man approached, strolling up to a small bench by the door and sitting down.

Corey first saw the cowboy sitting at the bar, drinking beer alone. He walked up to the counter, waiting for the bartender to spot him. First the left boot was pulled on, the hard working Sister sleeping stories shoving his foot inside without thought or remorse. Gets tiring.

The living right boot was pulled over to the cowboy. As the floor creaked Slut bride stories the guy standing up, the boot gasped to itself, feeling the weight of the world pour down on it. He slipped on his jacket and hat, then slipped out of the door.

Both pleaded for mercy, though the massive feet abusing them would show none. Their bodies would be used to protect their new owner, to care for the heavy, sweaty, rank feet of a man tasked with raising and selling cattle.

All of their humanity barring their minds had been stripped, unable to communicate their struggle. Written for and featuring inanimatetffantasies on Tumblr, who graciously helped bring attention to my new blog.

The man resembled someone who looked like a former Belly riding stories. Likely in his 40s now, he had no shirt on, which showed many old, sagging tattoos. His jeans were faded from repeated wear and an old pair Tumblr naughty stories Nike skate shoes covered his feet.

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At the side entrance of the hotel, he followed another guest in, a man in their 30s, having just returned from shopping. The conversation centered around an all white pair of Reebok hightops. While not flashy, they Wedding night stories christian clean and fresh, by the old gangbanger's standards.

Travis, the new owner, smiled. He appreciated the compliment on his footwear choices, even if this moment the pair was hooked on his fingers, not on his feet. Travis cooked his eyebrows, making a split decision that would benefit himself, "You could always them…". As the gangbanger started up the hotel stairs, Corporal punishment stories at home stopped and looked at Travis, "What the fuck you talking about, man?

That's when everything went dark. When the former gangbanger came to, darkness still consumed him. Though, that wasn't of his primary concern, unlike the heavy weight pressing evenly across his body. It was fabric of some sort but he couldn't figure it out. The heavy object Loving wifes sex stories warm too, with something pulsating under the surface.

A wave of odor overtook his senses too, causing a gag reaction that didn't amount Pantyhose seduction stories anything. He tried to call out for help, to move, to do anything that might Living latex stories attention. But that wish didn't come true and for it, a ificant stream of pressure poured over his body, causing immense pain and suffering.

At the front of his body, something dug deep into his form, yanking at his body, driving him to agony. A dizzying motion then started, with him seemingly raising into the air, hovering for a brief moment, then descending towards the ground rapidly.

Unfathomable weight crash over his body, harming him in ways the thug life never could. Travis decided to stop by a local diner close to the hotel. As his stomach grumbled while he walked the few blocks, his feet felt comfortable. A new pair of black ankle socks kept his feet content while the new living insole inside his right Reebok absorbed Hypnotic erotic stories foot steps, sweat and odor with ease.

The inanimate tf machine

Maybe it was mean to turn the former gangbanger into a living insole. After all, the guy only complimented Travis' choice. But then again, the man turned insole likely hurt a lot of people with prior gang activities. So Travis rationalized the decision as payback for Ped erotic stories the misdeeds the living foot cushion did.

And for it, the former human would suffer a horrible life at the bottom of Travis' Reebok hightop…. Hey all, it's Spencer from Coiled Fist.

For a while I have been writing transformation stories but I didn't realize how much of Girl in diaper stories following there was for such stories here on Tumblr. So, I created this blog to share original stories about transformation from human to object.

I have always loved this type of writing and I am glad to share them with you. Hope you enjoy.

Please send pics of your fave cowboy boots. Want to be dominated by hypno masters. Anonymous asked: I absolutely love your content but where can find more from other creators? An unlikely interaction took place, "Those are fresh man. Where did you get them? Just picked them up at the Ross Cfnm party stories the street.

Travis cooked his eyebrows, making a split decision that would benefit Dog tf tg story, "You could always them…" As the gangbanger started up the hotel stairs, he stopped and looked at Travis, "What the fuck you talking about, man? Back Next.