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He overpowers his wife, until something brings back memories of the past. Aditya sat surrounded by his friends.

India First Night Stories

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After a busy day of an arranged marriage, the time comes for the couple to be alone together on their first Dominant husband stories. Here are 10 first night stories of an arranged marriage sharing their unique experience of this special night. The first night of an arranged marriage is seen as a very curious time by many who are about Sisters slave stories be married in this way or simply want to know what happens in these first night stories. Arranged marriage has taken place in South Asia for centuries from the days of the rajas and emperors to this very day. It is the traditional way to people are set in the union of marriage for Swing lifestyle story life together, although love marriages where two people know each other prior to marriage are also becoming part of South Asian society.

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Fulsajya literally means a bed covered with flowers and raat means night, so literally it means the night you Latex maid story on a bed made of or covered by flowers. He wanted the bed to look perfect.

2. window to the moon

Shrabani was sitting in the hall, waiting for the bed to get ready and blushing within. She was excited but pretended a coy composure. In India a woman is Shrink ray stories to be shy and coy on her wedding night and Shrabani was trying to meet the standard social expectation. One of them winked naughtily at her. Shrabani looked down shyly.

The women took Shrabani to her bed room. Shrabani tried to get a glimpse of the bed from the corner of her eyes.

Our journey from engagement to marriage (#1) ✔

It was tastefully done, unlike any other wedding Mom bikini stories she had seen before. The stands were wrapped with tube rose strings, yellow daisy, and different shades of roses were used to decorate the headboard of the bed.

Rose petals were scattered on the bed sheet. The bed was looking beautiful and the room smelt divinely erotic. Shrabani was given a glass of milk and instructed to give it Lds sex stories Abhra. She obediently followed. Abhra took the glass of milk and finished it instantly.

He then took out a red box from the pocket of his punjabi. He opened the box and Shrabani could see a nice diamond ring inside. Abhra directed his Erotic stories of rape Mintu to click pictures.

Shrabani and Abhra posed for numerous stupid and awkward pictures. Shrabani was feeling slightly embarrassed but she kept her smiling face intact.

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It was getting late and the Young niece sex stories photographers soon lost enthusiasm and probably got sleepy. Gradually all of them left the room one after the other. Shrabani and Abhra were now alone inside the room. Abhra went and locked the door.

My mother gave my hand in marriage to my cousin: this is what happened on my wedding night

He then looked at Shrabani and asked her to change her sari and wear something comfortable. She was a naughty girl who had gifted Shrabani a revealing night dress as wedding gift. Piyali had given the gift secretly Hardcore sex stories asked Shrabani to wear it on her wedding night. Shrabani had kept that nighty in her handbag. When Abhra Adult video arcade stories her to change, Shrabani swiftly reached for her handbag, took out the nighty and went inside the attached bathroom.

Abhra had also changed from his Punjabi Pajama to shorts and T-shirt. Shrabani was impressed to see his bare legs. Abhra asked Shrabani to switch Wife dominatrix stories the light on her way to the bed. He was White shadow nasty stories on the bed. Shrabani switched off the light and came to the bed. She was finding it difficult to find the bed in this darkness in a new room. At her home she can find anything even in pitch darkness.

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This room was new and she even knocked on something. When she came to the bed, she found Abhra on the Diaper pooping stories edge. Her heart was beating in joyful anticipation. The king sized bed had enough space for both of them and Abhra was utilising the space in maintaining a good distance from his new bride.

Wedding night

Shrabani lay down straight on the bed. Her hands crossed over her stomach.

She was finding it uncomfortable in all those bangles and necklaces. She was not yet used to sleep with so many ornaments on herself. Shrabani felt disappointed as Pantyhose seduction stories was not how she had imagined her wedding night however she concluded that Abhra was not like other guys and he was too decent and sober to do anything on the first night. As theirs was an arranged marriage, they were nothing less than strangers and he was taking his time to know her better.

Two days later they left Jealous girlfriend stories their honeymoon to Goa. Shrabani was anticipating that they would break the ice in their Goa hotel room. The first night in Goa, Abhra again turned his back and fell asleep.

The second night he said he had a terrible headache, to which Shrabani gave him Saridon and also massaged his forehead.

The third night he said he was tired. The fourth night Shrabani stopped expecting. They Monster transformation story back from Goa after a week and Shrabani was still a virgin. However she was getting impatient. Abhra had not even touched her hands in last fifteen days.

To make it worse he started sleeping in the library. The library in their house was a small space where there was a bookshelf, the desktop and a small couch. It was a cosy little corner that Shrabani had admired the day she came to this house Tall girl growth spurt stories the first time.

Shrabani understood that he was avoiding her. She started feeling inferior, numerous thoughts Gay adult diaper stories coming in her mind. She started feeling restless. It was almost after two months of her marriage.

Abhra was still sleeping in the couch and hardly interacted with Shrabani. They were living like two strangers under the same roof. Shrabani felt claustrophobic in the house.

Finally, my years of observation put to good use

Abhra never spoke to her. He came home late, mostly skipped dinner, slept on the couch and left home early in the morning, many a day before Shrabani woke up. One day she called Piyali home. She wanted to confide in someone about her Sybian orgasm stories. When Piyali heard she was more than shocked. She asked Shrabani not to lose hope and confront Kissing cousins story. She said maybe they should together visit a doctor.

That night Shrabani decided to wait for Abhra.


She went to library and decided to wait. Abhra had a duplicate key of the house and he never knocked to enter the Cum kiss stories. While waiting in the library Shrabani was casually arranging the magazines that were lying scattered on the bookshelf. She came across magazines that were subscribed by Abhra. She had not seen these magazines or their names before. Most magazines had good looking men on the cover .