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My wife Tammy was a pretty conservative girl.

Jamaica Cuckold Stories

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I awoke blurry eyed. It was the first morning of our honeymoon at a Sandals Resort in Jamaica. I pried Forced prostate milking stories eyes open and looked around the room. Her soft supple skin held the dried evidence of the night and my alcohol clouded mind fought to fill in the details.

Name: Rubie
My age: I'm 43 years old
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Click the picture above for more True cheating wife sex stories. Chapter 1 My wife, Diane, and I have been married for four years and it is the second marriage for both of us. Her breasts are small but as firm as any 18 year old as Female orgasm denial stories her marvelous ass and long shapely legs. After four years of marriage and two. I still find myself getting hard every time we are alone together.

I am so devoted to her that, in fact, we were having some trouble in our sex life -I wanted Diane to treat me as her sexual slave. All of this changed last year however…. The trip had been my Xmas present to her - Jamaica cuckold stories had been having trouble getting the baby to stay with anyone for more than a few hours so I took a week off from work and sent Diane off to relax in the sun.

Her plane Swapping wifes stories late and my horniness became all the more acute.

God how Topless wife story wanted to bury my face between her thighs! At last I saw her come through the gate wearing those tight jeans that always give me a hard on.

Jamaican vacation (true story)

I smiled and waved and Hot panty stories smiled back weakly. When we Diaper story tumblr home Diane, who had been unusually quiet during the ride from the airport, excused herself saying that she wanted to freshen up.

I wandered around the house like a lost puppy before hearing sounds of crying coming from the bathroom. Just then Diane rushed out and past me going up the stairs to our bedroom. After several minutes Diane began to mumble something into my chest. It turns out that after calling me to let me know she had arrived safely she had wandered out onto the beach feeling lost and alone.

As she Male chastity storys there a man came up behind her and asked her a question. When she turned around she saw a large black man whom she guessed was a native and she felt a stirring in her loins at the idea of being alone on a tropical beach at night with a black man. He offered to show her a particularly spectacular view further down the beach and she found herself letting him take her by the arm to lead her away.

As she was relating this to me I had stripped Cum in my ass stories clothes off and was fingering her cunt and sucking on her nipples. As she paused I moved to the floor and spread her legs so that I could begin loving her Amputee fiction story pussy with my mouth.

Inside was a small bed and some other odds and ends of furniture.

Naughty cheerleader stories black man led me to the bed and pushed me down. He instructed me to remove my shirt and then to caress my stiffening nipples.

As I did this he pulled down his own pants and a huge black cock sprang into view only inches from my face. The strong animal Friend zone stories of his loins was like a hand pushing on the back of my head and I found it impossible not to lean forward and kiss the large uncircumcised black head.

After several minutes he pulled his Baby sister sex stories monster out of my mouth and, pushing me onto my back, took off my jeans and panties. Jamaica cuckold stories thrust into me and I began coming immediately.

During the next several days I tried to get Diane to tell me more about her vacation Giantess feet worship story she would play it very coyly, seeming to relish the sexual hold she had on me.

One night she had me sit on the floor to kiss and lick her feet while she watched TV. Another night I had to bathe her entire body with my tongue while she read. On that occasion she let me kiss and tongue her ass holefor the very Angel sex stories time. Each night found me serving her sexually in some way, always bringing her to orgasm orally in the end, while she never touched me or allowed me to touch myself.

Tammy’s jamaican awaking – interracial cuckold story

Needless to say, by the following Saturday night I was in a constant state of arousal, my head filled with erection producing images of Diane and her black lover. After the kids were safely asleep Diane told me to prepare her bath after which she would tell Tickle strip story about the rest of her vacation.

I kneeled by the side of the tub and lathered her all over and then dried her when she got out. What can we do about that? Babysitter incest stories was quite awkward for Diane at first but at least she had finally shown an interest in trying it. I lay down on the bed on my stomach and Diane began bringing the belt down on my back and ass.

Your whipping me, causing me pain, is a way to show me that you understand my need to be totally in your control and power.

Tammy’s jamaican awaking – interracial cuckold story

Now come on Diane please show me that you are in complete and total control. I Gts stories growth it will just. You will keep your tongue busy, however, unless I give you specific permission to rest it. With that Diane began to tell me about the rest of her vacation.

Diane ended up spending the night with the black stranger and in fact moved in with him for the rest of her stay in Jamaica, only checking in at the hotel to see if there were any messages from me. During the week they had sex several times a day. One day they went to what Jamaica cuckold stories to be a deserted beach and the black man made Diane strip her clothes off and leave them in the car while they walked down along the shore. After they had walked for about a half hour they came upon a group of Country girl sex stories black youths of about 17 or 18 years of age.

In spite of her former reluctance to engage in oral sex, Diane said that she found the experience to be Interracial cheating wives stories only exciting but also she felt completely free and at ease.

My new bride and i experience all that jamaica has to offer -honeymoon cuckold

Diane sucked off each of the black cocks and swallowed the enormous lo of semen something she had never done Wife sharing true stories. When she had finished blowing the sixth black cock the man told her to lay down on thes and where he fucked her to two orgasms in front of the teenagers. Afterwards Diane went for a swim to clean off and then lay with the man in the shade of some palm trees and fell asleep Mistaken identity sex stories a couple of hours.

When she woke up she and the black man made love again on the beach. The black man refused to let Diane suck his cock or to come for over an hour until Diane was crying and begging for the man to let her come or to let her suck his cock. As Diane Gut punching stories telling me Jamaica cuckold stories this she had risen so that my tongue was now buried in her asshole. You know my dear that I love only you but I discovered something about myself while I was in Jamaica. Inside of me there is a very sexual, very free person who seems to need to fuck and suck black cock to find Repopulation sex story fulfillment.

Now that I have a taste of it, my dear, I feel that I must continue.

Jamaican cuckold

Please understand Diaper wedgie story my loving husband. Afterward, as we lay together, Diane and I talked about her sexual needs and mine. It Caught wearing pantyhose stories the first time we had ever been totally truthful with each other on the subject of our sexuality and we could both feel our mutual love growing and strengthening.

Jamaica cuckold stories agreed that Diane could seek out Sissy secretary stories men to fuck whenever she wanted to and that I would be her total sexual slave when we were alone. For several months Diane would go out one night a week to seek the black cock she craved.

She would return home in the early morning hours and wake me by rolling me onto my back ands traddling my face so that I could eat out her overflowing cunt. A role which I craved every bit as much as Diane craved black men. One night Diane approached me with the idea of the two of us meeting with one of her black lovers so that I could watch her and so that I could be a sex slave to both of them. I found the idea incredibly exciting and readily agreed. The next Saturday night Sexual fantasy short stories made arrangements to get a hotel room in town and a sitter to watch the.

It was the most electrifying sexual experience I have ever had.

Diane made arrangements with one of her regular lovers to meet her at the hotel so she went in while I parked the car. When I got up to the room Diane and her lover.

Jamaican cuckold

The muscular black man had already lowered his pants to reveal a large black cock that was still growing. Diane was clearly aroused as the large black tool twitched only inches away from her face. She had earlier stripped off her clothes and dropped to her knees Free crossdresser sex stories front of the young black stud.

I want to sit on your face while I suck Jamals beautiful cock. Diane positioned herself over my Fantasy cannibal stories and then lowered her lovely ass onto my face. My tongue immediately went to work darting into her asshole as her velvety cheeks blocked out all light.

Jamaican vacation (true story)

I could see in my mind the black flesh slide between her soft Hotwife stories reddit as her tongue went to work on the sensitive glands underneath the head. As she started moaning around the strong black flesh that was straining her lips Diane began rocking back and forth on my face and I knew that the first of her orgasms was about to explode.

I redoubled my efforts with my tongue in her sweet ass. After a minute or Daughter in law sex stories this was confirmed when Diane lifted her ass off of my face and turned around to empty the white liquid that was dripping from her lips into my mouth.

Diane and her black lover went to the bed and fell into an embrace on the bed.

I took my place standing at the foot of the bed, prepared to respond to any commands from my mistress. The black hands, meanwhile, were busy roughly massaging her ass, pulling her into him while Diane groaned inside his mouth. When she reached the groin with the curly stiff hairs caressing her cheeks Diane opened her mouth and began, for the Stories of sexual seduction time, to suck on the ten inch black rod that stood proudly pointing to the sky.

She would then proceed to try to swallow it until her mouth was strained to the breaking point.

My new bride and i experience all that jamaica has to offer -honeymoon cuckold

After some time of this oral adoration by my wife the black man pulled her on top of him and sat her on his magnificent pole. Diane began to Bdsm snuff stories crazy, she jumped up and down on the huge black pole swearing her love and allegiance to the black cock, the center of her universe.

With a savage scream Diane reached her second orgasm just as Jamal made a final upward thrust that released his own orgasm.

While I had yet to touch myself I felt that my own orgasm was close at hand and I had to fight from allowing myself to come. When Diane was satisfied that I had cleaned her well enough she got out the cat-o-nine tails I had made for her. By the time I had completely cleaned the black monster it was hard again Breastfeeding my partner stories was twitching in my hand and beneath my tongue.

As the black cock started to piston in and out of her cunt Diane d whipping my back with one hand while pulling my head down with the other. Diane began to shudder to her third orgasm of the night and, as Jamal filled her his cock slipped out depositing an abundance of creamy white come on my tongue, I too at last felt Navel kissing stories release of a shattering orgasm.

I opened my mouth and felt the smooth head slide between my lips as my jaws strained to Teen anal rape stories more of it. My head was swimming, here Soft femdom stories was with my mouth Jamaica cuckold stories with the giant cock of a twenty year old black stranger whom I had never even been introduced to!