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Janitor Sex Stories

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Name: Maible
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He was a good, hard worker and friendly enough on the few occasions he spoke with the staff. He had more interchanges with the students than the teachers and faculty though, preferring the younger, friendlier students than the aloof standoffishness that most of the teachers and faculty usually showed him. One day he was called to the girl's shower for a plugged pipe. After knocking Gf swap stories the door and announcing himself several times, he heard no answer, so he went into the locker room continuing to call out so none of the girls would come around the corner and be surprised and embarrassed.

Fortunately, no one was in either the locker room or the showers so he put up the out of service at the front door and went back to work on the plugged pipe. He couldn't get the pipe cleared, so he had to disconnect one of the showers and take the section of pipe with him back to his little janitor's Forced haircut stories. As luck would have it, right across the hall from his office was a small utility closet where he kept mops, brooms, and other cleaning and maintenance supplies.

Once the shower Erotic cruise stories marked as out of service and the valve to that particular shower shut off, he went back to his other tasks. He was sitting in his office doing some paperwork and ordering some paper supplies when one of the students knocked on the door. Garcia, but there's been a spill in the cafeteria and they sent me to come tell you," the student said.

Garcia said. He went to the utility closet Breast expansion erotic stories get a mop and bucket. That's when he noticed the round hole in the wall. He peeked through and noticed that it was the hole from the pipe he removed in the girl's shower earlier.

He decided he would have to cover that hole or the water and humidity from the shower might get into the closet and make a mess. He went to Hooker toy story care of the cafeteria spill and when he was finished, he was off to cover the hole in the closet wall.

Embarassing naked stories brought some heavy duty tape to cover the hole but when he went into the closet Janitor sex stories moved the floor buffer that was in the way, he heard girls giggling. Janitor sex stories, he peeked through the hole and saw some girls in the shower laughing and giggling as the showered. He quickly covered the hole and went back to his office.

But sitting at his desk, he couldn't help but think about the hole in the wall Rated r short stories the image of the girls showering that he saw through it. He tried to put the thoughts out of his mind but he couldn't shake it.

He tried concentrating on his paperwork and ordering supplies but that didn't help. He took a walk around the campus but that didn't work either. No matter what he Baby pussy stories, he heard the giggling of the girls ringing in his ears.

Finally, mercifully, the day ended soon after and he went home to his small Forced crossdressing sex stories to put the day to rest. As he slept, he dreamed of the hole in the closet wall. He pictured the young, wet bodies of the girls in the shower, giggling and rubbing their hands over smooth flesh. In his early 50's, he had been married once upon a time, but it didn't work out and he hadn't thought of marriage or even having a girlfriend since then.

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And while sometimes the nights were lonely, he was fairly satisfied with his solo existence. But that was before today Teen castration stories before the hole in the shower wall. Now his mind was filled with thoughts He knew that his thoughts were wrong, that if Janitor sex stories at the high school knew what he was thinking, not only would he be fired and never work in a educational setting again, he would most likely be thrown in jail! Yet he couldn't get the thoughts out of his head.

The next day, he showed up before school was to start as always and began his normal morning routine, unlocking the doors, raising the flag, and making sure the fire alarm, intercom, and class bell systems were working as they should. But he was preoccupied with the start of the girl's gym classes and more importantly, the showers afterwards. Then he pulled back the tape covering the hole and waited for the show. He didn't have to wait very Female teacher student sex stories.

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The first of the girls stepped into the shower only minutes after he has settled into place. He held his breath as he watched one after another Furry incest story girl enter the shower. He saw them rubbing and washing each other, laughing and giggling, and letting the water run over their young firm breasts and their smooth round asses.

He made sure he Sister bj story very quiet, but he could hear his own breathing increase and he could hear his heart pounding in his ears. He stood up with a raging hard-on and tried to get busy, hoping it would go away once he was concentrating on his job.

He started making his rounds, emptying the trash and cleaning the empty classrooms, and at last the bulge in his trousers diminished. But the images that his eyes beheld did not.

Later that day he was getting something from Men masterbating stories closet when once again the sounds of girls in the showers lured him like the mythological Greek sirens to take another look. He didn't intend to, but he was compelled to watch the young lovelies once again.

His little peep shows went on for three months or so until one day his "hobby" expanded a bit. He was careful to make sure the door was closed Janitor sex stories the closet light was off so that he would be as unnoticeable as possible.

He was watching the nubile young creatures when one of the girls saw something. She walked over and peeked into the hole where the shower pipe used to come through the wall Audio swinger stories she saw a movement. She walked back over to one of the girls and whispered that she thought someone was watching them. The four girls went over to the hole in the wall. One of the girls knelt down and started sucking on the intrusive finger, which made the other girls all laugh gleefully.

After a little suckling on his finger, the girl looked up with a wicked smile on her face and then moved closer, pushing her naked pelvis up against the Lesbian sex stories with pictures. He could hear the squeals of laughter as the girls watched their friend. One of the other girls quietly slipped out of the shower, quickly got dressed and went out of the locker room.

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She went down the hall and around the corner to where the closet was. She saw it was the maintenance closet and knew the only one with a key to it was Mr. Garcia, the janitor. The girl went back to the locker room where her girlfriends had finished Diaper pooping stories showers and was getting dressed. Dominating wife story a bit of discussion about what to do with this new-found information, they concocted a naughty little plan.

The next day the Story of o topless dress girls got together and went downstairs to the janitor's office. They knocked on the door and Janitor sex stories he opened it they went inside. Garcia, my name is Cathy. This is Donna, and Jenny, and Michelle. We wanted to talk to you about what you saw and did yesterday - Babysitter wedgie stories know, in the shower," she said.

Garcia, you can relax. We have been talking, the four of us, about this and we have come up with a plan that will benefit all of us, including you, if you are willing to go along with it. Of course you don't have to, but if word got back to the principal about what happened yesterday and what you have been doing, it might not look so good," Cathy said.

We want you, Mr. We want this big Mexican cock! So you can have us all for yourself! How's that for a bargain?

Of course if you'd rather not, I'm sure you can find another job someplace - once you get out of jail, that is! He knew they had him dead to rights. He had little Janitor sex stories but to agree to their terms.

Finding this job was hard enough, and even though he didn't make a whole heap of money as a janitor, trying to find another that paid anywhere near this well would be near impossible. Seeing the girl's faces and the eagerness in their eyes, he began wondering if this wasn't such a bad deal after all.

He was a man with a man's needs which hadn't been properly met in some time. And these girls were obviously eager to fulfill his needs as well as getting their own young lusts satisfied in the process. That day you can also call one of us too, if you are so inclined, for a little extra fun. And you always have our Erotic stories xn shows to First pegging stories as well.

Now that Feet domination stories know we have an audience, who knows what fun may happen in the shower!

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No, she doesn't care about what goes on in the shower! If there isn't a fight or something, she doesn't care what goes on in there. She hasn't come into Headshave stories india showers one time in all the time we've been going to gym class here! The next day, around fourth period, Cathy came to his Human digest sex stories. Cathy entered his office and walked up to him as he sat at his desk.

Garcia," Cathy said, cheerfully. He pushed Janitor sex stories old, tired office chair back from the worn desk and turned to her. He let her take the lead for now as he was still a bit nervous about having a young girl alone in his office - much less what they were about to do while she was here! Cathy wasn't so skittish, though. She knew exactly what she wanted to do and she came over and sat down on his desk right in front of him, her legs straddling him, her high heels on his chair arms.

He licked his lips in anticipation and Cathy smiled wickedly. He nodded, still not making a move. If someone was to walk in just then, he wanted it glaringly obvious that this was not his doing! She propped herself up with her hands behind her, which Wwe lesbian stories her to thrust her young pert and surprisingly well-developed tits out at him. We're all alone - you have me all to yourself!

He needed her to make the first move. He knew what he was doing was so Bdsm bestiality stories wrong and it could mean not just losing his job, but going to jail as well.