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Elite lady found John d muscle stories to meeting

This is an archive of the Evolution Forum from to directly downloaded at the time of its closing. You may the new forum at Muscle-Growth.

John D Muscle Stories

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Name: Korry
How old am I: 24
Tint of my iris: Clear gray-blue
Hair: Red
Stud: None

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This is an archive of the Evolution Forum from to directly downloaded at the time of its closing.

You may the new forum at Muscle-Growth. You last visited: Today at AM. Search Forums.

Show Thre Show Posts. July 30th,AM. I'm esp interested in the one called "The Colonel's Grandson?

July 30th,PM. July 31st,AM. The Colonel's Grandson -Brad. July 31st,PM. Still need to find a comprehensive collection of John D's stories. Can anyone help, please? Find all posts by arpeejay Add arpeejay to Your Contacts. August 1st,AM. Thanks a lot Wife lover stories that group link. If you've never read John D's two stories, "Leader of the Pack," you will enjoy them.

Sexfights and total sexual domination

Maybe that group can be revived. August 8th,AM. Tonypal76, you should continue with Majoring with Jocks. It was a fuckin hot story. August 9th,AM. I have some of John D stories, and Zipman's as well But i don't know if it's exhaustive. August 9th,Topless daughter stories. Here you are everyone I forgot to say how it works for those who don't know Then scroll down again, and wait until the counter reaches 0, then click on the link and download.

Easy, huh?

I could post if here if people are interested. Yes, I'm the real John D. I only recently started looking at this board. The Maid bondage stories is very long - too long to post here. Is there a way to post long stories?

I think the archive is not accepting new stories. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found. August 11th,AM. Sorry for the mistakes. I meant starting the answer above by "So, August 11th,PM.

Thanks for posting them up for all Embarrassing wedgie stories read.

But it is a story about a couple of guys who get caught by a couple of indians after spying on them. August 17th,PM. Tumblr short sex stories John I've looked high and low here, under your name in the author listing, and all over, but can't find a trace of this new story. Some of them are broken into many parts, so I don't think overall length is the issue.

New, long stories are posted as text files here all the time. Did you do the others? Can you add the new ones?

I see you've chosen to use that rapidshare to post. That's fine for a lot of readers, but not for anyone still stuck on dial-up, or even worse on AOL, as this rapidshare is downright hostile to AOL users. No way we can get anything from that site unless I suppose we pay to. I know you want to share your fine work with all Or perhaps another reader who got it from rapidshare Strict wife stories take the trouble to put it up here? As an alternative, there are several EZ Erotic forced gay stories which already have some of your stories as well as several Yahoo groups.

Please don't use a site that discriminates!! BTW, I did exchange an e-mail with you some time ago. Told you that "Darnell" was my favorite.

Still is -- keep a printed well worn Forced castration story my bedside. What can I add other than John D has been my favorite author of muscle growth stories since the first day I read his work.

His writing Gay sex stories topix matches perfectly with my taste, and I always get excited when I see he has posted something new. As for my favorite, it would have to be "Teen Cousins," which he adapted from my own life experience. I could read that story a million more times and never get bored with it. Thanks, John, for all the great work!!

August 18th,PM. The spacing gets all screwed up.

Sexfights and total sexual domination

I don't want to use Word, because some people don't Futa muscle stories Word. So I used the Wintermute spanking stories board which seems to work okay for most. If you really can't get Mesomorphs, post another message and I'll try to post it here somehow. And Patrick -- Thanks again for the great idea for Teen Cousins. August 19th,AM. Thanks for your clarification. Actually, I did check that YG before am a member there, as well as over other groups -- not all about muscle [hmmmm]but only looked in the files section.

Went back now and searched the old messages.

Thankfully, they weren't deleted and found Mesomorphs in 10 parts posted as messages by you. So I've got it now and anyone else who can't use rapidshare should check that YG. Meanwhile, I hope the interest shown here will inspire you to keep up your work steadily not Breast touching stories in spurts [npi].

I'm sure you don't remember, but in our mail a while back, I suggested you could follow up on Darnell with him back in the city, where someone takes him to a gym for the first time, with a lot of attention to hard training, minute details on muscle structure, feeling, etc. I'm not Cum swapping stories particular fan of overly aggressive or violent stories biceps smashing into necks, for examplebut a good ab pounding is always welcomed.

August 30th,PM. I decided to acquire a little discipline and made myself write at least a paragraph or two a day, and now am almost finished with the first chapter! I don't think, however, that I'll post it here as I think most of this group's members want something else. This story is simply about a few very extraordinary muscular boys, but they are not lb giants with biceps like cantalopes. They do not swallow potions and burst out their Panties men stories ten minutes later.