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Kelly kelly stinkface story lady found men especially for lapdance

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Kelly Kelly Stinkface Story

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The big man rubbing his posterior into the face of a prone Fuck stories male to female transformation became one of the most memorable recurring spots from one of the hottest periods in wrestling—the Attitude Era. As such, it is now etched in wrestling history forever. The big man explained that he was wrestling The Big Boss Man Running a train stories he had one of the most important moments of his career at a house showearly in the days of Rikishi wrestling in his ature thong gear. Rikishi improvised and went along with the suggestion, only to draw a huge response from the fans in live attendance.

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Kelly kelly

Go to Originally Posted by MickGesitt. I'm glad to see you Female foot slave stories back to this story. I'm anxious to see who Alexa's first victim is on the main roster. Is a post draft story? Is she going to be exclusive to Smackdown? It'd be cool to see Alexa expose Nikki Bella's big fake tits.

But that'll only work after SummerSlam. Plus the WWE does enjoy humiliating her. And you'll probably want Alexa to go after Naomi's big ass before she's revealed as La Luchadora.

Originally Posted by zidaneix. Monday Night Raw A graphic airs announcing that Kelly Kelly will return next week, being re-introduced by her friend, Maryse. Natalya makes her way down to the ring Spanking over the knee stories her black and white catsuit. She stretches in the ring getting ready for her opponent. Alexa: Well, well, well Nattie. Look what the cats dragged in.

You're the old hag they sent me out here to face? Does that fat ass of your's still fart all the time, Nattie? Your career is a joke and I'm about to prove Shemale escort stories. But Stephanie McMahon had a little chat with me in the back before I came out here.

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She wanted me to tell you that there was a change to our match. So not only Butt smelling thread I going to beat you Nattie, but I'm going to completely humiliate you and revealing that flabby, cellulite filled ass of your's to this whole crowd. And they Sissy cuckold stories get a nice look at those big, fake titties of your's too while they're at it!

Alexa slams down the mic and slowly walks to the ring, stepping through the ropes and taunting Nattie. Nattie mounts Alexa and delivers a few punches before Alexa grabs her by the throat and pushes her off.

Alexa runs and dropkicks Nattie in the face as she gets up. Bliss grabs Natalya by the hair and slams her face into the turnbuckle. Alexa: Let's give you a little makeover Nattie!

C'mon, eat the turnbuckle! Alexa grinds Natalya's face against the turnbuckle pad with one hand while getting a quick smack of the voluptuos blonde's ass in. Alexa Kristen alt sex stories Natalya around, takes her by the hair and swings her to the other side of the ring, making her land on her stomach. Bliss walks over and stands on Nattie's back with one foot on the back of her head and the other on the Canadian's large ass.

Alexa plays to the crowd, even bowing, while still keeping her victim in position. Alexa stands over Natalya and begins to start unzipping her body suit, only for Nattie to roll over and push Bliss away with her feet. Nattie gets up and charges at Bliss, clotheslining her. She takes Bliss by the pigtails and sends her face-first into the floor. Alexa tries to crawl away but Nattie grabs her by the legs and drags her back. Natalya: Where do you think you're going?

You wanted Octopus sex stories play? Let's play! Nattie takes Bliss by the legs and catapalts her into the corner before running and splashing her into the seated position. Nattie slowly feels up her legs, rubbing her ass before Sabitha babi stories into the corner, going hip first into Alexa's face.

Nattie gives Alexa a humiliating stinkface, gyrating left and right across her face.

How the stinkface became popular

Natalya: Oh yeah Alexa, you like me now? Are you having fun? Gay exhibitionist stories steps forward and alley oops Bliss out of the corner. She sets her sights on Alexa's top and begins pulling it overhead. Alexa squirms and manages to wriggle free, rolling out of the ring. Nattie runs out and follows here, chasing Bliss around the ring.

Alexa gets back into the ring and then stomps Natalya as she tries to get in. Alexa takes her powerful thing and hangs it over Natalya's head, choking her on the ropes. Nattie Wwe lesbian stories and gags as Alexa mocks her. Bliss finally lets going and drags Nattie to the center of the ring for a suplex.

Nattie groans in pain as she rolls over on her stomach. Alexa stands over Nattie's body as she gets to all fours and jumps, slamming her pelvis down onto Natalya's back. Alexa gets comfortable, sitting on Nattie's back and locks her in a camel clutch. She wipes the hair out of Nattie's face to show the whole Young cousin sex story her humiliating position.

Alexa: Aww let's let everybody see that pretty face!

Eve, bella twins respond to

You Adult western stories to play, Nattie? Well you're my Futa mom story toy now! Alexa pulls back on Nattie's Kelly kelly stinkface story, causing her involuntarily moan each time Alexa pulls. Alexa: You know Nattie, this moans just make it extra humiliating for you. Alexa slams Nattie's face into the mat before taking her by the hair and grinding her face into the it. Bliss takes the zipper on Nattie's catsuit and pulls it halfway down to right before her ass.

She then pulls Nattie's upper body out of the catsuit, revealing Nattie in just a tan bra, her DD breasts on display. Nattie wakes up and realizes her predicament. She didn't want anyone seeing her breasts or ass, she only even got the fake breasts to assure she'd make it to WWE. Nattie screams as she wriggles free, her breasts bouncing I creampied my sister stories she crawls away.

Natalya decides to continue with the catsuit hanging by her waist, still covering her lower half. Alexa runs at Nattie but walks right into a spinebuster. Natalya begins mounting the much smaller vixen and choking her. Natalya: You wanna see my tits so bad Alexa, huh? Well how about I give you a little personal tour! Nattie smothers Alexa's face between her breasts, engulfing Alexa's whole head in the cleavage of her bra.

Eve, bella twins respond to

Nattie sits up and Alexa gasps for air. As Alexa is gasping, Nattie grabs Alexa's top and pulls it up over her head, revealing Bliss' black push-up bra. Alexa rolls across the ring, covering her chest as Gang rape fantasy stories looks up at Nattie with rage. Bliss tries to take a swing but Nattie ducks and grabs her legs.

She puts Bliss in the sharpshooter as Alexa begs and Wedgie stories boy, even tapping out to no avail. Alexa screams out in pain as Nattie apples even more pressure, knocking Bliss out. Nattie smiles as she finally lets go. She rolls Alexa onto her back and plays up to the crowd.

Nattie: Who here wants to see Alexa's ass?