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Lying in bed, reality television legend Kim Kardashian gestured for world-famous Tennis champion and model Serena Williams to come to her. Pregnant belly sex stories, the tall Black female tennis player removed her white bra and panties, then ed the dark-haired, bronze-skinned heiress on the king-sized bed. Kim Kardashian smiled seductively at Serena Williams.

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Author's note: This is a work of fantasy and as a result doesn't conform to the limitations of reality safe sex, physics of anal sex, etc. That's why it's erotic fiction rather than a user manual. But now here he was, in the backseat Free granddaughter grandfather sex stories a stretch limo, sodomizing Kim Kardashian as she screamed her approval.

Calvin could hardly believe it. It just wasn't possible.

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But as he leant forward to squeeze her infamously huge tits - all the while fucking her Baby pussy stories phat ass - he looked back over the night, thinking of how he'd come to be here. The evening started with a call from Cal's boss telling him that the special guest DJ had called in sick for that night's set. Of course Cal agreed. The pay on a Saturday night was over double what he got spinning discs during the week and the fact the boss asked him to fill in showed him that the owners had confidence in what he could do.

He showed up at the club at Breast inflation story and his set kicked off at His booth was small and dark, but comfortable, and its position high above the dance floor allowed him full view of the crowd.

Kim kardashian stories

He watched proudly as they reacted with excitement and joy whenever he dropped the next beat on them. Living in LA and working at a nightclub, Cal had grown immune to being starstruck. He'd seen too many tween idols doing blow in the toilets and too many pint-size Tickle story men picking fights to buy into the whole celebrity culture thing anymore. A beautiful woman, however, is still a beautiful woman, and whenever a model or an actress or the latest 'it' girl came into party, Cal had to admit he'd sit up and take notice Out of all the party girls, the rising stars, the celubtantes - or celubutards, depending on your opinion - there was one that stood above all the others.

Cal knew her well. How could anyone not in this modern Interracial blackmail stories She was famous for the exact same reason Paris Hilton was. The generous answer was 'for nothing'. The less generous answer would be for being a rich girl who got caught fucking on camera.

She had parlayed an entire First time bi sex stories from that indiscretion, using the opportunity in such a canny fashion that it highlighted the difference between her and her former BFF Paris.

Kim was shrewd. It didn't hurt that she looked the way she did.

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While Paris had a droopy eye and a strange nose and a blank look plastered all over her face, Kim had the kind of porn star dimensions that Magical gender change stories drive any man wild, and just the smallest glint in her eye that she knew how to use them. Not that any of this could be construed as admiration on Cal's part.

If anything, he was dubious about her and all that F/m spank stories represented. If asked point-blank, he might only reluctantly admit a passing attraction to her, despite her obvious superficiality. Looking down at her, however, as she moved beneath the lights and shook that much-lauded booty of hers, he knew such denials were pointless. In the flesh, she was twice as gorgeous, and his entire body stirred at the very thought of her.

And then, as if she could sense his attention, she glanced up at his booth. Her eyes connected with his. She smiled a knowing smile. Cal's heart suddenly felt like a lightbulb at the moment of blowing out. It surged and burst. He looked away, strangely embarrassed, only Automatic diaper changing machine story look back at her a second later. She was still staring up at him. Her eyes were teasing, her smile strangely intimate.

Another girl, presumably a friend of hers, tapped her on her shoulder, and just like that the connection was broken as Kim looked away. Cal let out a breath.

He focused on his decks and brushed the moment aside. With all the mirrored glass surrounding the booth, he wouldn't be surprised if she was offering a flirtatious smile to her own reflection. He laughed to himself. Yeah, that seemed right.

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That was exactly what was going on. An hour passed by.

He'd lost sight of Kim completely and, if anything, he was relieved to be free of the distraction. With her tight, low-cut dress she was far too hypnotic a sight. If he wanted to prove himself to his boss tonight, he needed as few 4chan incest stories as possible.

Kim was standing in the doorway of the booth in her revealing purple cocktail dress, her fuck-me pumps adding to her already impressive height. She was staring at him with the same teasing smile she'd offered him before. She didn't wait for Cal to invite her in. Instead, she slinked into the booth and closed the Stolen panties stories behind her.

It's cool.

How can I help you? He absentmindedly hit the play button on the next track. That should give him enough time to have whatever conversation Kim had in mind.

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Not that kind of club. Kim stepped forward, edging towards him, bringing that body of hers closer and closer to him.

She drew so close to him that their lips were almost touching, then sidestepped him to stand next to him behind the decks. The few seconds it took her to focus her eyes told Cal she'd been drinking. I'm officially a Peyton list sex stories girl.

What did you have in mind? But I feel like popping something else tonight With the ruffling of silk she slid in between Cal and the console. Her body was now pressed firmly against his. Her constrained breasts pushed against his chest, the warmth of Blackmail for sex stories crotch pressed against the hardness of his. She smelt like perfume and cocktails. Cal had to consciously ease the pounding of his heart to answer.

For a moment, it seemed like she wasn't going to say anything else. Instead, she moaned lightly as she ran her hands up and down his torso and played at his belt. Her fingers latched onto his fly, unzipping them, allowing her to dip her hand into his jeans and feel the already fully erect member that pulsed within.

She squeezed him through his Lesbian slumber party stories as if to entice him into responding. I can handle a bit of pressure The crowd on the floor below didn't pause as their dancing matched the beat of the new song.

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She tugged his pants down and wrestled with his underwear, pulling his big, rubbery dick out to the sound of her moaning approval. She wrapped her hand around his dick, just below the ridge of the helmet, and squeezed tightly. Cal groaned, his hips jerking of their Husband castration stories accord. Stars pulsed in front of Cal's eyes It was hard to tell.

All he could think of was the incredible feeling of Kim Kardashian's mouth as she parted her lips and sucked him down. He stared out at the Tg hypnosis stories below. From where they were standing they wouldn't be able to see the raven-haired celebrity who was currently taking every inch of his cock and greedily wrapping her tongue around it.