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I'd like hunting for Latex maid story that wants fatties

I reluctantly rose and checked the clock; I had been out for two hours.

Latex Maid Story

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Now I was clad head to toe in the shiny black latex catsuit and had managed to bind myself to the cross that was on the wall in the playroom just as the doll had been. I had managed to get myself stuck in bondage and my weekend partner Stupid sex stories just looked for me, but seeing what looked like just a latex doll bound to the wall of the playroom, he had shut the door and turned off the light.

Name: Patrizia
Years: 40
What is my ethnicity: Bangladeshi
Eyes: Bright blue eyes
What is my body type: Slender
What is my favourite music: Heavy metal
I like: Mountain climbing
I have piercing: None
Smoker: Yes

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You've been cleaning there for three months. I've only been into one room Fm spanking story. Besides, like I said, it's more a companionship thing. Jerry's taking me to Key West and I think he's gonna pop the question. Where's that sarcasm emoticon when I need it. Oh by the way, wear something nice, a skirt and blouse, something like that.

I pulled into the drive about an hour later. The house is in an older, but better part of town. Though few of the houses were private residences. Some were apartments, some businesses. I saw Sissy crossdress stories lot of s for law firms.

It was a big, old, brick of a thing and, according to Deb the woman, Elianna, lived there, alone. I pulled around back as Deb instructed, parked the car, walked up onto the back porch.

The woman that answered my knock was striking - in a wholly artificial way. She was so perfect she almost looked like a doll. She responded, but she didn't move. The Torture snuff stories grew awkward. I stood on the porch, she just inside the doorway.

Be careful what you wish for 2

But then she took a step back, gestured me forward. She closed the door and led me through the kitchen to a front room, obviously her office. She sat behind the desk, I Plaster body cast stories the guest chair. Not really.

She said you need some light housekeeping and would like some, er, companionship. Yes, that's an appropriate word. Did she tell you about her experiences here? I mean, yeah, I guess.

But no, not really. I know what it is and I use latex gloves doing odd jobs around the house, but Do you understand? There are clothes for you to wear in the Saroja devi stories, rear, upstairs bedroom.

There is a clothes caddy. Please use it. And only wear what I've supplied.

That means no jewelry either. Oh, and there is some lotion on the night stand. I suggest you use it. Mistress was a piece of work, I had to admit that. Her face was flawless, not a crease or even a hint of a wrinkle. Her skin was pale, but had a slight peachish blush. She didn't spare the eyeliner or mascara and her lips were full and bright red. Her hair, a color of blonde not Wife stronger than husband stories in nature, hung in soft curls down to Masterbating in school stories shoulders.

She wore a white blouse. Satin, maybe? She had a black skirt, black hose, and black heels, high heels, really high heels. All the doors on the upper floor were closed save one.

I stepped into the room and stopped. There, laid out neatly on the bed, were my work clothes.

It took a moment to realize it was a Permanent rubber bondage stories maid outfit. Took me another to realize it was made entirely of rubber, black and white latex. And then in the third instant I realize Elianna's outfit wasn't cloth at all, but rubber. I found myself exploring each item. There was your standard, frilly maid's outfit, complete with a lacey, white rubber headband. There were rubber opera gloves, rubber underpants, a rubber garter belt, and rubber, what?

Rubber hose. I stifled a giggle. I closed the Mutual mastrubation stories and got undressed. Okay, the full-body latex thing was a bit weird, but what the hell. Besides, the money was good. Everything looked a size too small, but, being rubber, it stretched.

And, yes, I needed lotion for the stockings and gloves. And it took a lot of tugging and smoothing, but soon my arms and legs were encased in a smooth layer of shiny, black rubber.

I pulled on the panties and garter belt. The dress was loose and easily dropped over my head.

It had a faux apron with ties in the back. Mature hotwife stories drew the rubber snug against my bare breasts. My nipples hardened. The material was so thin in could see them plainly and I felt a twinge of embarrassment.

Lastly came the head band. In the mirror I looked like your typical caricature of a sexy maid.

I couldn't even tell it was rubber from the reflection. But Naughty pee stories could feel it. The only things not covered in rubber were a couple of inches of thigh and a bit of cleavage, well, quite a bit of cleavage. There were four pairs of shoes by the door, identical spike heels in black. The only difference being size. I found a pair that fit, sort of, and stepped into them.

They weren't Self hanging wedgie stories extreme heels Elianna was wearing, but they'd take a bit of getting used to. I took the stairs very, very slowly.

Girls tribbing stories was seated in the spare chair by the window. She had a mug in her hand. I could smell the coffee Yeah, coffee with bourbon.

Breakfast of champions my dad used to say. The next thing I know I'm cuffed. She had held out her hand and, instinctively, I proffered mine. She wrapped the leather around my wrist Bisex incest stories buckled it Clean sheets stories I never saw the lock until it was fastened to the cuff.

And like a dodo, I offered my other wrist without giving it a second's thought. She used the second lock to connect the cuffs. It was your basic ball gag in basic red.