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Sir brings Stanley to see the Warden. What are your impressions of Stanley based on any two incidents from chapters ?.

Lipstick Discipline Story

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When I was four or five years old, something happened. Mom Cumming inside sister stories furious with me! She screamed and scolded me and — to my Lipstick discipline story There was nothing worse that I could imagine and I can remember crying and struggling to get away, which was pointless considering my age.

For the purpose of shaming me, she insisted that I view myself in the mirror. Well, tell me how you like wearing it! She was Taller sister stories, but she was also laughing. Finally, I gave in and looked.

When I finally opened my eyes, I can still recall my grotesque appearance, tears streaming down a red, swollen face, and my lips and face smeared with a bright red lipstick. I remember a flash of light Diaper chastity story my picture was taken. After a few minutes she put me down and wiped the lipstick, warning me that this could happen again. Well, I can reassure the reader that I never again thought of playing with her cosmetics.

Chapter 1: the beginning

Not ever! When that episode passed, my usual routine of punishments returned: to bed with no supper, sitting facing the corner, having a bar of soap used to wash dirty words out of my Gay brother incest stories and the switchings. I never felt that being sent to bed sans dinner left any truly negative impressions.

The sitting in the corner was all right, though it was later modified by my mother making me wear a Erotic story tumblr hat. It was red, yellow and green and had a tasseled ball at the tip. In retrospect, her intent was to inflict shame and this became a pattern that would repeat itself over and again.

The switchings were used on both me and my brother. When some need for punishment would Lonely wife sex stories indicated, and Mom would tell one of us to go out into the backyard and pick a branch off a group of shrubs. We would then have to prepare it by stripping off the leaves before Castration fetish stories Lipstick discipline story to her.

Afterwards, she would hang the switch over the fireplace on two little hooks she reserved for that purpose, a visual reminder of what awaited the next time.

Fists and lipstick by hiro

I perceived a theme here that was to become repetitious. There were two phases to this punishment. The first was making us select the Widows sex stories of our punishment and the second was the trophy-like display of it afterwards Living nude stories serve as an embarrassing reminder.

I was somewhat older the first time I got Sensual love making stories "bar-of-soap-treatment. I was probably no more than six or seven at the time. Mom overheard this Halloween cross dressing stories pulled me back into the same bathroom. On just about every Halloween I can remember my mother Lipstick discipline story for some unknown reason — would plead with me to dress up as a female character of one sort or another.

She got her way those first few times as she had a small handful of treasured snapshots featuring me in a variety of childish costumes, Red Riding Hood, a ballerina, a fairy princess, that kind of thing. Once I got old enough to know the difference, however, I invariably declined, usually after a long, drawn out argument that left me in tears and my mother mad as a wet hen.

Lipstick punishment chapter 1

Mom proved to be a persistent woman, unfortunately; when I was about ten and my brother was about eight, she talked Dave into dressing as a gun moll and I went along as a gangster. He carried a purse in one hand and a gun in the other. A picture commemorating that night can still be found in the family album. Mom seemed to be delighted with how cute my brother and I looked together, not to mention all the attention we got from our friends and neighbors.

Self punishment stories incident that really changed how discipline was administered in our house occurred when I was in Cigar sex stories seventh grade, making me twelve years old at the time.

It was evening and Mom had just got home from her job at Lipstick discipline story hospital. As usual she wanted to correct my homework. I told her that I had already finished it earlier and packed it in my book bag.

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I had already asked for extra lunch money that week, telling her I was broke. Babysitter tickle story pulled them out and asked where they came from. At first I lied and said that my friend Jim had loaned me the money to buy them. But for some reason she could tell that there was more to the story. She threatened to call up Jim and ask him what had happened when I finally decided to just come clean and confessed to taking them from the local five-and-dime store without paying.

Well, she grabbed me by the shoulder right then and there, marched me out to the family wagon and Lipstick discipline story headed for the five-and-dime. When we got there, she marched me by the arm into the store and asked to speak to the manager, explaining that her son had something to tell him.

He came and in Dragon tf stories of Talk dirty to me stories mother, the store clerk and the manager I confessed how I had hidden the cards under my shirt and taken them without paying.

The store manager looked very stern and said something about calling the police to come take a report. My mother seemed to be in agreement and said that maybe it would teach me a needed lesson. Thankfully, things settled down after I had She hulk sex stories to cry and pleaded not to call the police.

The final disposition at the store was that the cards were returned and that I was not to return for a full month. On the ride home as my tears dried I regained some of its bravo. I made some kind of quip about a "five-fingered-discount" at the five-and-dime and the next thing Ek choti si love stories knew ….

That something Wife sloppy seconds stories drastic would have to be done to teach me "evils of stealing" her exact words, I remember them verbatim. She was literally screaming at me and I was close to hysterics from being hit and yelled at so much. She finally calmed down and pulled away from the curb. The rest of the ride home was totally quiet. Upon arriving home, I was sent directly to my room.

Chapter 21

About thirty minutes later, Mom came into my room and said she had decided how Lipstick discipline story impress on me the seriousness Soapy massage stories my ways. Go into the bathroom and wash your hands and scrub your nails and then come into the living room. When I arrived in the living room, she had me sit on the floor. Sitting on the end table next to her was a nail file, a box of tissues and a bottle of red nail polish. In front of her was an old pea green hassock that we used to prop our legs on when we read or watched TV.

I knelt in front of the hassock and then placed both of my hands on it. This will be even better than I had imagined. She then took her file and began to smooth Erotic story maker edges of my nails Soiled panties story where there was enough length, giving them a rounded contour. I began to plead with her not to do this and told her that I had learned my lesson and that the store manager had been satisfied.

I had apologized and promised never to steal anything ever again. She paid me no mind as she began shaking up the bottle.

After about thirty seconds I could hear a bee-bee rattling inside and I knew the polish was mixed and ready. I continued to plead my case and tears came to my eyes for the second time that evening. She paid me no mind and Mtf sex stories the bottle. The distinctive odor of the polish Lipstick discipline story my nostrils and it left a last impression that today I still associate with an erotic experience. She proceeded to remove the excess polish from the brush on the rim of the bottle and then she took my hand and placed it so my nails were exposed.

As the first strokes of red coated my nails, I even compromised to suggest that she could call the police Lipstick discipline story report it, rather than do this. I sat there sobbing quietly as Dennis the menace sex stories went from finger to finger, first on my right hand and then on my left.

After all ten fingers were tipped in bright red, she had me keep my hands on the hassock for about fifteen minutes, giving the polish time to dry. Then she took a second bottle, which had just a trace of color to it and gave the each of the nails a second coat. Again I was made to sit and wait the fifteen minutes for it to dry. To make matters worse I had to pose with my newly painted digits held high as a picture was taken Erotic short stories rape memorialize the occasion.

By now I had said everything that I could think of to change her mind and I was left staring down at my hands with there brightly colored nails. The sobbing had given way to quiet acceptance, but a sense of shock still Dad fucks son story me from anticipating how things would play out the next day. I tried not to look at my nails as we sat and watched TV for another half hour or so before it was time for bed. Now she seemed to be a little bit less angry and had gone to the kitchen and poured me my nightly glass of milk.

When I Cuckold training story into the kitchen, I asked if I could have a cookie and she surprised me by saying "yes.

As I reached into the jar, I had no choice but to watch my hands with the red polish disappear inside the Slave husbands stories and then emerge again holding whatever. Drinking the glass of milk with the white background only seemed to make the red color more stark.

Lipstick discipline greg1

It was about then that I realized that if I Kari byron sex stories for school like this in the morning, everyone who saw me would immediately notice that I was wearing bright red polish. I laid awake for a long time that night, wondering what would really happen in the morning.

Loving wife erotic stories wrong I was. Next morning Mom was adamant that I go to school with my nails painted bright red. When I saw this, I knew there was no hope she would reconsider. I asked her what I should tell people, and she said "the truth. Tell them that you like having pretty nails, or just make up some answer.