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Introduction: When they could not Models spreading legs a babysitter, Mom and dad asked me to sit for my little cousin. My name is Todd. I am 19, six foot one and weigh

Little Cousin Sex Story

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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Thu 29th of September Report. Introduction: I never thought a simple night Body transformation sex stories could turn out so crazy. It's important to point out that this story is fantastical, I do not condone pedophilia or underage sex in life.

Name: Pooh
Years old: I am 24
Nationality: I'm namibian
Eye tone: I’ve got bright blue eyes
My hair: Scraggly hair
What I prefer to listen: Jazz

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My little cousin and her friend (true story)

Hair perm stories must be logged in to post wall comments or like a story. Please or up free. In Up. We currently have stories with more being added every day. I was fourteen at the time, but remember it like it was last night. My mum's sister and her nine-year-old daughter were in town and Small dick humiliation stories to stay at our place.

Since it's only mum and me in our two bedroom apartment, Auntie had to share mum's room and cousin slept in the top bunk in my room.

Babysitting my little cousin.

My bunk bed was of the fashion that had a twin on top and a regular sized double on Mature slut wife stories bottom. Cousin being only nine had to turn in a couple of hours before me and I just assumed she would be taking the top bunk.

When I went in to bed, there she was, sound asleep in my double! Well I wasn't taking the top bunk so I decided to wake her and make her move, but she was so soundly asleep, I gave up and just slid her toward the wall.

My little cousin, anna

After laying beside her for a while, my curiosity got the best of me. Her being almost ten, I was wondering if she Group spanking stories any hair 'down there' yet. At this point in her sleep, she was laying on her back, so I reached over and put my hand over her vulva area on top of the outfit she wore to bed. The outfit was a Rave sex stories one-piece she earlier said was a dance outfit.

Why she didn't change into pyjamas I don't know. The first thing I noticed when I put my hand there was that she didn't have any underwear on under the one-piece. Also clear to me was that the outfit didn't have the cotton lining that most swimwear or leotards have.

Even on top of the thin fabric it was Dad fucks his daughter stories having my flattened palm right on her bare pussy! No hair by the way.

I should have left it at that right there, but I started getting turned on by feeling her smooth Batman erotic stories and the indent where her slit began. I noticed she had a pretty large hood for such a little girl.

I started to lightly, slowly move my middle finger over her slit, top to bottom, top to bottom. With my right hand, I pulled myself out of my boxers and started stroking quietly and slowly.

In my mind I was pretending she was awake and we were doing this together. After about five to ten minutes of this, to my surprise she moved her knees apart pretty far and up a bit Hucow butchering erotic stories her hips.

When she did this the puffy outer lips separated and made a sound like a wet mouth opening. I stopped stroking, held my breath, and kept my left hand right where it Pregnant male stories.

My little cousin and her friend (true story)

Just then, with her left hand she pulled the leotard to the side. She didn't say a word but I took this as an invitation to continue. So now that her pussy was wet and wide open, I began to explore it more intently, all the while stroking away Dd/lg stories my five incher. Right hand up.

Right hand down. Left hand, middle finger leading the way lightly up and down her slit. Using the fingers on either side of my middle finger, I held her outer pussy lips open and Sex with dogs story to explore the innocent youth of her inner pussy.

Her inner lips were almost non-existent. Thin, but wet and ing at the top of her Gay beastiality story just below the hood that hid her pea-sized clit. I started giving the little pea more attention and when I did this she reacted by moving her hips up from the bed very slightly.

I knew I was Giantess erotic stories something so I started circling her button and moving up and down on it with my finger. All the while using my other two fingers on her outer pussy lips and that area between her mound and her little legs.

Sex with my younger first cousin

Our breathing both began to increase as I hadn't let up on my own privates while thinking of the pleasure I was giving her. She began to grind her Country girl sex stories with more intensity and suddenly she let go of the leotard she had pulled to the side. She slipped her hand under the leotard, then under my hand and I could feel her little fingers begin to work her button. I let her take over and decided to concentrate more on the opening just under her pee hole.

I was able to get only the first pad of my middle finger into her when she turned her head into my Lesbien short stories and let out a quiet, muffled moan. Then her whole body tensed, and her little pussy clamped tight on my finger and I could feel the muscles of her whole pussy area spasm.

I was so taken by all of this that I had stopped stroking all together. Dominated husband stories she recovered from her orgasm, she whispered, 'Thank you, cousin'. Without another word she silently reached her tiny hand to my dick and wrapped her fingers around me and proceeded to stroke me up and down until I shot one so big it hit the underside of the top bunk!

I never imagined she could be such a sex kitten, and I never in a million years thought what began as an innocent act of teenage curiosity would be the beginning of a great relationship with my little Anal incest fuck stories. Copyright SMI-Help.