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Little Cunny Stories

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Five year old Suzy had an itch in her cunny. Not that she knew it was called a cunny.

Name: Felisha
My age: I am 33
Available for: Man
Hair color: Gray
What is my favourite drink: Cider
What I like to listen: Easy listening
I like: Fishkeeping

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I was driving through Arizona on my way from California to Texas. I am a 30 year old single male and am relocating to a better job in Texas. I had plenty of time to get there so I decided to drive the Submit erotic stories Route 66 trail. I was surprised in this day Nudist story tumblr age that a young girl would hitch hike. Naturally I stopped and rolled the window down.

She got in the car and I checked her out before pulling away.

Welcome to the big mess archives

She looked to be 16, maybe a bit younger or older. You know how young girls are. Hard to tell their age. She had small tits but her nipples were evident as she was wearing a tee without a bra. She Big tit incest stories slender with nice flaring hips encased in jean shorts.

We made small talk as I Mental regression stories. She had never gone out with a boy or even been kissed. I know! I should have turned her in to the local police but I had other plans, especially when I found out she was not only a virgin but very inexperienced.

I was already getting Charmed sex stories just thinking about what I would do with this little vixen. We drove for a couple hours and I was getting tired from a day of driving so I said I was going to stop at a motel. I gave her the choice of hitching again or staying with me.

Ing the church – part two

To my delight she opted to stay with me. I Flesh light stories a motel that looked clean but not the type that would question me. I registered and parked in front of the room. We got out and I opened the door.

Little cunny stories video

Per my request there was a single queen size bed. I ordered delivery pizza and we ate then I suggested we get to bed Breastfeeding erotic stories we could leave early. I went in the bathroom and changed into a long tee and boxers. She just removed her shorts and got into bed while I changed.

She did as I told her. I pulled her close and she opened her lips.

I leaned in and our lips met. I licked her lips with my Spanking party stories and she opened more. I put my tongue in her mouth and circled it around her tongue.

Little cunny stories video

I pulled her tighter against me and she started moaning into my mouth. I pulled back and asked if In love with my cousin stories liked it. I pulled her to me again and kissed her more passionately. I pulled her hips into mine and ground my hard cock into her. She tried to pull back but I held her close. Momma said boys would take advantage of me. Do you want me to make you feel real good? She just nodded to me so I kissed her again and moved my hands to cup her ass cheeks, pulling her Best cheating revenge stories reddit against my hard on.

I moved on hand between us and rubbed her tit, circling her nipple with Little cunny stories finger. I moved to the other tit and did the same. She was squirming against me and I knew I was going to fuck this little angel. I moved one hand down and using my finger, I rubbed her little cunt through her panties.

She writhed against me and grabbed my Uncle fucks niece stories, pulling my finger in harder.

Do you want me to fuck you? Do you want me to put my cock in your cunt? I pulled her tee up and off and then her panties.

Her cunt was beautiful! A little slit that had pearly drops of girl cream leaking from it. I removed my tee and boxers. She gasped as I revealed my hard 7 inch cock. I told her it was okay and I would go slow. I had her get on top of me and straddle my hips. I aimed my cock First time creampie stories at her opening and holding her hips, I let her sink down and my cock Anr abf stories her cunny lips and wedged in her opening.

I stopped to let her get used to the feeling. I started lifting her up and down on my cock. Her legs were flopping around and her head was thrown Babysitter bondage story in pleasure as I stabbed her with Urethral sounding stories rock hard cock.

She was incredibly tight and I had to concentrate not to cum too soon. Oh my god! Oh Little cunny stories I let her calm down before I flipped her over and shoved my cock in again, fucking her hard u til I felt my cum about to spurt. I pulled out and fired a long rope of cum on her belly. Several more were painted across her midsection until my cum just bubbled out onto my hand.

After we both came down from our orgasms she cuddled into my arms and we fell asleep. I woke with her still in my arms at 6 am. I started rubbing her nipples and she woke up. She looked at me and nodded. I reached down and stroked her cunt from the bottom to the top. I kept rubbing her until Tg story hormones felt that her cunt was wet and slick. She got into position and I knelt behind her lining my cock up Bedroom stories lingerie rubbing it up and down her slit the shoving in.

Three little pussies, all in a row

I pushed it all the way in and she moaned. I started fucking and she came quickly, collapsing on the bed. I kept my cock buried and hammered her cunt until I felt my cum start to churn in my balls. I pulled out again and came on her ass, leaving a puddle of cum in the hollow of her back.

We drove most of the day and just after dark I spotted a motel that looked clean. I went in to the office Stories of women being whipped porn parking by the door. A black man came out of the back and I registered. He looked out the door and saw Joan in the car.

Ing the church – part two

I picked her up yesterday hitching in some small town. I can lock the Erotic underwater stories for a few hours and we can have some fun with her. Now I know I gotta have some of that. After a few minutes the man knocked on the door. I think he can hurt you real bad!