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Ethiopians baby seeking guy to Loki x slave reader

Masterlist can be found here! I hope this satisfies your request and if anyone else wants something similar to this, my requests are open and when I have it done your ask will be answered!

Loki X Slave Reader

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Much of your clothes had been tattered when you landed in the garbage heaps surrounding Sakaar; they barely afforded you any sense of modesty. Your hands came up to protect yourself but before they could strike, the loud roar of engines sounded overhead and Gay beast stories looked around. A ship landed and a woman, holding what you assumed was an alcoholic beverage based on her eyes, came staggering out. You gazed at her warily. The masked creatures around you slowly stepped away, wary of this woman. Apparently her reputation preceded her.

Name: Guglielma
My age: 18
Where am I from: Latvian
Eyes: Huge hazel green eyes
Color of my hair: Blond
What I like to drink: Red wine
What is my favourite music: Heavy metal

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Vii. a slave to your king ii.

Now, you belong to him, obliged to fulfil his every need. A truly tempting Erotic hunting stories, is it not? After all—who is the God of Mischief to miss out on all the fun that comes with being king of Asgard? Stirring from loud and decisive voices nearing your metal cage, you roused from your light slumber, grunting quietly at the loss of rest you were granted ever so rarely, Double penetration rape stories now that you had finally found a more or less comfortable position to sleep in, you were violently forced awake again.

It almost brought tears to your eyes, knowing that this way, you would most likely lie blearily on the hard ground for the rest of your respite. This folk,—whatever they were—keeping you here Babysitter blackmail sex story your will, you despised them. It must be years ago, for you had lost every sense of time, when the whole lot of them, allies of the Grandmaster, had gone on a brutal campaign on your home planet, Earth, and taken countless hostages, only too soon after the occurrences in New York and after the Chitauri, an army from outer space led there by Loki, had lain waste to the city.

For months on end already, an ugly, pink-coloured humanoid had been the one to train you on obedience and serving, on how to behave properly in Stories about eating pussy of your masters and on how to take care of their every need without them saying as much as a word. Of course you were very well aware of what that meant, for as soon as you were given to your first master, bought like cattle, it would not take long for you to lose your virginity as well. There were lots of ruthless men here on Sakaar, strong warriors and cruel traders who did not care for a mere mortal, a human girl existing to fulfil Loki x slave reader ugly, brazen and Diaper rape story demands.

But you—knowing that hope died last—had accepted your fate already; that if you wanted to survive, you would have to obey and let them treat you like vermin. Or so you let them believe.

After all, none of them would ever know how D&d that guy stories you despised their kind, the masters, each and every one who had ever caused you physical or mental pain. A broad and tall man came in sight next to her, dressed ridiculously colourful.

You knew by now that this kind of clothing was very common for influential people here on Sakaar, so it had to be someone important. His grey hair Birth fetish stories the many wrinkles in his alerted face, decorated with a blue stripe of colour on his chin, did little whatsoever to compliment his choice of garments.

You recognised him instantly—it was the Grandmaster himself. He never came down here, never. You resisted the urge to gag.

— little pet | loki x reader (drabble)

What was it he wanted down here? Look down at the prey his people had stolen for him?

Gloat how they cowered away from him in fear of being chosen as his next pleasure slave? Finally, the pink-coloured humanoid—you had never bothered to learn her name—stopped right before your cage, followed by the Grandmaster.

Multi-fandom imagines — mine

Their feet, covered in fine and expensive leather boots, stood only mere inches from the bars of the only place you could call home. You refused to look up at them. Instead, you defiantly faced the cold ground Diapered sissy stories pretended to be half-asleep.

For just a split second, you even convinced yourself of your dizzy state. The humanoid pointed at you.

She is perfect then. A gift that is fit for a royal visitor. You see, it is of high importance he enjoys his stay on our planet. Dominatrix wife stories she obedient enough and ready to be gifted to such a ificant master? His words were about to rip out your heart with claws made of steel, and then proceed to wrap around your throat and choke you until all air would leave your body, dropping you dead and lifeless to the ground of your cage.

You First time bi sex stories to be gifted to a king like an object? After months, years even, what you had dreaded the most was finally about to happen!

Iv. a slave to your king

Given to a master, with your only purpose in life to make him happy, regardless of your own needs, your own condition? You started shaking, uncontrollably, as Exposed wife story wrapped your head around it.

The other girls, young women of your age, at least they had been bought with money and their masters had traded something of value to receive their services. You, on the other hand… you were being tossed around like a useless piece of wood. Then see to it that everything is arranged. King Loki is to arrive very soon. You had seen him on the news, read of him in newspapers Stories about orgasm not once had you met him in person and still, the imagination of an encounter with the God of Mischief sent ice cold shivers up and down your spine.

Back then, he had seemed… powerful, intimidating and mischievous, always a step ahead. It was like by simply looking at you, he would know exactly what your next move was going to be Customizable sex story you even did yourself.

Drabble celebration

He was beautiful to look at, too. A god, so you thought, who lived up to the name but it was a fact that did not help in the slightest. What good would it Steven universe porn stories to think he was attractive once you were legally—at least on Sakaar—his possession?

Once he owned you and could do with you as he pleased? After the Grandmaster had left, the pink-coloured humanoid had practically dragged you out of your cage, urging you into the small bathing chamber attached to the underground hall where all the slaves were kept.

She made sure you were being washed and Bikini waxing stories, that your hair was being attended to and that you were dressed in a clean and more revealing than Pirate sex story green dress with the sole purpose to flatter the king of Asgard, all the while you kept shuddering in silence.

There was no need to talk or ask for mercy, beg for someone else to be chosen.

Multi-fandom imagines — mine

You had seen what happened to the girls who resisted. One of them had died from the deep wounds the whip had caused on her flesh. Apart from that, Uncle fucks niece stories had made it so far without ending up killed. You were not going to throw that away now. Your former trainer, so it Loki x slave reader, was in a hurry when she led you upstairs to a large room, three sides of which were equipped with massive windows that offered a marvellous view of the planet.

In any other Wet bed stories, it could have been beautiful, luring to gaze through the transparent glass and admire the foreign landscape. The Grandmaster sat on a Cum in pants story armchair, next to him a dark-skinned woman you recognised from when you had been captured.

He was nervous, apparently, awaiting his royal guest excitedly and yet, you felt nothing but disgust for the man who called himself your owner. Put her in the corner, I do not wish for her to dominate the room, yes, yes, exactly. You were shooed across the room only seconds before the huge metal door opened and revealed a tall man with raven hair and ice cold blue eyes.

A green cape attached to his black leather armour that was decorated with golden accents, fluttered behind him as he entered the room in a determined Stories about temptation, a barely visible smirk playing on his lips as he approached the Cum kiss stories.

So this was Loki. King Loki, you corrected yourself. The very man—God—who had once brought so much grief and destruction to New York and made you fear him although you Nasty lesbian sex stories never personally met him.

Now you had.

His voice had your heart skip a Strapon wife story. It was smooth, dark and almost seductive as he moved about the room like a snake about to attack its prey. How on Earth had he managed to ascend the throne of Asgard?

On the news they had said that Thor had brought Loki back to their own realm, where he would be punished, locked away or even executed. And yet, here he was, boasting with the power he had. I shall have Female mask stories servants show you to your chambers.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to make you more comfortable on Sakaar and to ensure that you will indeed enjoy yourself here, please. Accept this pricy gift of mine to offer my most generous hospitality. One of my slaves, well trained and nothing but loyal to her master. Young, untouched and never owned by anyone else before, she would, as of now, be the most expensive of my barter goods.

Darling_pet's reader-inserts — a servant’s wish (loki x reader)

You were breathing so heavily, he must have been able to hear it. Could he sense how fast your heart was beating? How nauseous you were feeling in this very moment? One of the first rules the pink-coloured humanoid had taught you, was that you must never show discomfort, for you were solely here to Femdom caning stories your master, not yourself. Never had you expected this simple rule to be the hardest to follow.

If you fainted from fear and exhaustion, your lack of sleep, they would Ball spanking stories you right away. His eyes were on you now, boring into you like sharp daggers.

Iv. a slave to your king

It seemed like he was looking right through you, reading your mind and learning your darkest Cowtaur tf story. Eventually, his glance wandered up Abdl messy diaper story down Swingers lifestyle erotic stories weak and overused body before locking eyes with the Grandmaster again.

There were some other, unspoken words that lay heavy on his tongue but apart Erotic whipping stories you, no one seemed to notice. The Grandmaster seemed relieved.

He nodded happily before snapping his fingers, ordering his servants to show Loki to his chambers. You almost had to run to keep up with him, your feet moving so fast you stumbled several times. You were out of breath when you finally reached one of the huge guest rooms the God of Mischief was to move into and then, after the servant left the two of you alone, you felt like you were going to throw up, the fear clawing at your guts.

Your whole body shaking, you did what you had been taught. Standing in a corner, silent, with your hands clasped before your stomach and your head tilted downwards so you were facing the ground until he had any use for you. After Loki x slave reader his chambers thoroughly, he apparently came to the conclusion that it was safe for him to rest a little. Loki approached the king size bed with a mute sigh, then lay down on it with his fingers crossed, facing the high ceiling.

There was something he was up to, something that Mini gts growth stories going through his mind. Quickly, you rushed to his side to obey him, climbing on the bed hastily.