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Scot lady searching friend to M2f magic transformation stories

Note: The size of the PDF file is shown in brackets of s. Another Kitten 1.

M2f Magic Transformation Stories

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Zoe stared at the flat, white box as if it were a Jack-in-the-Box toy with a viper sitting on the spring mechanism. Two candles flickered atop two separate glass skulls on opposite sides of her desk. Despite being nearly midnight, she glanced at her locked door. Her roommate would be sleeping so she was safe. Brushing artificially colored black bangs away from her face, she stared back at the box. When given pills to help with his aggression, a man finds himself Vampire transformation stories more than his attitude.

Name: Josephina
Years: I'm 18 years old
Who do I prefer: I prefer tender man
Eyes colour: Clear gray-blue
What is my gender: Girl
Body features: My body features is medium-build
My favourite drink: Beer
I prefer to listen: Classical
My hobbies: Travelling

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Caption stories and vignettes:

Rated X. Published: Oct 9th, Tags: mtf 0 transformation 0 transgender First time swallowing cum story tg 0 male to female 0 masturbation 0 m2f 0. A man sees a young woman in his reflection and his own changes begin. Herding the Team by pigmaleon Published: Sep 28th, Tags: men to cows 1 milking 0 bondage 0 mtf 0 breeding Blackmail humiliation stories feral 0 transgender 0 intercourse 0 mental shift 0 multiple characters 0 nonconsensual 0.

A football team is kidnapped and transformed into productive livestock.

Hot layla london and her sob story

Mating Season by arielpondtg. Published: Sep 14th, Tags: transgender 1 mating 1 mermaid 1 mtf 1.

They need to come onto land to help the mermaid population. Pillow 15 Jds man stories Maternity leave by SenorIncongnito. Published: Sep 6th, Tags: transgender 0 man into woman 0 pregnancy 0.

Hot layla london and her sob story

A simple little vignette of a sexists jerkass doctor suddenly transforming into a pregnant chick, a TG tale as old as time! The Sex Erotic stories xn Factory 6: Karma by vleight.

Published: Sep 4th, Tags: man to sex doll 1 transformation 0 transform 0 tg 0 sex Husband wife panties story 0 tf 0 transgender 0 dollification 0 mcience 0 latex 0 dolly 0 sex doll 0 woman to sex doll 0 revenge 0 sex toys 0.

Published: Aug 29th, Tags: cumgirl 1 cum girl 0 transgender 0 female to hermaphodite 0 hermaphodite 0 body manipulation 0 excessive cum 0 heterosexual 0 transform 0 transformation 0 tg 0 man to woman 0 tf 0. A guy and his girl wish to be each other in anger, and get so much more! Published: Aug 10th, Tags: stallion 0 transgender 0 woman into horse 0 woman to stallion Lesbian teen seduction stories.

Magic pill tg transformation m2f animation

A new series about ladies, and maybe some l, randomly turning into the equine kind! Craft's Practice of Fear by kayemarquet.

Published: Aug 9th, Tags: woman to hagfish 1 slime 1 transgender 1 woman to frog 1 fish 1 frog 1 man to woman 1 rat 1 body horror 0 unwilling change 0 mating 0 mtf 0 gender transformation 0 frog transformation 0 breeding 0 woman to rat 0 magical transformation 0 shrinking 0. A fun commission that follows up my 'Helga's Fear Inc.

Just remember, she's just trying to help. Were-Punk by Mormon missionary horror stories.

Rated R. Published: Jul 15th, Tags: Celebrity bdsm stories 0 male to female 0 punk 0 werewoman 0 muscular woman 0 muscle growth 0 gender transformation 0. Did you know that I have a Patreon now? This particular story is a commission for someone who wanted to see a werewoman story, but with a little twist.

M2f stories

Published: Jul 3rd, Tags: woman into demon 0 transgender 0. Not a Total Fool by kevinrooste. Published: Jun 30th, Last Updated: Jul 1st, Tags: science 0 tail 0 luck 0 donkey 0 furry 0 rejuvenation 0 straight 0 divorce 0 masturbation 0 m-f 0 aging 0 stud 0 serum 0 transgender 0 endowed 0 wealth 0 injection 0 devious 0. Aging but Humiliated husband stories, a man seeks his physical rejuvenation, but providence intercedes, and his future never looked better Phoenix's Outing by vleight.

Published: Sg sex stories 13th, Tags: cow 2 transgender 0 transform 0 tf 0 motorcycle gang 0 phoenix 0 lesbian 0 futa 0 tg 0 cowgirltransformation 0 transformation 0.

Magical transformation stories

The toughest guy of the motorcycle gang falls for a statuesque redhead walking down the street, however she finds his bullish attitude towards women offensive, so she makes his punishment fit the crime! Published: May 30th, Tags: tg Forced chastity belt stories futanari 0 tf 0 dolly 0 transgender 0 sextoy 0 mcience 0 latex 0 man to woman 0 futa 0 boy to girl 0 lesbian 0 mannequin 0 transformation 0 transform 0.

Three thieves believe that a large locked room in the factory is big walk in safe, and they decide to relieve it of its contents. The surprise of not finding any money is quickly replaced by the shock of what happens after they inadvertently spring a Sexual fantasy short stories

Flesh Hypnosis: Pulling the jennet out by SenorIncongnito. Published: May 21st, Last Updated: May 21st, Tags: transgender 0 mtf 0 man into donkey 0 man Spanking stories cane jannet 0 donkey transformation 0 magical transformation 0.

Magical transformation stories

Madame Garcha has a busy agenda. Little job of Jiana 1 by yoloswaggy.

Published: May 13th, Last Updated: May 13th, Tags: dog 0 animal age regression 0 punishment 0 unwilling 0 transgender Giantess mother story animal transformation 0 magic 0 mental changes 0 magical transformation 0 age regression 0 feral 0 goddess 0. Jiana take sometime a job from human.

But Jiana always has the last word.

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Tags: tftg 0 magic 0 bird transformation 0 feral 0 egg 0 woman into duck 0 ducktf 0 magical transformation 0 transgender 0 family 0 unwilling 0 animal transformation 0 goddess 0 regression to egg 0 mental changes 0. Jiana a goddess love to transform some human. Published: May 12th, Tags: virtual sex 0 age regression 0 m2f 0 incest 0 vaginal sex 0 transgender 0 teenage 0 female to Masterbating with friends stories 0 anthro 0 girl to anthrodog 0 oral sex 0 futanari 0 bestiality Tumblr adult stories transgendered 0 multi-breast 0.

A year-old man first dared to discuss his perverted sexual fantasies during phone sex. The consequences for him and his year-old daughter Embarrassing prom stories unexpected. Pillow 11 - Star-Raccoon by SenorIncongnito. Published: May 7th, Last Updated: May 7th, Tags: transgender 0 raccoon 0.

Yes, is a TF tale with Rocket Raccoon. The swearing was censored at Disney's request. Layers Fan Fiction by lycandope.

Published: Apr 24th, Tags: costume 1 skinsuit 1 mtf 1 male to female 1 transgender 0 transformation 0.