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When I was 18, I moved out of my parents house and got an apartment.

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The year that I D&d cleric stories 18 was a busy one for me. I had just taken my A level exams at college, and was waiting to see if the would allow me to go to the university of my choice. I had a long hot summer to wait, and spent the summer living in a holiday chalet that my parents owned on the Norfolk coast.

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For those who like to explore the concept and dynamics of male bonding. Men are socialized in different ways in different societies, Male nudist stories so many men would like to have close male friendships, yet after spending time establishing a career, primary relationship and live in general, find themselves without close male friends. Many of us want male friends with whom we can share openly without I was asked this question by a guy via private message and I thought it was a great thread topic.

My first nude male bonding experience was Gay horse sex story high school age My high school buddy and I would hang out every half-day Real ballbusting stories school would get out at noon instead Porn with story plot pm.

We'd go to his house and swim in his parents pool nude. The first few time, we'd take off our bathing suits in the water and swim around nude. Then put them back on before we gout out of the pool. Then, as we got more comfortable with nudity and with each other, we'd just strip down and jump in. It was great.

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During the cold Free gay bestiality stories, we'd hang out inside and watch tv naked at either of our houses depending on whose parents weren't home.

It got to be a standard thing for us, that on half days we would have nude hangout time. We were also in the high school chorus together and I remember one choral competition, we shared a hotel room Boy bride story two other guys.

He and I shared a bed and I remember he was nude under the covers. So I got nude too.

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Those are my first nude male bonding memories. What are yours? I've heard and seen the same F/m tickling stories with rugby players. It seems very natural for them.

I wish we all could be that comfortable. Greetings all!

My story of male bonding is very different from most I've seen here. Not that I don't have similar stories, but I grew up in a clothing Enforced nudity stories home.

I was raised on a family farm. My mom, dad, grandmother and grandfather on my dad's side all went nude at home and on the farm most of the time.

My dad use to say he could not keep me in diapers. As soon as I was potty trained and out of diapers, I started going naked at home. So I was accustom to being around my dad and grandfather naked about all the time. My grandfather was the janitor to the local YMCA and I often went with him to his work and hung out there. Back then, the pool area, hot tub, locker room, and shower area was all nude. I loved going with Pap when he Male nudist stories be closing.

Usually there would just be a Public fingering stories men who would be in the pool area as it was closing and at time we would all even go to the gym and play basketball naked at night. I guess some of my favorite memories was as a Cigar sex stories boy we would go check the fence and camp. We could have ridden around the entire place on one full day but we usually took Spanking torture stories least 3 or four days to ride our horses around the farm, checking fence, and camping by the two ponds and the one creek on our place.

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I love the time alone with dad and Pap as we would often ride and be naked the entire time. I think being nude with my family so Stories of nudist gave me a better appreciation for the human body, both male and female. I know it made us closer as a family. As I said, I did have a few friends who would come over Halloween transformation stories we would play in the barn, by the creek or in my treehouse and get naked.

A couple of them were close enough to be nude with me at the house. Most of them were too afraid to be naked at the house or in front Forced gay anal stories my parents. Craig and Jeff however were not. The three of us boys went to church together and loved to hang out together and nearly always ended up naked when together.

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Jeff's parents did not ever seem to be aware much of his or my nudity. They caught us sleeping naked a few times and playing in their basement naked. They would just tell us to put some clothes on and stop running around naked. Craig Embarassing diaper stories the other hand, his parents seemed somewhat okay with our nudity.

I learned that while Craig and his family did not go naked a lot at his home. At night after he had his bath, he Male chastity storys not put anything back on and slept nude. So when I visited, I did the same.

We would play, sometimes sneaking and getting naked doing various things, and then when we would come in of the evening we would eat, Warm fuzzy story short version our bath and stay naked. We would watch TV, play games and sleep naked.

I never saw his parents nude but they seemed to expect Craig to be naked after bath time.

He said his mom told him he use to wet the bed and she just got Diaper bedwetting stories allowing him to run around naked after bath to cut down on laundry. Not sure about that, but it made some sense. Great times back then. Wish guys were as open today with nudity as we seemed to be back when I was a boy.

Richard from Upper East Tennessee. I was around 10 or About 6 of us in the neighborhood Bikini waxing stories always together we varied in age 2 or 3 years, 10 being the youngest. We were always building forts, underground, above ground and we'd hang out under our one friends front porch.

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One day we are all under there talking and our 12 year Gay incest true stories buddy said hey wanna try something neat I've been doing for a little while? It's amazing, we said sure what is it? He said OK everyone slide your pants and underwear down to your knees we kinda looked at each other and he slid his down and said come on. So the rest of us followed suit, it was the first time we all saw each other naked probably except for the 2 brothers who shared the same room.

He Hamster-porn-story.t stroking his penis and says do the same thing it gets hard so we did, sure enough we all got hard quick.

He said keep stroking it like this it feels great so we did and boy he wasn't lying lol. He said as it fells better and better start stroking faster and as we Kristen cuckold stories did that he was the first to say OH MY GOD here it comes, he shot a couple white streams out and he collapsed and said man that felt good. So now the rest of us are like WOW and started stroking faster and one by Indian wedding night stories we all released and watched the others until they did too We continued that for several years almost everyday and we'd also skinny dip and just hang out nude.

I moved away just before I turned After that first time he showed us and we continued to do it everyday I went to visit my cousin that was the same age as me and I showed him what my buddy showed us. Him and I from that point on were always naked around each other and relieved our self's in front of each other. As long as we did this no one ever touched each Little sister creampie story in our group that I know of.

Great times.

Many of us want male friends with whom we can share openly without judgement, and get unconditional support and affirmation. This is meant to be a safe male space. Members are asked to keep the posts civil and non-judgmental. We are here to build friendships as well as discuss the dynamics of building strong friendships and share ways that we choose Creepy sex stories bond with male friends.

Message group moderator to be approved if it doesn't happen quickly. Logged in as Guest up for free instantly! Male Bonding2 For those who like to explore the concept and dynamics of male bonding. Like Spanking and enema punishment stories. What was your first nude male bonding experience?

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