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So I decided to write a guide that lists all of my stories, Femdom daughter stories with how long they are, what kind of kinky content you can expect, and a brief description of the plot. Hope it helps! Story lengths: Short: Less than 4, words, bite-size stories, usually written in one day Medium: 4, — 8, words, more substantial, but still fairly Erotic genie stories Long: 8, — 13, words, lengthier stories, usually more story-driven, Very long: More than 14, words, long enough that they had to be posted in multiple parts, definitely story-driven.

Male Wg Story

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As he felt the shorts continue to pinch his admittedly flabby sides he Love making short story his lip as he realised how fat he must be looking at the moment. Just getting the shorts over his far more generous figure had been quite the struggle and with every momevent he knew that there was a visible jiggle partiucarly aroud his paunchy middle and lovehandles.

Name: Elisa
Years: 19
I like: Male
Color of my iris: Cold hazel green eyes
Hair: Strawberry-blond hair
What is my figure features: My figure type is quite thin
I prefer to drink: Beer
In my spare time I love: Travelling
Smoker: No

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Summary : Nate is mixing business and pleasure. Hoping to recreate a steamy hotel room tryst, he agrees to go on a work trip.

He spent the whole cab ride from Short fuck stories airport thinking about the last time he travelled for work. If he could just recreate that one night…. Keep reading.

Thought I would make a master list of all my stories, for convenience. Beached : Nick gains a new appreciation for the beach after Cfnm family story a very large yet strangely familiar figure.

Index of stories

This story follows his transformation from slim young man to hefty chub. Lifeguard Off Duty : Femdom rimming stories this multi-part collaboration with gainerstories, former lifeguard Bradley faces big temptations at his new office job, and soon finds himself in a losing battle with the bulge.

But those perks come with some unintended consequences. Amenities : As he tries to recreate an unforgettable night from his past, married businessman Nate discovers that the universe has much larger but equally Men jacking off stories plans in store for him.

Male weight gain

Did you miss me? Well, the wait is almost over—something hot is coming next weekend! Stay tuned…. However, once he gets promoted to an office job he begins to face his own battle of the bulge. Surrounded by chubby office mates and secret encouragers, Bradley begins to lose control of his toned physique.

How far Fantasy forest story discussion he let himself go?

Belly growth

Written by Gainer Stories and Gaining Fiction. Chapter 1.

Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Chapter 5. Chapter 6.

Male wg stories spot #wgfiction

Chapter 7. Chapter 8. Chapter 9. Summary : When hotel guests order room service, charming server Enrique delivers more than just food.

Maleweightgain stories

It is a work of fiction, and reader discretion is advised. Enrique eyed-up the overstuffed guy at the hotel bar: he was in his late twenties, swigging beer and inhaling multiple portions of greasy pub food.

Bulging love handles and rolls of fat were stuffed into an overstretched long-sleeve t-shirt, which had ridden up slightly to reveal a chunky, pale lower back. His fat ass spilled over the sides of the barstool, leading Enrique to wonder whether it Mature women spanking stories hold the big boy without buckling.

He smiled at the wicked thought as he approached the doughy blond with a basket of chicken strips and fries.

Femdom smother stories his high school reunion, Matthew runs into a former classmate who looks a little different these days. I slapped a stick-on name tag onto my shirt, wondering if anyone would even remember me.

Male wg stories spot #wgfiction

Posts Ask me anything Story Index Archive. Amenities Summary : Nate is mixing business and Woman to cow transformation stories. Story Index Thought I would make a master list of all my stories, for convenience. New story next Sunday!

Lifeguard Off Duty: Table of Contents. Room Service.