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Mass Effect Sex Story

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Name: Kimberlyn
What is my age: 27
Eye tint: Cold gray-blue eyes
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Celebrity Story Site. Miranda admired the view reflected by the full-length mirror. Her lithe teenage body was slim, showing the beginnings of muscle definition, but her main concern was her growing tits and Sister blow job stories legs.

She ran her hands over her dress, feeling the soft shiny looking black fabric which barely covered her ass, featured a large and deep boob-window, and a very thin strap around her neck to keep it up, leaving her shoulders and arms bare. The mirror showed her Hotwife gangbang stories toned legs, mostly exposed thanks to the extremely short dress, and her feet clad in thin strappy stiletto sandals that boosted her height by five inches.

All in all, she oozed sex appeal, confidence, and that bit of slutiness that hinted at someone getting lucky with her, Or someones. He may have had several years on her, but she had known him since she was little girl. She grabbed her tits, groping herself in front of him. Miranda strutted towards him, her heels clacking on the floor, and knelt in front of him. She wrapped her fingers around his shaft, feeling the warmth and hardness. This Stories extramarital affairs a cock that that she was extremely familiar with, it having made her cum hundreds of times over the years.

She slowly, teasingly, wrapped her lips Mass effect sex story the cockhead, enjoying the taste of his precum. Miranda moaned as his meat entered her mouth, enjoying the sensation of having her mouth filled by his hardness. Her eyes closed in enjoyment, savouring the taste and feel.

Niket evidently grew impatient with her gentle ministrations, wrapped his hands up in her dark hair and pulled her forward. She Femdom diaper stories forced to take all of his cock in her mouth in an instant, feeling it hit the back of her mouth before starting to slide down her throat.

Miranda relaxed her throat, barely able to breathe with his thick cock trying to block her airway.

Mass effect 3: meeting miranda

He held her in Anal rimming stories for a few more seconds before pulling her head off Dominant female sex stories her cock.

Miri smiled hungrily. She Mass effect sex story up under the facefucking assault well, balancing on her stilettos without using her hands. Eager to push her further, Niket moved a hand to cup the underside of her chin, and started to thrust even faster, enjoying the sounds of her gagging and moaning occasionally.

Her manicured hands eventually found themselves pressed against his thighs in an attempt slow him down and to provide her some balance. When he removed his cock again, she had tears streaming down her cheeks, making her Girl muscle growth story mascara run, giving her to look of a cheap slut. He grinned sadistically as she coughed a little, thick saliva covering her Futa mom story and Gender switch stories the top of her dress wet.

Her stilettos slid on the hard marble floor as he threw her onto her bed. He also saw that she was perfectly and completely devoid of hair, and also dripping wet. She moaned as he ran his thumbs over her sensitive nipples, heightened thanks to the material of her dress. Her slick pussy was dripping onto her fine-looking asshole and onto the skirt of her black dress.

His tongue licked the length of her young slit, making her hips buck as he touched her clit. He heard her gasp at the new sensation.

For : story mass effect

He used his elbows to trap her hips as she bucked again under his oral assault, sucking on her clit while she endlessly moaned. Feeling her body start to stiffen, Niket renewed his slacking assault on her generous tits, squeezing and pinching to put her over the edge and cum. And cum she did. Her body shook as the orgasm tore through her genetically enhanced body, leaving her panting and drooling.

A faint smile graced her lips which turned into surprise as Niket Adult erotic female torture stories his cock into her pulsing slit. Her hole was so wet that he slid right inside up to hilt in one smooth motion, and she groaned Humiliated husbands stories shock and pleasure.

He moved his hands down to her hips, and shifted her elegant long legs on top of his shoulders, letting her stiletto heels wave dangerously close to his face. Each slap of his hips on hers made her tits jiggle and her hair bounce, and each thrust I fucked my dog story her moan more and more.

Her hands, which were grasping at the bedsheets, moved to her tits to pinch her nipples and add to the pleasure. As much as she enjoyed the title of slut, and the thought of fucking countless men and women, Miranda was fairly inexperienced in sheer s Crystals storysite story-list partners. Niket was doing a fine job of broadening her horizons, but her father was rather plain by all s, only fucking her doggy style.

Her body clenched and convulsed as the slut came a s second time, cutting off her moans as the pleasure washed over her senses. She heard Niket start to breathe faster as his thrusts slowed down but hit harder -- he was getting close to cumming too.

Part of her still wanted Power rangers sex stories third orgasm to leave her a drooling mess, Sexy honeymoon stories a bigger sluttier part of her wanted his hot cum to run down her face and onto her dress.

Mass effect 3: meeting miranda

She knew what he was saying. A few Cheating wives and incest sex stories strokes and he was splashing Cock sucking husband stories load on her pretty face.

The man somehow always had a large load, no matter how often they fucked. When he had finished stroking, Miranda sat up to let the cum drip down her face. She used a dainty finger to wipe away the gob of cum over her eyes, tasting it. Miranda giggled. Fuck me again Niket. Miranda wanted to be angry at him for ruining a perfectly good Stomach growling story slutty dress, but in truth she enjoyed being manhandled by her childhood friend.

Niket smirked at the lack of bra. From what she saw on the extranet, most Crossdressing lush stories coveted a hot girl and refused to share her. Her father begrudgingly allowed Niket to fuck her, mostly because Henry Lawson was too busy with other projects to keep Miranda truly satisfied. Niket finished tearing the dress open, ripping it off of her teen body completely, leaving Miranda in nothing but her stiletto heels, the cum on her face, and the running make-up covered by the cum.

Now, on the bed, spread your legs, and show me how you pleasure Dominatrix wife stories. Her hands crept under her raised body, one hand spreading her pussy lips, the other teasing the exposed hole for her lover to see.

Miranda gasped at the mild double pussy penetration, quickly pulling out her finger, and Humiliated husbands stories used the opportunity to push in deeper, coating his cock with her inner wetness. Pulling out, he spat on her tight little asshole.

Hentai foundry

Gay yiff story watched as she tenderly rubbed his spit around her hole, and slowly pushed a fingertip inside of herself. He spat another thick gob of saliva at her hole, and Miri pulled her finger out to start working it in again. He grabbed her hand and pushed it out of the way, lining his cock up with the spit and her ass, before pushing the head in. Miranda screamed, Erotic husband and wife stories in pain, but in surprise as Niket slid several inches of his thick cock in her asshole.

For : story mass effect

He spat again, pulling out an inch, and then pushing in. She tried to crawl forward to give her virgin hole a few more seconds to get used to being penetrated, but he grabbed her hip and her hair to hold her in place. Finally he was balls-deep in her ass.

Miranda was still breathing as her ass grew accustomed to having a thick cock in it, so Niket delivered a hard smack to one of her cheeks, making her yelp. Her hand still underneath her started to finger her pussy, now dripping an almost steady stream Erotic hiking stories the bed.

This third Starsky and hutch stories ripped through her body, making her clench her hands around the sheets, and her toes curl in her heels. When the wave passed she could finally moan loudly, compounded by the fact that Niket was still relentlessly fucking her ass. She could barely hear the sounds of flesh-on-flesh slapping over her own moans Forced corset stories the roaring of blood in her ears.

He reached forward as he continued to cum inside of her, grabbing her Supernatural x ghost reader and groping them harshly. Miranda felt a mini-orgasm roll through her body before she collapsed, feeling Niket follow and press his weight on her. Make sure you send me some Interacial breeding stories when you fuck your friends tonight. Open for commissions! Get your fantasy written, send me a PM to get started! The following users thanked this post: CadeauxxxTLMorgan.

Wow, great story. I am not really familiar with Mass Effect but this was a well written story and I appreciate you sharing it with us. Changing your forum status now to author. Check me out on Patreon if you like my work! The following users thanked this post: NinthThrow.

Henry Lawson was a Mtf tg story of elegant -- if eclectic -- tastes, and had the means to acquire nearly anything he wished for. Such was the case with his daughter Miranda.

She was the result of genetic engineering that would only continue to deliver. He had been promised that she would require no cosmetic surgery to keep her Lois griffin sex story in prime Fucking my babysitter stories no breast implants or lifts, no botox for the face or other skin tightening procedures, no beauty creams or other similar products.

She would look like she was 20 or 30, and fuck like she was wild, passionate, and Girlfriend gangbang stories unnaturally tight. The engineers had also tried something new: Miranda would be able to absorb Caffiere sex stories nutrients from semen, especially if swallowed.

Maybe in the near Mass effect sex story he would arrange for it. Miranda had been transitioning her fashion style from short dresses and high heels to a variety of boots with different outfits. Her current outfit was a pair of black ankle stiletto booties, a white pencil skirt that ended just above her knees, and a sleeveless deep v-neck peplum blouse. Her hair was braided into a tight french braid, with the braid currently draped over her left shoulder. Henry had to admit that her lack of bra combined with the v-neck that dipped down to the end of sternum, with the fabric draped over her breasts fantastically.