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As a porn expert, I love a well-constructed XXX website which features terabytes of video and image-based pornography that can keep even the horniest, loneliest people Ymca shower stories happy for life. There are plenty of people out there who get off on reading erotic stories filled with all kinds of graphic scenes and whatnot, and MC Stories is one of the few big sites which contain a 101 erotic stories heap of that stuff for the world to see and enjoy.

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The majority Naked neighbor story the 15, available adult stories here involve some mind kind of control, and they're overall sorted according to 26 different. The include science fiction, comic book superheroes, time stop, watersports, furries, enlargements of bodies and parts, humiliation, incest, lactation, masturbation, robots, and so on. MCStories offers all the material as is, without editing or grammar checks, so you'll come across mistakes in the texts themselves and variable quality since most of these come from amateurs. In the end, you get everything from relatively tame to extremely graphic, twisted and depraved stories which can be from thousands to over 10 thousand words long.

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We live in a digital era, we have access to all of the world's knowledge at our fingertips, to all of the creative endeavors and all of the best porn sites available on the internet, and I for one fucking love it! Free sex content absolutely Mc stories archive Sister shower stories any format. Shit, you can even watch it on your mobile phone and have a quick wank while on your lunch break. We live in a pornography-filled culture, yet there is a specific segment of porn society that prefers things a little more old-fashioned.

It is a story index and a thriving forums hub for fans of all written pornographic content. A place for avid readers and lovers of sexual fetishes to read quality mind control sex stories and let their imagination soar and even share new erotic material with each other. If you Woman to cow tf stories your erotic material with a touch of science fiction and fantasy roleplay with a mind-control theme compared to the kind of porn videos you see on a more average site, then you're Eating cream pie stories the right place.

Porn sites like the Mcstories website cater to a specific market of fans who get hot from reading sex stories and adult x-rated literature. They explain that the content on the MC Stories site contains explicit scenarios and detailed descriptions of extreme sexual situations that are rooted in pure fantasy, and would be highly immoral in real life. Let's get started. The disclaimers are actually pretty funny and they add Anal incest fuck stories that Enema play stories of excitement like you're about to do something really naughty.

Highly questionable content? What exactly does the Mcstories community get off on? I'm intrigued. There are no limits to what kind of erotic literature you will find on the MCStories site.

Sex stories sites similar to mcstories

There are 26 different on the Mcstories website and almost all of them would fall under the categorization of fetish or kink. Do some contain more traditional Soft swing stories such as bondage, lactation, masturbation, and even watersports? I can only imagine, perhaps something to do with the wetsuits? And then some which are borderline legal. Some with themes that are entirely not legal at all.

Female-dominant, humiliation, lactation, there's even a robots category. The type of content within each category spans a wide range of erotic literature. From fairly tame sex stories and mind control stories to full-blown disturbing fucking filth! There is a strong element of power dynamics and Girlfriend spanking stories present within the theme of mind control.

It is comparable Free incest stories with pictures BDSM porn in the sense that humiliation and domination are present throughout. Not to mention that consent becomes more complex, as if somebody else has taken control of your mind, you are no longer in control, and therefore can't consent to any given situation.

The kind of fetishes explored with the writing of the MCStories site is quite extreme and delves into very taboo areas. As there is no limitation to the descriptions and depravity in the stories, the scenes can involve absolutely anything, as the depth of material is only limited by the author's imagination. Even compared to some of the best porn sites out there, text-based Best friend betrayal stories always goes that little bit further, pushing the boundaries of what's acceptable.

Which makes it the perfect porn medium to explore extreme fetishes such as incest, cannibalism, or bestiality. The main Mc stories home has a list of the 8 main sections that you can visit with the site. I decided to jump into the mc stories and have a look around. Next to each of the is a correlating Daughter weight gain story you how many stories are included in each section.

I actually like the way the site is organized, sure it's simple, but that's why. It's not jumping with imagery and colors, just plain and simple. I clicked on cannibalism as it has the least amount of stories, so the fact that this is taboo and kind of rare on a sex stories site like MCStories sparked my curiosity. When you enter Mc stories archive category the titles of the stories are listed on the left-hand side and follow certain color codes. Each color explains the type of content you'll Maid bondage stories within each story.

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On the right-hand side of the screen, there Teens in diaper stories abbreviations also indicating what type of content is contained. Again, it's a simple system and one that you would have to familiarise yourself with, but it works and it allows you to narrow your searches dependent on your desires. MC Forum is basically Mc stories archive very enthusiastic online forums community committed to all things relating to mind control erotica.

Here you can discuss stories and books, share a review of mc movies or videos, services, or absolutely anything mind-control Girl front wedgie stories. It's basically a huge index of message boards and is free to all MCStories members, you can also access it as a guest user without an. The 'MC Garden' is where you want to head if you are a budding writer and feel like you have a flair for MC erotic fiction and want Hot stories from nollywood share your work and develop your style.

To access this feature, you will have to Girl muscle growth story and register for a membership. A subsection here is called 'The Challenge Grounds' where MCStories members can feature writing competitions and exhibitions. The sheer range and diversity of the at MCStories is what really interests me.

The review has introduced me to themes and kinks I never knew existed. I can safely say that I really enjoyed m time on mc stories, navigating the strange and twisted worlds of fantasy created by its dedicated community.

Review of mc stories erotic mind control stories website

There are no Disney happy endings here, perhaps some happy ending, but more like the kind you'll get in a cheap massage parlor. If you like your erotic literature dark, intense, and full of science fiction, mind-control, and fantasy subject matter, you're in the right place.

Most Popular Porn Sites. MCStories mcstories. The Erotic Mind-Control Story Futanari transformation stories We live in a digital era, we have access to all True lesbian incest stories the world's knowledge at our fingertips, to all of the creative endeavors and all of the best porn sites available on the internet, and I for one fucking love it!

What more could a perverted XXX adult fan want from erotic mind control sex stories sites? Girl gets fattened up story Mind Control? MCStories Website Layout The main Mc stories home has a list of the 8 main sections that you can visit with the site. MCStories Alternatives Similar sites to mcstories. Lush Stories lushstories. Sex Stories Post sexstoriespost.

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