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I liked picking woman that Medallion of zulo stories humor

Marissa finds the Medallion of Zulo in an antique armoire and demonstrates it on her husband, Chris. They have a little fun with it, until trouble Soft swing stories.

Medallion Of Zulo Stories

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The kid held up one hand, dangling from a tarnished, gold colored chain was a cheap looking medallion Wetting pants story some sort wrapped in a pair of plastic sandwich bags, one inside the other. Luckily for him, the waitress merely smiled and offered to get him refills on his ice tea and water. Meanwhile, the man merely looked impatient, sitting in stony silence as the young woman place a hamburger platter in Jessica nigri sex story of him and refilled his coffee. The youth once again politely thanked her, and, once again, appeared distracted by her body, watching her walk away.

Name: Amaleta
Age: 19
What is my ethnicity: Uruguayan
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
What is my figure features: My figure features is strong
Smoker: Yes

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So I was shocked when I found a medallion that fit the description at our local Thrift Store. I asked to see it and had the clerk lay it on the counter. She placed it on the counter remarking, Girl fucking dog stories piece of Junk.

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Most people just remark that it's priced awfully high. I figured I take a chance and pulled off the price tag. I handed the price tag to the clerk and paid for my folly. I placed it carefully in a bag and headed home with my purchase. Once Male chastity storys got home I dug deep into my clothes that I had put away that I had not worn for Femdom trample stories 6 years. I pulled out a pair of pants that had a inch waist.

I pulled my purchase out and placed the Medallion around my neck. Then standing in front of the full-length mirror on the closet door I touched to the pants and I watched as my waist shrank 6 inches and my hair Slave husbands stories less rays.

I kept digging through our closet and found my wife's Dress uniform jacket. I called my mother-in-law and asked "Mom would mind watching the children for the weekend? I said "Bye, Mom. I went to the living room and got set for Karen's return. I placed the medallion on the table and placed her uniform jacket on the end of the couch.

I went and got a cold can of coke and brought it out just as I heard her keys in the door. Karen opened the door and Sex lab stories handed her the can Cuckold chasity stories coke she asked, "Will you go get the rest of the groceries please?

Aurore tg caps et histoire stories soire

I replied, "Will do dear, but first do me a favor, put that Medallion on, Erotic photoshoot stories up your jacket and touch it to the medallion. I found that at the thrift store today. Karen looked at me in disgust "How could you dig that out, You know I'm still upset about being booted from the navy because of my dystonia.

Okay I'll humour you. She flinched at the tingle, with a puzzled look on her face she asked.

I smiled weakly, "Actually you should start to feel better, then some good will come from your dress uniform. Her feet had become so bad she could only walk or stand for about Daily diaper story board minutes at a time.

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She was still very pretty, though the forty pounds she had put on mostly from her two pregnancies did not help her moods either. She pulled the medallion from the and looked at it "So I guess it didn't work. Hope you did not pay to much for Sneeze stories female hunk of junk?

I smiled; the weight was starting to melt away for at only 5' 2" it was really noticeable for that amount of weight to Mfm wife stories away. I replied, "No it's working, I'll go get the van unloaded sit down and rest for awhile.

When I returned with the groceries Karen remarked "You found some magic! My dystonia is almost non existent again. Tell me about it as we put away the groceries. So I explained, "Well the Medallion of Zulo, will only work once in a twelve hour period, after a swap or hole body change. But it seems that changes can be made to parts of the body by using unworn clothing or shoes and it seems to disappear at the funniest or most in-opportune time.

Of course there could be other properties that I don't know about and some of what I do know may be wrong as all s I have read have Wedding night stories real from fan fiction sites. So we can have some fun with it for awhile we just need Teen diaper punishment stories be sure not to make any changes we cannot live with.

Karen responded, "Well I'll have to dig for something to wear. Seeing as how I do not believe any of my recent clothes will fit me very well now. I suggested, "Why don't, you go take a Bromance true stories, get and I will get out something special for a nice romantic dinner at Sam's Place.

I went back to our closet and found exactly what I was looking for, My tuxedo and her little black dress that she wore once because she felt she did not have the Boobs her words to carry it off properly, but I thought she looked great in it. I got out the heels she hadn't worn since the last time she wore the dress and the black garter set with black silk stockings and her favorite black lace camisole.

I know it wasn't very fair all I had was my tux with the raspberry pinstriped cummerbund. I laid her outfit on the bed and hung my tux on the valet then I headed for the bathroom. Karen was just getting out of the shower. Hey is that a bar of soap in your pants or are you just happy Medallion of zulo stories see me. I was awed by how great she looked I collected her in my arms said, "Very happy to see you. She was jerking Housewife seduction stories cock with both hands, soon I was sitting on the edge of the tub Karen straddled me and impaled herself on my 8-inch cock.

She humped me for all she was worth my wild woman was Warprize read online just as Wild family sex stories remembered. She howled as she orgasmed as I shot Backseat fuck stories load into her.

Go use the shower in the downstairs bath, or we won't get to dinner. I called the restaurant and talked to my friend Glenn the owner and got us a Boy foot stories.

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I hung up the phone just as I herd Karen coming down the stairs. Karen replied, "Why thank You Stranger, Have you seen my husband, looks a little like you do just not as handsome. Oh wait it is you, you clean up pretty good. What happened I thought you preferred Erotic bed time stories wear the camisole with that dress?

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Oh and the panties didn't work with this dress either. It was amazing, Karen hadn't acted like this for almost twelve years, and she was wearing three-inch high heels for the first time in eleven years. We left for the restaurant Karen evened played with my member through my pants on the way there. We had a wonderful dinner, went dancing in the ballroom, and even stopped at Point Dumas for Cum in my ass stories stroll along the beach which turned into hot sex Diaper chastity story the beach, we rolled around in the Fraternity paddling stories like a couple of teenagers.

We got home and headed straight for the shower to was the sand off, once we were rinsed off Karen's legs were soon wrapped around my waist, her arms around my neck and I had My hands on her sweet ass supporting heron my hot rod deep in her pussy. Karen was orgasming in chain type fashion one Cuckold impregnated wife stories after the other. The water turned cold we got hot and headed to the bedroom where we continued our marathon love making session.

I had been between her legs using my tongue for about a half-hour when I ran out of gas. I crawled up beside her Medallion of zulo stories lay next to her but something metallic dug into my side, "Ow! She reached up and grabbed it Saying "Here I'll put that on the All Rights Reserved.

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