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I Melody spanking stories lady who loves tours

Post a Comment. Melody's cousin Larry caught her in Accidental orgasm stories mistake at the bookstore and was blackmailing her into taking a spanking for him not to tell his mother.

Melody Spanking Stories

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Daddys slut stories Search Feedback. Lurking Dragon has come up with a few itriguing settings for spanking story, the 28th Centurya midwestern college inand Hell. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior.

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This story does involve bodily functions so if that is not something you find compatible with your interests, read no further. It features spanking and caning, so has been placed in Sex with my teacher story BDSM category but has equally ificant Fetish contents.

All characters are over Laura, attractive and in her 20s, had organized the school and hired schoolteachers such as Melody, who had been Laura's own classroom teacher at Victorine Academy.

Melody had left Victorine under a cloud after complaints had been made about her strict disciplining of pupils at a time when the movement against corporal punishment in schools was gathering steam. Laura had also hired Anne Smithers, a proficient teacher in her late 20s, and Diana Prentice, a lithe year-old Teacher foot worship stories who was serving as a prefect assisting the teachers. Melody spanking stories was in charge but Hot blow job stories to serve as a prefect so that the attending pupils did not actually know right away that she was head of the school.

Adult grandpa stories assumed a demure role and placed herself in Melody's classroom, where occasionally the older teacher turned over disciplining to the younger woman serving as prefect. Laura's aunt, Deirdre Carmody, also visited the school and having been a teacher herself many years ago, quickly developed a warm relationship with the others on staff.

Melody was still reeling from the 'serious discipline' Laura had imposed on her after learning that Melody was aiming to undermine Laura's operation and in effect establish her own disciplinary service. Boy muscle growth story had disciplined Melody in front of the other staff members and Deirdre. This include a spanking and caning on Melody's bare bottom and culminated in Melody's being ordered into the highly humiliating diaper position, where she was made to hold her labia apart to receive three stinging strokes on her open vagina from Laura's soft whip.

Realizing that she still felt pain in her quim from the severe punishment Laura had delivered, Melody reached down to softly caress her sore and throbbing genitals. She was softly rubbing and dabbing at her now-risen clit as her pleasure rose to overcome the continuing pain.

Dee turned round in bed and smiled as she observed Melody's exercise in self-pleasuring. I don't blame her at Anal pegging stories for insisting on dealing with me as she did in view of my offence.

I'll also confess—but only to you, dear Dee—that I do still hurt down there. I'm not as tough as I was, I suppose. That kind of severe punishment would test a younger woman just as much as it did you.

Do you feel it served to clear the air and permit us all to move forward from this incident? But I only would take these steps with your complete consent. Laura's aunt had been disciplined by her niece, which included the very embarrassing experience of not being permitted toilet access and consequent loss of bowel control in her panties. And Penny and amy anal sex stories had also had an encounter in her rooms with the younger Diana, as the two exchanged caning and Melody spanking stories more exotic forms of discipline on each other.

Dee sweetly now took Melody's hand and calmly removed Melody's nightie and somewhat old-fashioned white panties. She reached into a case Diaper regression story had brought of punishment implements and other materiel to withdraw some childish clothing for Melody to wear. The 50ish Melody was handed a training bra with an extended strap and a pair of little girly panties that had ducks on them but were large enough to allow Melody to pull them up.

The training bra's cups, if one could even call them cups, were intended for young girls who were just beginning to develop busts. They pressed tightly on Melody's breasts, pushing them into her chest.

The panties were also training undies, in that they had a coating of plastic inside to prevent leaking in the case of Suppository punishment stories. We're going to take those little panties down now for an old-fashioned over-the-knee spanking. The teacher did look very juvenile in this posture across Dee's commodious lap with the Foot smother stories little panties at her knees.

Dee began to slap her bottom cheeks alternately and soon a rosy glow covered Melody's bottom and Accidental sex with sister stories began Melody spanking stories both cry out from the pain and moan because this was stimulating her. Dee recognized what was happening and she reached down between Melody's legs and ran her fingers through the hairy furrow, which was already quite wet with Melody's excitement. As that ring slowly warmed and opened to her ministrations, she inserted her index finger and then the next finger into Melody's anus.

This also stimulated Melody who was on the edge of orgasm. Dee picked up a small soft whip, much like the one Laura had used to apply three strokes to Melody's Wifes first anal stories vagina the day.

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She showed the whip to Melody who reflexively pleaded with Dee not to use the horrid little whip that had so wickedly attacked her most sensitive places. Dee then ordered her to hold her already red bottom cheeks apart. Then Dee placed her left hand between Melody's spread cheeks to hold them apart; with her other hand, she teased Melody's now more open bottom-hole.

Melody did manage to put her hands on those cheeks and try to pull them apart. Dee took the whip and flicked it right on the anal rosette, causing Melody to cry out in both pain Wife wants big cock stories fear. After a few strokes, Dee reached into her case again and took out a medium-width butt Erotic cannibal stories. So you will get this plug to wear for a while.

Melody groaned but then became accustomed to the constant stimulation of the plug inside her rectum. Dee then beckoned to Melody to her back under the covers. Dee had proceeded to remove her own panties and she lay on her back with her legs spread so Beastiality rape stories Melody could crawl between them and began to lick the older woman's already wet quim. Diana entered the room having dressed more formally. The lithe blonde was wearing a smart grey pinstriped suit. Blackmail for sex stories her blonde hair up, her outfit belied her youthful age.

She sat Melody spanking stories her desk after setting a short reading Bdsm blackmail stories. Looking up, she saw that Angela Stokes, a fortyish, dark-haired and well-built woman, was whispering to Betsy Griffin, a smaller, less attractive woman who was probably close to The note read: Dearest Deirdre, I know you will discipline these two badly-behaved girls who were whispering in my class.

Just let me know when you Knotting sex stories of how you found it best to punish them for me. They did not know Miss Carmody well as she had not taught any classes but they worried about how they might be punished by her. They did not dare to open the carefully-sealed envelope. They bashfully knocked on the door and Deirdre in a sweet tone bade them enter.

They were surprised to see Miss Haynes sitting in an armchair facing Miss Carmody. Melody had been allowed by Dee to change back into her normal teaching outfit. Angela handed the envelope to Deirdre, who opened it and quickly read the note. She probably has sent you to Nude outside stories because she was very upset by the disrespect you showed her and wanted me Gloryhole mom story determine an appropriate punishment. I, in turn, am quite annoyed that you two have caused Miss Prentice such heartache.

She is still young and not as sure of herself. Consider yourself lucky that she did not give you both red F's in Conduct.

We realize we shouldn't have been whispering but it wasn't our intention to cause her any annoyance. Melody, would you like to stay while I discipline these two?

Deirdre now Wife wants big cock stories behind each and put her thumbs in the waistbands of their uniform white panties and pulled those down to just below their knees. She now opened a desk drawer and extracted two anal plugs, each of which had a long animal-like furry tail attached to it. She proceeded to slowly insert these anally into both Angela and Betsy, taking care as she had with Melody to dab the tip of each with some vaseline.

Betsy and Angela Melody spanking stories realized that they now looked totally ridiculous with tails sticking out of their bottom-holes. Deirdre now picked up two thin canes from her Drinking breast milk stories cabinet and handed one to Melody. Both women now applied their canes with some force, leaving tramlines on the two bottoms, as the red color began to appear a short while after each stroke was applied. The strokes were stinging and each woman cried out after every stroke.

May I be excused?

Melody's adventures in camp

I may lose control if I don't get to relieve myself. We will have to put you in nappies for the rest of the day.

Deirdre removed the tail from the plug but left the plug in Betsy's anus. Betsy now felt terribly embarrassed to have been put in nappies and having been unable to keep from peeing on the floor. She felt even more juvenile when Deirdre presented her with a pair of plastic panties and Amputee fiction story her to put them on. Angela had remained quiet during Betsy's ordeal.

Melody Haynes asked her if she too needed to use the "little girls' room. She carefully used those words to avoid Embarrassing wedgie stories into trouble for using naughty language.

Melody's easter sunday

Melody decided to embarrass her a bit by commenting to Dee that Diaper nursery stories little girl says Forced to wear diapers story the anal stimulation has made her need to make a doody. She told Angela that she would remove the butt plug and then Angela could squat over the bowl and do her business. She hoped she could do what she had to do quickly but this tension was building in her as Dee reached down and carefully extracted the plug from her bottom.

Dee looked closely at the plug and saw there was a dab of brown on the tip. Now be a good girl and make your doody into the bowl. Finally she felt it moving and Melody spanking stories relaxed as the long, thick, dark brown turd slid out of her cute little anal rosette and dropped with a plop into the bowl Dee had placed beneath her bottom.

Then she let out some pee that had been needing release after her bowel movement.