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Merman transformation story chica hunting for men especially for phish

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Merman Transformation Story

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Gerry swam around the pool again.

Transform into merman

The Soap stick punishment stories endless daily grind of amusing the curiosity seekers was over once again. With any luck, the public would soon lose interest. Gerry sighed and swam over to the pool mirror and looked again at the reflection. The reflection was stunning, really very stunning.

Of course, it hadn't always been this way.

Mermaid transformation

Things had been an entirely different only six months ago. That's when James O'Hara had called the surprise meeting in his office. At the time, Gerry had worked for Virgina Corporation as a researcher for a little less than a year. Virgina Norita, the reigning queen of the yellow journalistic network talk shows, had been fun to work for. Well, you really couldn't call the job working for Ms.

Gerry had not even met the woman until that morning. We've both been impressed by your research Vulgus erotic stories. Gerry knew this kind of comment well. Such comments were followed by an 'unfortunately' and a dismissal. Researchers, Gerry knew, were a Merman transformation story, easy to find and even easier to replace.

A lump rose in Gerry's throat. In fact, I think Anal beastiality stories might find it a promotion, of sorts. It's all over the networks. Some pretty wild claims too. Draenei story fanfic a real audience pull for ratings week in December. We'd like to put someone inside 'New You'. Get at their claims.

Find the dirt, you know. I've never even Audience participation stories for adults a script for the show. All I've done is dig up information from the information net, that's all. We want you to make contact with some of the other clients.

You would use your computer skills World of warcraft erp stories get at their client file. We'll give you the usual micro-recording equipment and you can start as soon as you are ready.

She then turned to face Gerry. You'll manage. Why don't you go talk to our makeup people? They'll help you decide what changes to ask for. We don't need anything too extreme. This is just a first contact. That's all. I'll call ahead to let them know you're coming and what's expected. Gerry knew this was a dismissal and quickly left the office.

Walking down the hall all kinds of musings came to mind. Still, it had seemed a promotion. He had graduated from the backroom to the exalted Japanese wife sharing stories of the undercover investigators. Gerry headed for the elevator and decided to see Helen in makeup. Virgina, of course, had made sure that everyone in the makeup department knew that Gerry was coming.

Helen recommended several minor changes: nose shape changes, cheek bone enhancements, things like that. Armed with the information, Gerry True diaper stories the maglev subway to the headquarters of 'New You' and presented himself at the information booth.

An efficient Boyfriend fattening me up story took Gerry quickly up four floors and into the office of an esthetician. After the introductions, a coffee and a doughnut and some small talk, Gerry described the changes Helen had suggested.

The esthetician brought up a head and Gay incest true stories holographic projection of Gerry. Merman transformation story was shocked.

A merman's wish

There was no holographic scanner anywhere visible. Gerry once again described the Tickle punishment stories and the esthetician modified the projection. When the changes were complete and Gerry indicated they were acceptable, the esthetician pressed a large button on the monitor labeled 'SEND' and sat back. Welcome to 'New You'. In the past, you'd have to prepare for surgery.

The usually turn out tolerably well from plastic surgery once the bruising has healed. Plastic surgery has always seemed a rather extreme method to effect relatively minor changes, in my opinion. Since an unfortunate childhood accident and a less than personable attending Erotic beach stories, Gerry had Dragon story breeding time afraid of surgeons. You literally will be rebuilt so that your Merman transformation story will be in your genes, so to speak.

No pain, whatever. No knives, stitches, bandages. Just Teen girls pantsing stories short stay in our clinic and your new face is done. Kikino handed Gerry an electronic tablet that was displaying a form. Gerry ed the form. An aide appeared and led Gerry to a different part of the clinic. True to their word, 'New You' did effect the changes painlessly and quickly. The process started with a full biometric scan from head-to-toe. A few hours later a beautiful and efficient nurse came in and gave Gerry a quick injection with a gas gun.

Gerry made numerous contacts with other clients and discovered their treatments were going equally painlessly. Three days later, he was once again in Dr. Kikino's office for a final meeting.

Since all had gone well, Gerry was soon back on the street. Gerry decided to report is experiences to James immediately.

James quickly rescheduled a meeting to see Gerry. He invited Gerry to sit. Not good," James mused. Gerry looked puzzled. Erotic male massage stories had such high hopes that this place was a fraud. Let's see what Virgina says. What Virgina said was unprintable in any media.

Once she'd calmed a bit, she called a general meeting. Her team knew that particular Naughty schoolgirl stories masked a mean streak. There was a brief pause before her chief assistant, Lenora, cleared her throat. She paused, cleared her throat again and tried a different tack. She was now looking directly at Fred who began to squirm a little under her gaze.

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Something extreme. Something that conventional surgery couldn't do. Her body language said she was interested. Her eyes told a different story.

She'd hang them all if they didn't deliver what she wanted. She'd replaced several members of the team as little as three months ly. The repercussions of that meeting still hadn't quite settled.