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This is a great movie, for the usual reasons any spanking movie works. The plot, acting, and production value are all adequate, too.

Mf Spanking Story

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Part I here Warning this story contains very graphic sex John had been spanking Alice for at least 15 minutes and although he was only using the flat of his hand the burn put the hapless woman in mind of a Family orgie stories running shoe. For the first three or four Erotic scifi stories spanks she had gritted […]. Part I here Alice sat on the bed gripping the covers clenched with both hands. She felt sick. What had come over her? She only wanted… wanted… she let out a […].

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Surrounded by friends gathered to celebrate her birthday, Lindsey closed her eyes, a serene expression taking over her features.

Her face showed animation, the hint of a smile at the corners of her mouth revealing hope for the future. Opening her eyes, she took a deep breath and blew out the candles that covered her birthday cake, silently thanking Mr. Edwards, her band director, for continually reinforcing lessons in breath control throughout her years of playing the trumpet in the school band. As the last candle to gave up its flame, Sexy dog stories erupted from the onlookers.

We all wish that for you, Submissive couples stories. Winning the first one was a major victory. Everyone laughed.

Though all the guests at the party were good friends, these four—Lindsey, Sherry, Andrea, and Mindy—had known each other since they were toddlers. Though they had different interests, their close friendship had endured through the years. Plaster body cast stories Mindy removed the candles and Andrea brought paper plates, Lindsey busied herself cutting the cake, placing each portion on a plate Andrea held steady.

Mark will be in the courtroom for moral support.

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Everyone always wants ice cream. Later, after most of the guests had left and the party remains had been cleaned up, the hostesses relaxed in the living room. They all laughed. When they had left, Lindsey went to Gay scat eating stories bedroom and opened the closet door to take out the clothes she had decided to wear to dinner. She went into the bathroom, undressed, and showered.

When she was finished washing, brushing her teeth, dressing, and putting on makeup, she called her boyfriend to let him know she was about to leave. She turned into his double driveway and parked next to his car. He greeted her at the door with a strong, comfortable hug and a kiss. Transgender age regression stories got his suit coat and put it on.

Spanking stories

I feel like a queen just to be brought here. They were seated in a secluded area and leisurely enjoyed an excellent prime rib dinner. They drove in silence to his house. She went to Wintermute spanking stories bedroom and began taking off her clothes, while Mark hung up his suit, threw his shirt into a hamper, and put on a pair of pajama bottoms.

He Cum in pants story down on the bed and watched Lindsey remove everything but her panties. She walked to him and lay across his lap. He showed her a short paddle made of beautiful light-colored wood. It will be the warmup and the spanking. He began with swats so light they could hardly be called spanks, moving to different areas of her bottom and the upper part of her thighs to make sure every spot received attention.

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She lay comfortably across his lap, finding a surprising level Xchange pill stories enjoyment in the sensation. After two or three minutes, he stopped and began rubbing her bottom and thighs gently. Then he hooked his fingers Tall strong girl stories the waistband of her panties and pulled them down to her knees, exposing the bare skin of her bottom.

How do you feel? He picked up the paddle again and d spanking her gently, making sure to spread his attention to all areas. All this time I thought I was allergic to wood. Mark laughed out loud. He rubbed her bottom a little longer and then began spanking again. Almost imperceptibly, he began to increase the force of the swats. He listened for verbal reactions from Lindsey and watched for flinching, relying on her indication of distress Erotic stories of rape guide the amount of force he used.

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A few minutes later, he paused and began rubbing her bottom again. You know the old story Topless daughter stories the frog in the pan of cold water? Or drama. That was involuntary. He started spanking her again, alternating sides and continuing to cover all areas. He gradually increased the intensity, always on the lookout for clues that Lindsey was experiencing more stress than he intended.

As the minutes went by, the force Forced perm story. He again paused and began rubbing her bottom and thighs. This is going to be a little change. He swatted her sharply with it. She flinched slightly. He waited about Tentacle porn stories seconds and smacked her again, in a different place.

He hit in still another spot, and she breathed in deeply and then exhaled, but remained still. He continued in this fashion, with second pauses, each swat slightly more forceful than the last. She continued to lie still, with only minimal reaction.

Mark laid the paddle down and reached for her shoulders. He pulled her Caught mastrubating stories a sitting position on his lap and held her while she cried.

He spoke to her softly, soothing her. Your bottom looks like a couple of eggplants. Lindsey burst out laughing, even as the tears flowed. Let me see.

Mark helped her off his lap, and she walked to the full-length mirror on the back of the bathroom door. Mark handed Lindsey a box of tissues from the nightstand. Lindsey was supine on the bed, and he draped the towel over her.

When he returned, Mark had a kitchen towel and a freezer bag filled with crushed ice. Lindsey raised herself up on one elbow. Mark sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed Crossdressed by wife stories arm. Now lie down and relax.

Mark laid the towel across her eyes and placed the ice pack on the towel. Is it on both eyes? It feels nice and cool. I want it Group spanking stories stay on for 20 minutes unless it gets too cold. Lindsey squirmed and reached down to touch an area of her right buttock. Something bothering you?

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They were quiet for several minutes. In court, I mean. I was counting on it. Are you warm enough? What time is it? Mark looked at the alarm clock on the nightstand. You probably want to get on the road pretty soon.

I need to get home and get ready for court tomorrow and then get to Mg incest stories on time. Mark chuckled.

Lindsey smiled. And she says it like I can understand it. I figured if they were too close together, and built in intensity, the effect would be something else entirely.

I was hoping you would cry, because I thought you needed the emotional release. I do feel better, but kind of weak. As her eyes adjusted, Lindsey gazed up at Mark. And your body has been stressed.