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Alex Alexandra sat next to her Mum on the floor and they both stared into the distance. Having just turned 18, Alex had had her share or heartbreak. He real mum had died when she was 4 and after a couple of years her dad, Mike, Tricked wife sex stories found Kirsty. They became a family and Kirsty was a loving step-mom to Alex.

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Alex Alexandra sat next to her Mum on the floor and they both stared into the distance. Having just turned 18, Alex had had her share or heartbreak. He real mum had died when she was 4 and after a couple of years her dad, Mike, had found Kirsty. They became Anal creampie eating stories family and Kirsty was a loving step-mom to Alex.

Hell, the only real Mum she had known. So Real stories of wife sharing her Dad had started to drink and sleep around and the fights had started, it was clear that Mum and Dad were going to split.

But Alex was in no doubt where she wanted to stay. By now, he was already in Spain with his new fling and out of their lives. They would be fine.

Alex and Kirsty loved each other genuinely. They shared everything. They talked about everything.

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The bottle of wine empty, only a Attribute theft stories bit left in each of their glasses. It was cathartic. Alex had no illusions her Dad was no good and he had hurt her Mum. Alex loved her Mum more than her Dad and she was happy to say so. Alex looked at her Sex stories xn. Her high cheek bones, soft eyes, full lips, curved chin and slim neck.

Her long, brown hair that seemed lighter when the sun caught it, was tied back in a pony-tail that fell half way down her back.

Alex knew Sexy pantie stories bra Guy wedgie stories was 34EE and had always been in awe of how sexy her Mum was, without even trying to be. At times, Alex looked at her Mum and bit her lip. She was exploring her own sexuality and had been browsing some websites and more and more she was attracted to seeing two beautiful women kissing and loving each other.

Alex herself was a stunning beauty. Taller than her setpmum by a few inches Bedwetting diaper story and she filled out her own shorts with wide hips and strong legs. Her breasts were a very nice 34C but her best feature was her face. A slightly oriental shape to her eyes that made her look Mm spanking stories. When she wore the right eye make-up and accentuated her eyelids, she looked stunning and way older than she was. She had come home looking distraught.

Kirsty turned to look at her daughter. She knew that Alex was stunningly beautiful and she would do whatever she needed to do to keep her safe. They would spend more time together. Kirsty turned to Alex and took her hand. Alex flushed a little.

Alex swallowed. Kirsty smiled. Alex looked quizzical. Kirsty had said it. Kirsty turned to her daughter.

Kirsty nodded. As Alex continued, Kirsty started to smile as she remembered more and more of that night. Her and Mike were very active sexually, at least 4 or 5 nights a week — and sometimes during the day as well — when Alex was Hot panty stories school. Kirsty giggled.

The wine was kicking-in and she squirmed a little. Her pussy was getting warm remembering Human digest sex stories night. Alex nodded, her face starting to grin. The words hung in the air.

Kirsty was feeling her pussy warming very well now and continued.

Alex nodded. Not of her Dad, but of her Mum, her strong thighs, her long Kidnap fantasy stories and her sexy face, ready to be the dominant one. Alex gasped. Alex started to bite her lower lip.

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She sat back and removed her jumper, showing her thin-strapped cotton top. It was straining to hold her large breasts and her nipples were fully My first gang bang story. Kirsty laughed herself and stood up.

Alex tried to see what her Mum was doing but Kirsty opened the box and found what she was looking for. Alex flapped it a little and smacked her own hand.

Alex looked blank. And believe me, this is WAY worse than the paddle. Kirsty continued and told her that her Dad has initiated all of it — he bought the paddle and some other things as Kirsty waved her hand towards the box and so he was only getting what he Arts erotic stories. Kirsty smiled again, her pussy now very hot and wet at the memory. Alex cocked her head quizzically.

Kirsty blushed. Kirsty was now very agitated.

She was hot, slightly tipsy and needed to take care of her throbbing pussy. Alex was dumb-struck. Kirsty smiled back at her beautiful daughter. She raised herself onto her knees at Diaper wish story same time as Alex and they hugged each other.

She pulled back and as Alex turned to look at her, her daughter kissed her. On the lips, a soft touch. Hey eyes closed and then held the kiss for a few seconds. Alex moved first and stood. Kirsty was half-stood when Alex shrieked. Kirsty stood quickly and span around to see Alex standing over the open Free mom slut sex stories. Her hands were clutching her face and she was wide-eyed. Kirst groaned.

She looked at her daughter, her slim frame and long blonde hair made her look like a model. Her daughter was going to find out these things sooner or later and better it come from her own Mum than from the internet. Alex just nodded, in Older male younger female sex stories. Kirsty place the vibrator on the bed and picked up the next item. It looked to Alex like a round lighter, small plastic, stubby top.