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Jake Carlton awoke from sleep when he heard a noise in his bedroom. He sat bolt upright and peered into the darkened room. The seventeen year old boy was pissed.

Mother Son Incest Mind Control Story

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Welcome to my second ever story, inspired by Swallows! I thank them for letting me play around with their concept.

Name: Pamella
My age: 32
What is my hair: Gray
I speak: Italian
What is my body features: I'm quite strong

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Comments are very welcome. He always wore t-shirts too tight for him.

He loved to show off how ripped he was. My sixteen-year-old son was such a handsome man, so much like his father. But it made his features, that perfect blend of boyish youth and manly vigor, Sir snuff stories.

Mind control mom stories

And I was nothing like that little trollop. Melissa had trouble written Firefighter sex stories over her. I was terrified of the day Ryan would come home and announce that he was going to be a father, that he had knocked up little miss miniskirt. Annie lived next door and had been in love with Ryan since they were. She was the type of girl Ryan would wake up one day and realize was what he needed.

Neither of my sons did. Which was terrible.

Their father died Sexy pantie stories years ago, and I had never found a man to replace him. They had no male role model to set them straight. If Mitchel were alive, he would explain to his son the perks of dating the nice girl next door and not one of those slutty chicks who Poop pants stories fuck anyone.

I really hoped he had a condom on him. If I asked, he would just act weird and freak out. My other son, fourteen, came downstairs. He was vastly different from his older brother. Where Ryan was tall, muscular, outgoing, Davie was slim, short, and shy. And certainly no girlfriends.

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But he asked me out when he was your age. And we were happy together. How shy he was, how trembling. We were both so scared. I had to take the lead, just so horny for Mitchel, so in Horse cum inflation stories.

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I bet it would give Davie Possession interactive story confidence if he had someone to show him about sex. Not a slutty girl like Melissa, but someone that could educate him without breaking his heart. Someone older.

He frowned at me, his eyes growing distant his forehead furrowing. He was thinking about it.

How sad was it that I had to bribe my son with pizza just to get some information from him, Lesbian enema stories learn something about him. That was when I noticed his eyes flick down, staring at my breasts. His cheeks went crimson. I was wearing a scoop-neck blouse, giving my large breasts a generous cleavage. I worked hard to stay in good shape, so I liked to dress to show it off.

But I had never Thai prostitution stories thought my baby boy would notice.

Knocking up my fertile, horny aunt & mom part 1: mind control hypnosis mother son incest aunt nephew domination virgin

And that sent a wicked thrill through me. My son was appreciating my charms. He thought his mother had Diaper regression stories big pair of breasts.

It made me lean closer to him, giving him more of a view while I stared at his face. He ripped his eyes away, scooting his chair closer to the table.

He must be hiding his hardon. That sent a wicked thrill through me. Lesbian rape porn stories made my son get excited. And Davie looked so much like his father, that same boyish shyness that had matured into a masculine handsomeness after our wedding at nineteen, both of us done with our first year of college.

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His hair was that same fine, soft brown that was so easy to ruffle into a messy nest. I ruffled his hair and, unable to resist, leaned over and True amatuer sex stories him a kiss on the cheek. I swear it had to spend more time plugged into the wall then out of it. Maybe I needed a new one.

I smiled as I called the pizza place, listening to his footsteps race up the stairs and dart down Tg storytime body swap hallway. His Chastity device stories opened and then slammed shut. I heard his bed creak. That sent a wild thrill through my pussy. This naughty rush that had me shivering in delight as very unmotherly ideas popped into my head.

I could show him how wonderful sex was, and encourage him to ask out this girl he had a crush on.

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I wonder if Ryan ever masturbated to me? Did he stare at my body the way Davie had? As I placed the order, giving my information by rote, I reflected back on Cuckquean wife stories the little things that I had never quite realized before: Ryan staring at my tits and ass, Ryan ogling me in a bathrobe or when I had on a pair of Beastily sex stories shorts, how eager he was to help with the yard work last summer when I was wearing that really tight tank top.

I glanced down at my blouse as I hung up on the pizza place and blinked. My nipples made quite the impression on the blue fabric, tenting into two hard points.

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I bet I could chisel cement with them. And I was so wet. I considered ing my son in masturbation. Rubbing Sybian orgasm stories thinking about my sons, Davie and Ryan. What would they look like naked? I had little experience with guys.

Their father was my first, and after he died, I had only dated a handful of times, all horrible disappointments. Their father, I think, was bigger than average. I had just made up my mind when my phone rang. It was Forced masterbation stories friend, Cathy Dawson.

I sighed as I answered it. I shook my head, politely listening.

I liked Cathy a lot. And normally I loved to gossip with her. But right now, I was so horny. I My nudist story him imagining my naked tits, so big and pillowy and soft, squeezing them, sucking on them before fucking me with his cock.

His cock would cum so hard, spurting his jizz into the tissue paper. It made my mouth water.

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I would do anything for Cfnm sister stories. Try not to kill your son. I flushed at that thought zooming through my mind. I hung up as the doorbell rang again. I hurried to the door and found a disheveled, greasy-haired boy holding the pizza in a red, vinyl bag to keep them warm.

He yanked out the box and quoted the price. I pulled out a twenty and two ones. By the time I had it on the table, Davie came into the room. His face was flushed and the creamy scent of lotion wreathed him.

Abuse on a story

He had an eager smile on his face as he grabbed a pair of plates from Werewolf sex stories kitchen. He had no idea that I knew what he was doing up there.

It was so fun teasing him.