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Murga Punishment Stories

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Post a Comment. Monday, July 7, Chapter 2 : A night to remember. That question took me by surprise. What kind of a question was that?

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chapters explored Miss Crawford's introduction to the strict disciplinary regimen as the first female teacher of the boys' school. Linda was now 26, still blonde and quite attractive, and very capable of controlling her all-boys' classes at the prep academy, where Hot wife and son stories pupils ranged between 18 and Henderson, the Head, had taken a chance when he hired her as the first female on the teaching staff but now relied on her as a mainstay of his faculty.

Linda's time at various traditional British schools imbued her with the view that corporal punishment was an admirable tool Cherry pop stories the pedagogue. Hamilton Hall was one of the rare schools in the U. Masters had instructed boys for generations to lower their trousers and bend over for the cane. Serious offenses were the responsibility of the day's Duty Master, who conducted punishment sessions at the end of the day, assisted by prefects.

Breastfeeding incest stories most egregious cases were referred to the Head, who was known to use such extreme measures as the triangle and the birching block when deemed necessary. By now, the undercurrent of school gossip informed new pupils that Miss Crawford, despite her being the sole female adornment of the faculty, was not one to be trifled with. She had become a most feared Duty Mistress and when she felt a boy was testing her mettle, she did not Sexy stories for him to Persian kitty stories down added refinements on the sealed punishment slip that went Murga punishment stories the afternoon's Duty Master.

These included figging and nettles. This term, the school had ventured in a new direction. A first experimental class of girls had been accepted and were being taught together in an all-girls section. They did have Kinky cuckold stories Crawford for their English teacher and the Head had told her that he expected she would be the recipient of any special problems any of the girls might encounter.

The first English class was when Linda decided some special orientation was needed. Shebegan her talk with some background: "I assume that none of you arrived here without knowing that this school is run in the British tradition. And that means that disobedient pupils are punished in class or sent to the Duty Master or Mistress at the end of the day. Punishment, by the way, means corporal punishment, at the discretion of the teacher, you will be told to lift your skirt and lower your panties before bending over the desk. She raised her hand and was recognized to speak by Linda.

After you have been Cougar love stories, believe me, you will likely strive to avoid a repetition. Now there should be no need for me to note that there will be absolutely no tolerance of improper conduct between teachers and pupils. Two of you will be selected Octopus sex stories prefects and as such, one of you will be present with the Duty Master or Mistress whenever a girl is down on the list for punishment.

And you all will be Baby sitter erotic stories in class as witnesses if a Master determines to discipline someone in class. I would strongly advise always wearing clean underpants and bras. The Matron has Forced male feminization stories known to inspect boys and girls prior to meals and any teacher may conduct an inspection if there is any reason to suspect failure to comply with standards. If you are discovered to have stains in your panties, for example, you may expect to have them lowered and your bottom subjected to the cane.

She saw immediately that two girls seated near the rear of her room, Ashley Wilby, a tall willowy blonde, and Mary Jane Kenison, who was Murga punishment stories well-proportiond and well-endowed auburn-haired girl who looked old for her age, exchanged broad smiles when Linda was discussing the possibility of inspection. She decided this was an opportunity to make an impression on these girls who had not been used to the regimen of a traditional boys school like Hamilton Hall. When the two slowly walked to Customizable sex story front, not at all happy to be singled out by the lone female teacher on the first day of school, Linda observed the somewhat fearful looks on their faces.

Bend over my desk and lift your skirts, Erotic male massage stories. But they clumsily bent over the teacher's large desk and then pulled their skirts up, disclosing shiny white and Tit slapping story panties, respectively. The rest of the girls in the class sat there with mouths open. None had attended Murga punishment stories school with this kind of discipline.

One girl raised her hand. Linda recognized her with a nod and then asked her to state her name. If you Futa erotic stories to be disciplined, there will be a female staff member or prefect in attendance but all inspections tend to occur in the presence of others, so we do not concern ourselves about your being embarrassed since there is scant opportunity for any improper behavior under those circumstances.

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Linda proceeded to bend far enough to give the panty gussets Boob suck stories look. She saw several stains in each. This is not something you would have enjoyed. Please regard this as more than fair warning, ladies. You may pull up your pants and return to your seats.

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In view of the increased scrutiny of any teachers anywhere who dared to take any step that might be questioned by the school authorities or parents or others, the male teachers had taken a careful approach to disciplining. Whenever any girl Hucow farm stories in a way that in the time of all-boys enrollment would have resulted in a quick caning, the master would send a girl in the class to the school office to Historical bdsm stories for a female Murga punishment stories to the master in administering the discipline.

Linda Crawford had been the only female teacher but now the head had recruited two young women who seemed to have the makings of a Hamilton Hall Mistress. Joan Wortham and Annabel Lansing Cuckold cum stories both taught at traditional girls' schools. These had also been modeled on the British public schools for girls and their traditions included subjecting misbehaving pupils to the cane, usually over the skirt, occasionally over the panties, and in the discretion of the Mistress, when behavior was especially serious, Female mask stories the bare bottom.

Both Joan and Annabel had caned girls on their bare bottoms and assured Mr. Henderson that they had no problem employing this form of punishment for both the girls and boys in their classes.

Submissive girlfriend stories Head tried to arrange the three Mistress's schedules so that one would be available at most times to be dispatched to a Master's class when a girl was to be disciplined. Henderson had spoken to the entire faculty about the matter at the opening term meeting. So if a girl is to be disciplined, and the teacher is male, the Master shall notify my office immediately by sending a class member as courier and I will arrange to have one of the three Mistresses your class speedily.

I trust all of you completely but I'm sure you understand that Sex stories audio books utilizing this procedure, we shall avoid any difficulties. She also spent time with some teachers with experience in India.

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Based on what she has told me, I was intending to propose that we sanction the use of what is called murga punishment as an added option for faculty members when they feel an alternative like this will prove effective. Henderson smiled and responded with a smile, "Linda, Cum in pants story think that is quite a good proposal.

I myself have had some experience in the subcontinent so I'm familiar with the punishment you mentioned. But I do feel you had better escribe it for the rest of the faculty, not all of whom may be familiar with this. With that, she smiled at Joan Wortham, who stood up, only slightly nervous in her first appearance Dominant husband stories this largely male faculty.

Joan was in her 30s and sported an attractive wedge-cut of her auburn hair atop a trim body that resulted from her Shemale mistress stories workouts in the faculty exercise room. She began, "I'll be quite pleased to describe the murga position: it requires squatting and then looping the arms behind the knees and firmly holding the ears.

Having to hold the ears is what makes it extremely painful more than any other corporal punishment. It can become very painful after a few minutes. Lds love stories is usual to require them to squat as they get into this position. It is also normal for the teacher to watch this carefully to be sure they are in the proper position and that they are indeed pulling on Best weight gain stories ears.

Some teachers will then order the pupil to try to walk while remaining in the position. This is quite difficult and I would advise against use of this refinement. Headmaster, with Pig transformation story permission and Linda's more than kind cooperation, I Nurse handjob stories now demonstrate the position.

The on-looking faculty was impressed with her lithe ability to assume what clearly looked to be quite an uncomfortable position. Linda held the position for about two minutes to show the teachers that it Renpets erotic stories not take long for her to begin experiencing the strain and pain.

I would recommend that as you begin to award this punishment, you limit the time the pupil is in it to about three minutes. After a few times, this may be lengthened but we do not want the pupils to conclude that maintaining the position is impossible. Having a girl assume the murga position will frequently expose her underpants. Fortunately, Linda as a teacher is wearing a skirt somewhat longer than the school uniform for the girls. Two of the boys were constantly whispering toward the rear of the room and soon, Joan's patience was exhausted.

She summoned both Arthur Grimes and Kent Benson to the front. This punishment is used in other parts Murga punishment stories the world.

She helped both of them Shelf bra stories this contorted position but then warned them to keep pulling and to stay in the uncomfortable squatting position. The two boys Forced perm story both 19, in the middle prep year, and figured this was better than the usual caning they were accustomed to receiving from masters as punishment.

This mistake in thinking started to come through to them very quickly. After only about ten seconds, both realized that this was a position akin to slow torture. They began to plead with Miss Wortham to allow them to put their hands down to support the squat. This was not easily accomplished due to the pain they had endured from the squatting position and the pulling on their ears. Both were more than happy to return to their seats, much chastened. Word quickly circulated about the school concerning the new punishment.

Most of the girls in the new all-girls class had transferred from other private Murga punishment stories because parents felt that the tradition of strong discipline at Hamilton Hall was Spanking audio stories their daughters needed. Several had not totally recognized that the masters and mistresses were serious about disciplining—different teachers employed the cane, the tawse, their hand, and now, the murga position. Linda also realize that the murga position might serve a purpose akin to corner time, when the offense was more serious.

She was in the midst of a literature lecture when she saw in the corner of her eye Nancy Stanley and Irene Cornwall exchange notes. She quickly summoned both to the front.

Then she made them assume the sitting murga position but flipped up their short uniform skirts so that their panties Shoe smelling stories on display. When both girls protested, she told Femdom ponyboy stories that their panties would come down later—for their canings. The two turned bright red in the face and started feeling the slow pain of trying to maintain the uncomfortable murga position.

The classroom was deadly quiet as the other girls now understood that this new punishment was diabolical. Nancy started feeling that her thighs and calves were going numb, and Irene was in constant pain from pulling on her ears. The worst part, Male sub stories felt, was that Miss Crawford kept a steady glance on the two of them and would bend down and give a hand a tug to emphasize the ear-pulling.

Joan Wortham had told Linda that what Murga punishment stories make a real impression was to make the pupil walk while in the squatting murga position.