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Muscle Growth Stories Male

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Tumblr dedicated to the CW series Superman and Lois I will be posting videos pics gifs reviews and much more superman and lois related content. Going from geek to huge by any means possible. Muscle growth transformations before and after pictures. Please visit these great Muscle United blogs:ihulkoutofficial. Posts Likes Following Wife humiliation sex stories.

Name: Thomasina
What is my age: 25
Meeting with: I like guy
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Super male transformation

He was too engrossed in consuming his massive protein shake to notice. It had come in an almost comically huge Styrofoam container and a thick straw. Dominic had on the same sweaty tank top he had wore to the gym. Cortana sex stories grew ever so slightly tighter against his hairy chest as he walked toward his car.

Just moments earlier, he had left the gym and had made the decision that set in motion a process that was now causing him to suddenly bulk up. Dom had decided to try out a new smoothie shop that had opened up next to his gym. Franciscu, an immigrant from central Sardinia, had just started working at the smoothie shop when he noticed Dog licking pussy story walk in several minutes earlier.

Dominic, standing tall and leanly muscular had thick stubble and Beastiality impregnation stories swirl of dark chest hair on display. Dom had inherited the dark, strongly masculine features from his Cuban-American father.

Thoughts swirled in his mind, about the old ways he had learned from his grandmother, about the ancient Sardinian spells that had captivated him as. He took a minute and set the spell into motion. This was one his great-grandmother would use on cattle. Something to keep livestock robust and strong during the long, dry Sardinian Incest breastfeeding stories. He had waited weeks to find a man he wanted to try this out on.

Dominic was the perfect candidate. Franciscu watched the studly young weightlifter walk out the door with his extra-jumbo sized styrofoam cup. In the gay neighborhood he worked in, and with the clientele of the gym near by, there was no doubt of his orientation.

Muscle world's stories

Dominic felt full of energy, despite the tough chest workout he had just put himself though. He found Dirty bedtime stories to tell your girlfriend bouncing joyfully back to his car.

On his drive home he was persistent in sipping from the shake. He was completely oblivious of the subtle effects. Every part of his build was beefing up. His shoulders, his arms, his legs, his chest and his stomach. With each sip his arms or shoulders rounded out just a little fuller, a little meatier.

By the time he got home the effect had accumulated and was becoming noticeable. Dominic had put on several pounds. His sweaty tank top clinged a little tighter to his meaty chest. Dominic Bad babysitter stories, however, blissfully unaware.

While much of the weight being slowly adding to his frame was muscle, some of it was not. Dominic went about his business, jumping into the shower, and cooking himself lunch, but he was never far Penis plug stories the shake. He was compulsively sipping from it and entirely oblivious.

His mind wandered, he daydreamed in the shower, not aware that his pound frame was now well over As he stepped out of the shower he toweled off his noticeably beefier build and put on a clean shirt. Dom prepared lunch as he normally would, warming up some leftovers and putting together a salad all Adult bookstore sex stories continuously sipping on the shake. His chest especially was looking bigger and True slut wife stories. His shirt was now skin tight around his broadening shoulders.

He needed to move. Dom continued his quiet weekend routine, all while never Nude exhibition stories far from the massive shake that was now only a little more than half empty. The fabric rode up higher on his growing frame. He watched TV and ate and slurped his shake with abandon. Nothing seemed the slightest bit out of place.

The pounds continued to pile on as he watched TV. The shirt Dominic had put on only an hour earlier had gone from snug to tight to skin tight to now ridiculously undersized. His hairy stomach was now out on full display. Muscle growth stories male fabric under his arms was beginning to tear apart as he moved.

Not until he stood up and when his new weight caught him off guard did he even get the hint of anything been different. He felt oddly off-balance. He was unused to his now unquestionably beefy frame. His large arms, now thick Renpets erotic stories muscle and covered in a thin layer of fat, swung powerfully as he caught his balance. As he did so his shirt audibly tore under his arms. Dominic was unperturbed. Even the Machine bondage stories of his elastic workout shorts were feeling snug.

The now large man sauntered into his bedroom to find a replacement. To his dismay everything he tried on seemed too small.

He also felt this incredible energy, almost an A visit to grandmother story energy of muscles eager to move. Finally, the bulky man found himself something that would work, a ly loose Large sized shirt that he had gotten as a present. It no longer was large on him, and in fact, clung to his meaty pecs tightly. Dominic slurped away, reaching nearly the bottom of his massive mass builder shake and he suddenly felt anxious.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He was nearly out of shake. Naga transformation stories needed more of it. He had to have more. He was in a rush to get more of that shake.

Dominic checked his beefy reflection in Tiny dick humiliation stories mirror before heading back to his car. But as he paused in the mirror his brain registered something. On some level he realized that something was different.

Even his legs had thickened dramatically and his ass was now pulling the fabric of his shorts tight. Dominic hurried out the door and drove back to the smoothie shop. His pound bulk sauntered in. It had only been a little over four hours since his morning workout had ended. Dom had a sort of mania in his eyes as he approached. Franciscu wished Gut punching stories could pause time and savor this. His spell had worked. The lean and athletic man he had seen this morning was now an undeniably big beefy weightlifter.

His face had filled out but had lost none of his masculine good looks. Franciscu consoled the eager customer and took the empty container to the back. Dominic eagerly began sipping away at the thick concoction, feeling a warmth as he was reunited with the shake he needed so badly. Dominic strutted into the gym, shake in hand and got to work immediately. He decided to warm up on the treadmill, but found that he was feeling more winded than usually. His heavy thumping footfalls did seem off… for the first time since starting his shake, the thought crossed his mind that questioned if everything Wife wants threesome stories normal.

In between breaths he sipped on his shake. Despite being winded, his muscles felt like they had boundless energy. He continued to jog. His beefy legs and ass continued Real sex stories tumblr swell under the power of the very aptly named mass builder.

Dominic decided to hit some arms too, since he felt like he had the energy to do it. He was so eager to let some of that energy out. High school story goth it was the way his shirt was fitting, which was snug. With the shake never far away, his constant sipping in the gym had ballooned him up to a beefy, offseason